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  1. tom_in_nh

    Fluid Drive Stalling

    Has the Fluid Drive been apart? After reading this post from start to finish, this would be the next area to focus on. Good luck, Tom
  2. tom_in_nh

    Valve timing, De Dion or Orient Single

    What is the compression reading now? Fix the valve seat cracks and recheck the motor's compression. I suspect that is most of your issues. Good luck. Tom On edit: Is this the engine in question? If so, is it possible to have one flywheel inoperable?
  3. tom_in_nh

    1931 Cadillac Rolling Chassis with Engine and Trans.

    Hello, I have an interest in the ignition distributor, if you decide to part it out. Send me a PM to make it happen. Thanks, Tom
  4. tom_in_nh

    Pierce-Arrow 1935-36 Delco-Remy Distributor

    I would be interested in it, if it is still available. Thanks, Tom
  5. tom_in_nh

    1920's-30's Packard Distributor info Requested (see photo's)

    What evidence do you have that this particular distributor is of a Packard origin?
  6. tom_in_nh

    WTB: Ignition distributors

    Hello John, Private message sent. I wonder how / why this post ended up in the cars for sale section? Tom
  7. tom_in_nh

    FOR SALE many antique & classic car lights & lamps

    Might you have any carbide generator equipped lamps? Thank you for your time. Tom
  8. tom_in_nh

    pre-war Delco-Remy Distributor mystery port

    That is similar to Packard. It is to help prevent shaft side motion. There is no valve or check ball at the end of spring. It is more of a rubbing block that has conformed to the shape of the distributor shaft. Hope this helps. Tom
  9. tom_in_nh

    How many of us are into very early hubcap collecting?

    Nice story. If your friend fooled his momma, he sure as hell fooled his pops by having twice as much money to spend on his collection! Heh, heh...
  10. tom_in_nh

    Sturbridge Auto Mueseum

    @Fastam Was the Sturbridge Auto Museum connected with Old Sturbridge Village? Please share more memories, perhaps with photos, if you can. Tom
  11. tom_in_nh

    1942 Buick Convertible Custom Roadster

    Did anyone buy this project yet?
  12. tom_in_nh

    Old car enthusiast touring Eastern US.

    There is Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Ma. Known as America's Oldest Car Collection. Small but quaint. Worth the trip. Best of luck on your journey. By the way, do not forget to let us know where you ended up visiting. Tom
  13. tom_in_nh

    How to Sell A Huge Shop of Classic Car Parts

    Hi Cord, Hope all is well with your father during this tough time. Sending PM. Tom
  14. tom_in_nh

    1958 Ford Thunderbird

    Hello and welcome. I am going to assume that your 1958 Thunderbird comes with factory power steering? If so, you will have to get rid of the control valve located on the steering arm (driver's side outer tie rod is adjacent to the control valve). This will possibly entail finding an original non power steering setup and using that instead. Good luck. Tom Easiest and least costly way is to find an original pump and make it fit to the modern engine, still assuming that you have an original '58 power steering setup. Or gut it all out and use a modern steering and suspension setup. In that case, visit the HAMB forum.
  15. tom_in_nh

    312 Y block needs replacement carburetor

    Yes you can use the Holley 4160 model carburetor, if your intake manifold is for a four barrel carburetor. Make sure your distributor has been upgraded to include centrifugal advance innards. The early Y blocks did not have that type of distributor with the " teapot " carburetor. Good luck, Tom