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  1. Update. I finally found my 63 shop manual. And found the answer. From looking at the pics, there is a seal supposed to be there. By the looks of it, it seems to be a heavy bodied foam seal as the pic has a textured look to it. So now comes the time to pull the column apart and paint the exposed parts and lube it and put it back together.
  2. Ok guys, Got a question. I have a 63/64 tilt column that the lower bearing is gone. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the tilt and non tilt bearings? I can adapt/modify if needed. This is going in a driver and not a resto. Thanks!!!
  3. Friend of mine has a piece of trim he's trying to identify. He found it in some of his mothers boxes while cleaning up. Any ideas?? Thanks!!! Oh, and numbers on back are XO-955-L
  4. I don't know if I am in the right forum or not. I have a transmission case that I need to ID. I think it might be a Ford based T86. but I don't know. Anybody wish to venture a guess (or a know!! )? Thanks!!
  5. Here are some pics. Nothing has been cleaned. Just tested. The pic that shows the 8 track front looks like the front is dirty/rusty. It is not. it is a reflection of my ceiling. Would make a great after Christmas gift. Remember, make me an offer, what could it hurt??
  6. Hi guys, I have some leftovers from a 69 98 we parted a while back. First is a dashpad and the piece that is around the gauges. It is the goldish color and I don't think there are are any cracks at all. Also I have the 8 track pod from this car too. I also have the power antenna from this car too. works good, it does have a small bend in the top section. It is sleight enough bend that it doesn't affect operation. I do have the AM/FM and the 8 track from this car. Nothing molested and they work. I will get pics in the next couple of days (and post pics of course!!) I also have to dig out the wiring for the antenna and such. I know I have the rest for install for everything. Would be willing to entertain an offer on a package deal too. MAKE AN OFFER!!
  7. Update.... This car is about to make the journey to become a parts car. My buddy needs to move this. It has a good clear title and can be driven. Shoot me a serious offer and I will get him in touchwith you.
  8. No rot. few dings. Really nice. $100 ea.
  9. Tan with black interior. Solid and runs well. 74000 miles. Come,see, and make an offer!! $2500 OBO
  10. Engine/trans gone! Working on the rest of the lists that I have.
  11. OK guys, here is more info/pics. Standard air, power locks/windows,seat, and antenna. AM/FM/wonderbar and 8 track. Rear defog. Brakes are spoken for. Everything else at this moment are up for grabs. Lets see how the pics go. Also have videos on my photobucket Pictures by mrolds88 - Photobucket
  12. Thanks Glenn, I forgot about classicolds.
  13. Have a 1969 98 4 door hardtop. Back of car is rusty but it is complete. 455 still in it and runs good. Options include: AM/FM/wonderbar, 8 track, power antenna, rear defog, 2 way power seat. Front seat has the cupholder thing in the middle on the back side for passengers in the back. Looking for $600 for the engine/trans, which are still in the car right now so it can be heard. Taking reasonable offers on the rest. The best way to contact me is by Email at mrolds88@comcast.net. Car is located about 15 miles south of Cumberland MD.
  14. Update!! Intake/exhaust/carb gone. Radiator gone also.
  15. OK guys, friend of mine called me about a radiator he found. We think it is a Chrysler brand of some sort. It has a couple of tags on it. One has MO and 5D9 on it and another has 1547528. It is a top tank, and has lower outlet on the left. Are we in the right ballpark?? Thanks!!
  16. Sorry tedg, no knobs. Actually only things left are trans and flywheel.
  17. Packard radio. year unknown. Model number is 439279. Case is real nice. no speaker. don't know if rest works as I have no 6v power sources. Make an offer. Thanks, Greg
  18. Have a 46-47 Olds radio model number 982399. will need work. Looking for $45. Email any questions to mrolds88@comcast.net. Thanks, Greg
  19. Here is an updated list of what is available. cam 320, flywheel pan (3) different, 12 pistons, some 320, (5) distributor, pushrods (2 short, 15 meduim, 12 long) 6 main caps small motor, (3) water outlets, (3) water pumps, rocker shaft assy (2 long, 1 short), oil pan 320, oil pickup, valve covers (1 short 2 hole, 1 long 2 hole, 1 long 3 hole) side cover (1 short, 1 long), air cleaners (1 w/ metal filter, 1 with a place for paper filter?), Exhaust manifold small engine (1313674-1),(2) intake manifold small engine (12838692 &12838693)fan 4 blade offset, crank 320 (1288739), Head small engine (1302277) Bellhousing 320 (1302791), flywheel 320, trans, 6 bolt column shift, 2 carbs.
  20. Hi Buickconv, sorry dont have anything else for the 46. Only had engine/trans stuff. Airy Cat, your number 2 in line for trans. Will keep you up. Merry Christmas!!!!
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