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  1. Cannot tell which vehicle we are discussing. Loss of carbon brush to rotor contact?
  2. Wonder what the issue is with the crooked front bumper?...
  3. I assume that the newspaper ad charges by the word, do you agree? Sometimes the newspaper editor will shorten the ad, in order to save space or quite possibly save the subscriber some change. Has happened to me in the past. Cut the poor fellow some slack, just call and inquire if it tickles your fancy.
  4. Hi Bill, PM sent. Tom
  5. I am in need of a Dynaflow for my '49 320 engine. Just have engine, and no car to put it in, yet. The thought of a Buick straight eight powered Cadillac has me intrigued.... a pipe dream at this point. OK, back to mother earth. Please educate me on the similarities or differences of these straight eight automatics. Any year better than others? Thanks, Tom
  6. After 4 1/2 years, do you think there is anything left?
  7. For distributor # IGE-4019A, it is a LH rotation as viewed from the top. It fits a six cylinder 1939 Nash Ambassador. Not sure of other years. Hope this helps. Tom
  8. Err... 320 CID engine?
  9. Bumping this up to the top.... Hope your friend finds peace in this time of turmoil. Best of luck.
  10. Getting an error code EX1764 while using the search mode on the forum home page. Solution?
  11. That last photo appears to have a hole (as in broken casting) in the transmission case, or is it my imagination?
  12. Hi Bob, Sending you a private message. Tom
  13. Does the engine turn over by hand?
  14. Hope you give the 84 year old little girl a ride when the new acquisition is all spiffed up. Best of luck. Tom
  15. Tell us more about that "special rocket". Love the car and truck, by the way. Tom