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  1. 1848 Brewster Buggy - Vanderbilt Family

    2014 SPAAMFAA Nats near Columbus
  2. There are A LOT of bad stories.
  3. Auto Inspection Companies

    Bernie, I like the way you think. Back in early 90s, was selling dad's two Diesel Seville Elegantes. One had almost quarter million miles but was well maintained and very reliable. I drove it for 6 months prior to the sale. The other was low miles and garage kept. Friend of my in-laws bought the high mileage car for a song (deeply discounted) then later came back with a list of things that repaired AND expected for the estate to pay for them. Huh? The list of repairs was much more than he paid for the car. Essentially he wanted us to pay to restore the car for him. Uhh, no. He** no!!! Stuff like new shocks, rebuild the front suspension, change antifreeze, fuel filter, glow plug, windshield had some rock nicks. He then proceeded to bad mouth us to mutual acquaintances how we 'took him' for a ride. He's the one who asked about buying it - was not advertised when the sale happened. In fact, I was still driving it regularly. The low mileage car we asked top dollar (for a Cadillac diesel) in the newspaper and the guy was happy as a clam. Moral of the story? I don't sell to friends, acquaintances or club members.
  4. Selling Classic Cars on E Bay ?

    Who recommends payment with a Cashier's Check? Sure as heck not me!!! There have been many discussions, here and elsewhere about fraudulent Cashier's Checks - too easy to fake and by then your car is gone with not much recourse. I'll stay with bank wire transfers, thank you.
  5. Took these videos @ the Fleetwood Country Cruize In @ Steve Plunkett's in London Ontario about 10 years ago.
  6. Auto Inspection Companies

    Agree with everyone's comments especially Matt's. While selling cars, several times potential buyers have sent these 'inspectors'. Most of the time, they killed the deals for nice cars and as other posters mention, these inspectors were mostly clueless about vintage cars & restorations. A commonality of many have been tools to measure the paint thickness. There a well spoken person who posts on the Cadillac & LaSalle Club forums. He's a book educated, self proclaimed expert who attended one of those weekend seminars and now identifies himself as a 'Certified Appraiser-Classic Car Broker-Global Consultant'. LOL!!! He's fooled a lot of people who should know better.
  7. Classic Cars at Salvage Auctions

    Not classic but was pickup truck shopping last summer. First truck I looked at had mud smears on the headliner and mud filling all the nooks & crannies in the frame. Also a new bed. Small time local dealer swore the car had a clean Carfax but when I texted a pic of the VIN/door sticker to my son he asked why we were looking to buy a Canadian truck? Title didn't indicate Salvage but it was very obvious this truck had been submerged for some time. Didn't even bother to see if everything worked or what the interior smelled like. Interesting if someone was able to wash the title of the Salvage condemnation when bringing it into the US? Funny, the next truck I looked at was also imported from Canada. WTH?! Granted our dollar is stronger than theirs but is the paperwork that simple to import a newer vehicle these days?
  8. Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    Was in the area and visited the Gilmore Museum again yesterday afternoon. Been there dozens of times and never get tired of it. What a wonderful place!!! As someone mentioned, these museums do rely on generous donors. Fortunately the Gilmore does have many 'heroes' who allow it to thrive and flourish. Additionally, they have created a business model where car clubs, other groups can construct their own building on the Gilmore property, fill it with vehicles, collectibles, etc. An annual maintenance fee is assessed to cover taxes, utilities and other costs. The Gilmore provides staff to oversee these buildings, keep them clean, cars dusted, tires full and so on. Pretty neat idea and seems to work for the Cadillac & LaSalle Club Museum, Lincoln Museum, Pierce Arrow Society, Classic Car Club of America, Franklin Club and Model A Club Museum.
  9. I've booked flights for other people when planning my own travel and don't ever recall needing a Driver License but do need full name and date of birth. If selected, be prepared to provide a W9 if you receive any compensation. Not sure if hotel, flight and meals would count towards that calc, likely not.
  10. I inwardly wince when my 30something son drives our vehicles; new or vintage. He's an excellent driver but I can't help myself. That being said, NOBODY else drives them. NOBODY. Many years ago a girl in our office asked about borrowing my pickup to move. She drove the most beat up POS Toyota Camry. "No Trish, but I can give you the number to Uhaul,"
  11. Our worst nightmare

    That's not my garage - just was sharing that most all of our greatest fears is fire. Whether from the wildfires out west or from another source - heater malfunction, short in an electrical system, flash fire from a fuel tank being removed & a trouble light (saw something about this last night on F/B). A reminder for everyone to be safe, extra cautious and remain vigilant, don't rush because the repercussions can be heartbreaking if not dangerous. And if you haven't done so already, check your fire extinguishers!!! Do you have enough? Are they readily available? Are they part of the Kidde Recall?
  12. OMG yes! Those are rare unobtanium solid gold parts for a the most desirable Cadillac in the world!!!! Just kidding. Looks to be some nice pieces but won't pay for your kids' college education. You may check Ebay and check Sold items to determine current market. I have a 39 Series 75 limo and needed a few emblems. Picked up the middle one in your first photo for about $150. Good luck.
  13. Our worst nightmare

    * Not mine, but just a reminder of how careful we all need to be when working with and around our cars. Antique cars, garage destroyed in Richmond fire Author: Lake & McHenry County Scanner Staff Photos courtesy Richmond (IL) Fire Dept. Four vehicles, including three antique cars, and a garage were destroyed in a fire Saturday morning in Richmond. The Richmond Fire Department and other departments were dispatched at 8:59 a.m. on Saturday to 10009 Main Street in Richmond for a report of a structure fire. When fire crews arrived they found a fully involved detached garage on fire behind a house. It took crews 40 minutes to get the fire under control. No one was injured in the fire, which caused more than $200,000 in damage. Fire investigators haven’t released what the cause of the fire was but they believe it started at the rear of the garage and spread from there. Fire officials said that two fully restored Model T or Model A antique cars, another antique car and a new family car were destroyed in the blaze. The incident is under investigation by the Richmond Fire Department and McHenry County Sheriff’s Office. Firefighters from Wonder Lake, Spring Grove, Hebron-Alden-Greenwood, McHenry, and Twin Lakes, Wisconsin were called to assist Richmond firefighters at the scene.
  14. Multi-classic insurance?

    Just the other day I saw a comment in some Hagerty email which indicated a further discount for classic car owners with multiple vehicles that the value of their policy exceeds $300,000(I think that was the value). Tried to find where I saw this info but not seeing it. I know your collection exceeds that value. As someone mentioned, look to talk to someone at the top and reference this information, see what they say. Good luck and please report your results.
  15. Yeah, we made the trip ONCE to a local C & C and yeah, there were a bunch of those things taking up most of the space. We drove one of the fire trucks, made some noise and many of the other attendees looked with annoyance, some with curiosity but the guy who ran the shop was excited since he owned a couple vintage apparatus too. We got the big tour of the facility, you know where nobody else could go and made some new friends. All in all, a very good morning. How do we drive our vintage vehicles? As often as the weather allows, with glee, gusto, enthusiasm and with friends along for the ride. Our vehicles take us to shows, cruises, tours and on vacation (all car related, of course!). Out for a Sunday drive when the fuel needs to be refreshed, for ice cream, visit the grandkids, to club meetings, and will get us invited to join the local department for a great view of the fireworks. We will park wherever there is space, signs be darned. With the top down, sometimes even on very cool evenings (with the heat on) and occasionally when it may be slightly raining. We'll even go to the movies - LOL! Generally they never let us down and if they had real, live feelings, we think our vehicles would be having a good time too. The Batmobile belongs to a friend and it was an absolute blast to be able to borrow it for a couple hours. Everyone, I mean everyone, was sounding out the Batman theme.