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  1. 1958 Olds Super 88 original 41,059 miles. Still has original paint and perfect interior. Pearl Gray with charcoal roof. $18,000 Cash or BO Car is in Hudson WI If interested PM me. or call seven one five two four five nine one four six
  2. That block casting number when cleaned up should turn into 577476 I have 2 61 blocks and both are 577476.
  3. Here are updated Pictures of my 61 Olds 2dr sedan
  4. So as I am reading both threads on the spacers they seem to be making one set at .325 (slosteve) and the other at .25 (JRivi64)Not sure what to do here. I will measure what I have since mine is a full size car even they list the same bushing. Pat
  5. I am so glad I found this thread, I was giving up on buying new bushings till I read this. I have ordered the bushings listed here and will attempt this procedure. Before I make the spacers has anyone decided to sell them? Thanks Pat
  6. #1 1957 Fiesta Wagon red and white Would be the one for me. #2 Would be a 1961 Starfire black with red interior.
  7. First you have to find a 64 Starfire exhaust manifold for the drivers side. Not an easy task.
  8. I have Hagerty and have had two claims and they paid out right away with no questions asked. Pat
  9. I know I have seen them new ones on ebay Pat
  10. Yes it fits perfectly. You have to jack the engine up quite a bit to get it in but it fit quite well. Pat
  11. It won't work with 2 1/4" exhaust. I put the other manifold on and all is good now. Pat
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