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  1. 1958 Caballero

    Happy New Year, everyone! Here's an update on some recent activities... I assembled the freshly plated door handles with new seals and lock cylinders. Polished all 160 chrome squares in the grille, then masked them all off and painted the grill frame black. This took a while! Here's one half of the grille after polishing and painting: I went through all the rollers in the window regulators. About 25% of the rollers had flat spots or cracks, so I replaced those. The rest of the rollers were in excellent condition. I cleaned and lubricated them; regulators are now ready for installation. This was a big day; new tires mounted on painted wheels and installed on the car.
  2. Any thoughts on this vehicle?

    I'll suggest 1908 Peerless, just to see if I'm in the ball park.
  3. 1958 rear bumper braces

    Beautiful color, Pete! Nice job on the trim panels and bumper!
  4. Here are a few suggestions. I've bought many items for my 69 C10 from LMC Truck. They show OE type dash pads and many other parts for your truck in their catalog: http://www.lmctruck.com/icatalog/cc/full.aspx?Page=87 OEM cloth should be available from at least one of these suppliers: SMS https://smsautofabrics.com/ Original Auto Interiors http://originalauto.com/ CARS also sells OEM style seat trim covers: http://carsinc.com/
  5. Good ethical mechanic north of Detroit??

    I have a friend in Milford, MI (about 15 miles from Brighton) who runs his own restoration business. I know that he has all of his engine work done by one local builder. I'll get a recommendation from him this week.
  6. 1958 Caballero

    Thanks, Doug. I know I'll be needing help after the New Year's. I'll be in touch! Joe
  7. 1958 - just bought it !

    You can contact Steve through his Pontiac Heaven facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PontiacHeaven Here's his contact info from the pontiacheave.org website: For CONTACT INFO CONCERNING PONTIAC HEAVEN- shows, yard, museum plans, parts, events, racing, etc steve@pontiacheaven.org 480-899-7873 no texts
  8. 1958 Caballero

    Yes, it's very exciting to have it home. So far, all I've been able to do is clean part of the engine compartment and the frame horns, but I am looking forward to working on it after the holidays. Stop over and check it out soon. All the best to you and your family as well, Doug! Joe
  9. 1958 Caballero

    Home for the Holidays! Beautiful, sunny day with temperature near 50F; perfect day to move the car!
  10. 1958 Caballero

    Finn, thanks for the tip! I will try to polish the panels, but mine look like they are galvanized steel.
  11. 1958 Caballero

    Today I installed the new headlight pigtails into the headlight housings. I was able to open the crimps on the original ground lugs, so I crimped and soldered the new ground wires into the original terminals. With freshly plated adjuster screws, these are ready for headlight buckets. The rear bumper trim inserts need to be painted with a silver and black stripe pattern. It was interesting to see how the exposed areas of the original bumper inserts look after nearly 60 years of New Mexico UV exposure. I used one of my original panels as a test panel. I painted the matte silver base, then masked off the stripes with 1/8" wide tape. I was out of flat black rattle can paint, so I used semi-gloss black. This is another one of those million details that still need to get done...
  12. 1958 wagon molding clips, question

    Glad I could help, Pete.
  13. 1958 Caballero

    I received the completed park lamp bases and grille extensions from the plater. Time to assemble the park lamps! I installed a new socket and pigtail in each lamp base. The lenses and gaskets are also new. Here's one side mocked up: Here's the test fit of the park lamp onto the grille extension I still need to install the seals on the attaching studs and add the grommets to the conduit where it passes through the grille extension panel. The power post was looking tired and worn. Here are a couple of photos of the refurbishing process. After disassembling and cleaning the part, the insulator was painted semi-gloss black and the base and posts were with a copper layer to prep for a final layer of plating: Then plated with "Copy Chrome" by Caswell: The second piece in the above image is one of the folding seat back lock posts. It was showing a lot of wear on the post; the "Copy Chrome" is an excellent match to the original plating. I recently cleaned up the back side of the aluminum side trim panels. The ribs on the visible surfaces were polished several months ago, but the back surfaces had not been cleaned and sealed. After cleaning, I found a few spots where the oxidation had penetrated all the way through the aluminum panel. OH NO! I finished cleaning the back of all 4 panels. Only one panel exhibited any actual penetration. The parts have been sent to a local plater for anodizing. Hope to have the completed parts back by the end of the year. Back at the paint shop... The metal interior garnish moldings, the inner rear compartment and the inside surfaces of the tailgate are being painted interior "Tan" before I bring it home. Here's the tailgate with the inner surface painted tan: Weatherstrips installed on the doors. Doors hung on driver's side: Getting close!
  14. 1958 wagon molding clips, question

    Pete, this is the best photo I have. The quarter reveal moldings snapped onto the small clips. The clips are screwed into the quarter panel. I think the screws are #8 flat head philips.
  15. 1958 Caballero

    Unfortunately, no. The interior rear compartment has to be painted tan and then it will be ready to move it home. I hope to get it home next week.