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  1. Auburn Meet

    You can find the brochure if you go to this page, then click on the link for the AACA Central Spring meet: http://www.aaca.org/meetinfo I couldn't find an online registration option. The registration chair information is on the brochure: Registration Chair Pat Buckley 501 W. Governor Road Hershey, PA 17033 717-534-1910 (work) 717-329-4658 (cell) pbuckley@aaca.org
  2. I have purchased interior materials from Tom Ames at Original Auto Interiors in Columbus, Michigan. I just learned that Tom has retired and that SMS has purchased the inventory. I agree with Imperial62 and SMS is probably your best alternative for the correct material.
  3. 1958 Caballero

    Thanks, Ken! My brother and I were recently joking that "Design for Manufacturing" was obviously not a consideration when these cars were designed. Many, many unique parts with lots of adjustment and fitting required.
  4. 57 caballero project

    You're moving right along! Did you use the hydrographic film process for the dash inserts?
  5. 1958 Caballero

    Thanks, Neil! I am doing this one to the best of my ability. I am also enjoying Gary's 37 Special thread. I hope mine turns out a good as his is 37 looking!
  6. How long have you been restoring your car?

    Brought this home in August, 2014: Here it is today: I'm still hoping to have it on the road in 2018, for its 60th birthday celebration.
  7. 1958 Caballero

    I thought the vent damper door seals were in excellent condition...until I began to install the doors. I found that the seals were cracked and I didn't want to take a chance that they might crumble with use. Here's one of the damper doors, as removed from the car: First step was to drill out the spot welds and remove the original foam seal from the doors. Here are the 3 pieces of the "sandwich"; the inner and outer door and the original foam seal: I used a sheet of 3.0 mm thick, closed-cell foam to replace the original seals. I didn't have a 5/8" diameter punch, so I made a punch out of a 1/2" galvanized pipe nipple to make the correct diameter holes in the new seals. Here are the inner and outer doors after cleaning: I chose not to weld the doors together, being concerned about igniting the foam inserts. I used reinforcing washers and rivets to re-assemble the doors. And here they are, back where they belong:
  8. 1958 Caballero

    Thanks for these suggestions. I looked at my adhesive molding tapes and they all look too thick; the emblem would sit too far above the surface of the ribbed trim panel. I will take another look at re-attaching the emblems from behind before installing the trim panel. One step forward, two steps back.
  9. 1958 Caballero

    Glad you mentioned that. We had to grind off the studs to remove the Caballero emblems. I'm going to bond them on, probably with molding tape. I don't want to try drilling and tapping the emblem to install studs or screws; the emblem is too thin.
  10. 1958 Caballero

    Assembled the new heater core into the housing and fabricated a new gasket. Here's the core and outer housing ready to be installed: I started installing a little bling And another layer... After all the hours of cleaning, polishing and detailing, it feels good to be putting these parts together. These are the light and blower/heater/defroster controls. This is a "work in progress" picture, showing the heater and vent control cables. They looked quite rough to begin with, but cleaned up very nicely. A little bit of cable lube and some time and they're all working smoothly. Here's one of the vent control cables, along with the ignition power switch and the lighter installed in the lower control panel: The lower control panels with lettering painted and all controls and indicators installed, ready for installation to the dash: The main dash panel is going to be pre-loaded with the wiring harness, speedometer & gauges, clock and most of the bolt-on components before installation into the body. I've begun installing the harness and some components, but I have to wait for the front chrome panels before I can proceed much further. The fuse block is one of the few parts that had to be "re-cycled" from the original harness. I purchased new harnesses from YNZ Yesterdays Parts (http://www.ynzyesterdaysparts.com/) early on in the build, when I realized that the insulation on every wire in the car was brittle and crumbled when flexed. So far, the new harnesses appear to be perfect. One more shot from the garage, showing the latest stainless additions:
  11. 1958 Caballero

    This pic was taken on January 14; temperature hovering around 15F. Spent 2+ hours removing the power brake pedal, booster, master cylinder and associated parts from this 58 Super. I had previously acquired a few odds and ends from this car, most importantly a front door window frame that I was able to shorten to fit my car. This visit, I needed the power brake master cylinder in hopes that it would have a usable vacuum cup retainer. The retainer that came in my master cylinder was disintegrated so badly I couldn't even get dimensions to make a replacement piece. Thankfully, this retainer was slightly pitted, but serviceable. I used it as a pattern to fabricate a new retainer. Here is the master cylinder, finally complete and ready for assembly to the booster unit. The booster housing on the Super is much nicer (no pitting) than the one I planned to use in my car, so I am going to get the housing plated and use it in my car. The interior metal parts are all painted, so I have been able to begin re-assembly of many parts. Here, I have installed the shift lever into the selector housing. Almost all of my chrome plated parts are back from plating. Here, I am drilling and tapping the inner liftgate handle to attach the inner portion of the assembly. Originally, these two parts were peened together. The peened surface had to be machined off to enable disassembly, so re-assembly will be an old-fashioned threaded fastener with a drop of threadlocker. Moving along with steering column assembly. I had to take it apart 3 times before I got the correct gap betwen the fixed column cover and the rotating shift selector. Here, my helpers are working with me to test the Park-Neutral safety switch and the horn circuit: Also, recently got to the heater/defroster controls. Here's what the inside of the damper housing looked when I began to clean it up: I thoroughly cleaned the housing, repaired some small cracks and fabricated a new gasket. Here it is, ready to re-install: Stay tuned...more updates coming!
  12. 1958 Caballero

    Sure! I'll give you a call this week.
  13. 1958 Caballero

    We're not planning to go to Denver, but it might be on the road in June if I don't encounter too many delays and setbacks.
  14. 1958 Caballero

    Happy New Year, everyone! Here's an update on some recent activities... I assembled the freshly plated door handles with new seals and lock cylinders. Polished all 160 chrome squares in the grille, then masked them all off and painted the grill frame black. This took a while! Here's one half of the grille after polishing and painting: I went through all the rollers in the window regulators. About 25% of the rollers had flat spots or cracks, so I replaced those. The rest of the rollers were in excellent condition. I cleaned and lubricated them; regulators are now ready for installation. This was a big day; new tires mounted on painted wheels and installed on the car.
  15. Any thoughts on this vehicle?

    I'll suggest 1908 Peerless, just to see if I'm in the ball park.