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  1. Glad you found my post on the CLC Modified Chapter and thank you for spreading the word further. I saved $55, more than the cost of my membership in MVPA. That's how I found out about the discount; advertised on the MVPA website. I've been working with the CLC to try to get it promoted on their website since last June. And by the way, its not all car clubs, some are not part of the promotion but worthwhile to ask. And heck, if you pay enough in insurance, may be worthwhile to join one of the clubs that are included in the program. One last thing, I believe its only the Comp & Collision portion of your policy that the discount is calculated. As I understand, liability, PIP, uninsured motorist, road service are not part of the calculation.
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  3. 501c3
  4. insurance question.
  5. insurance question.
  6. insurance question.

    YEP!!! And one of the reasons why Michigan has specific rules and guidelines about Museums, loaned property and required agreements. I've heard from several reputable sources that persons who had vehicles and items on long term loan to the Henry Ford Museum encountered this problem.
  7. Or when it accidentally on purpose stalled with half a tank remaining??

    ATC (Aluminum Trailer Company) in Nappanee Indiana bought back our open aluminum trailer this past summer. Or as I told the Warranty Rep, there were more miles on the trailer from going in multiple times for service than when I was actually able to use it. We were right at the cusp of Lemon Laws kicking in..... Not sure what they did with it - resold it to someone else without making repairs AGAIN OR if they cut the trailer, apart as they wanted to do when we still owned it, and rebuilt it to correct inherent design flaws and then resold it. In other words, if you are buying a used trailer from a dealer or more specifically the manufacturer, there may be a reason why it is available and not just because the previous owner upgraded to a new trailer.
  9. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    Thank you for the information. We have to have at least 2 dozen or more fire extinguishers throughout the house, garage, barns, vehicles. Guess I know what I'm doing this weekend.
  10. Transporting non running car

  11. "She"?

  12. Yes we noticed the plentitude of golf cart and other motorized vehicles although we didn't encounter too much get-out-of-my-way attitudes. I thought you are required to provide proof of handicap before receiving a permit to have them on the field but maybe that practice has fallen by the way side? And isn't there signage at the entrances to the car corral restricting them? That's where its quite noticeable, crowded with walkers and entitled riders coming together. If not allowed then why do the vested volunteers allow so many to enter?
  13. How about monitoring who doesn't show up, who reserved those vacant spaces, and if not selling, they can't renew the following year? Exception for doctor's notes.
  14. Cadillac Motor Car Company retained almost all of its original dealer invoices. They are currently available through Allied-Vaughn in Livonia Michigan. The dealer invoice for our 1939 Limo indicates the buyer as US Government. So in the case of Cadillac, most vehicles can still be researched to a certain extent.
  15. Passing of Don Hoelscher

    Very sorry to hear of Don's passing. For those who attending the CLC Wednesday Welcome Reception and Auction at the Tyson's Corners GN in August, probably half or more of the auction items were donated by Don to benefit the Museum.