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Seeking advice on registering classic cars in California

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15 minutes ago, ply33 said:

I haven't noticed: Do the historical plates get a yearly expiration sticker like YOM and regular plates. I've got a bolt on tab for displaying the expiration stickers above my YOM and don't recall seeing stickers on the cars with historical plates (I am usually looking at other things than the license plates). If you are displaying a YOM without the current registration stickers you could catch the eye of law enforcement more easily.

Yes, the HC/HV plates come with the same month and year expiry stickers as conventional plates.  And registered-with-DMV YOM plate renewals come with new year stickers and instructions to apply to a metal tab, the latter NOT furnished by DMV. My acquaintances post those stickers on tabs above/below YOMs.  My acquaintances plan to say "I am not defrauding the state of any funds, I just put the YOM on top for public appreciation to/from this specific show."


Interesting point about the license plate readers.  I think the pre-1956 CA plates would get a reading of "does not compute" in the past, but now on the newly-available-at-extra-cost black plates for ALL vehicles letters and numbers are randomly assigned rather than SAM123 (1956-62 yellow and 1963-70 black) or 789ART (1970-80 blue), so the software may have been upgraded.

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31 minutes ago, 1935Packard said:

I'm a AAA member, so I'll try that first and see if I can get it done through them.  Thanks, all, for the tips.

Please FIRST find out what your annual nut would be under conventional/YOM plates.  As mentioned, the ad valorem for HC/HV is only $2.


This is so long ago.... In 1970 while I was stationed at Ft Holabird in MD, the MD AAA got me CA registration and plates for a 1964 Cad 60S I'd bought in VA (as active military I was entitled to register in my state of domicile), but I had to register the car to a military address.  Not only for towing is AAA worth its weight!

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