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  1. 😢 Dear Old Car Festival Partners, Thank you for your past participation and for being an important partner in our annual Old Car Festival program. After much consideration, it is with a heavy heart that we write today to inform you that The Henry Ford is canceling the 2020 Old Car Festival, scheduled for September 12-13, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are reaching out today to formally notify you of this development. As you are aware, governments and private industry worldwide have implemented various measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. As a result, The Henry Ford closed on Friday, March 13, and canceled all summer special events. While we reopened Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and Greenfield Village on July 2 with government-mandated capacity limits and partial programming, we are unable to foresee what constraints this pandemic will place upon our ability to host large crowds and gatherings in the near future. We know this is disappointing news, and it saddens all of us that decisions such as this must be made. Melissa Wydendorf, manager of program relations & event logistics is working remotely at this time and can be available to address any questions and concerns regarding the cancellation of the event. Our Old Car Festival leaders, Jim Johnson and Matt Anderson, also can be available if you wish to reach them. Please stay healthy and safe during this challenging and difficult time. I thank you for your continued support and hope you can visit The Henry Ford sometime soon. Sincerely, Patricia E. Mooradian President & CEO John Neilson Vice President of Venues Jim Johnson Director of Greenfield Village
  2. Are the two stainless Fords still at the Crawford Auto Museum in Cleveland?
  3. But I bought and loved not one but two 1966 Toronados; a champion of the one-year-only parts. (pic provided by original owner when I tracked him down)
  4. Neighbor / long time friend begged to trade his almost done 69 Charger for our 72 Vista Cruiser (350 4 bbl) that needed a lot of work; had been in primer for 25 years.
  5. Not a Ford, but in the early 80s bought a 1969 Buick GS California. Pillar post car; it had a 350 4bbl and special air cleaner.
  6. There is a landfill in our rural township (36 sq miles, 5k residents, not a single gas station, traffic signal, etc). The landfill has been operating since at least the late 1950s but of course, now is much larger and corporate owned. The benefit to our community is the 'hosting fees' which brings a regular and financially beneficial income to our community. We have the best fire apparatus and roads in the area and a very healthy treasury (upwards of $10 million) plus have purchased a couple large parcels to retain as nature preserves and future development for parks or municipal service locations. Residents have the opportunity also for (almost) unlimited free disposal. Located on the far NE corner of our township, it doesn't bother me one bit as the wind blows into the next adjoining township; still mostly rural but significantly more populated and offering most urban services. The homes there are significantly pricier and not unexpected, homes and even an elementary school were constructed just east of the large, busy and often smelly landfill. What comes next? Of course, complaints about the smell and how the landfill should be shut down. "For the Children" Sorry idiots, guess you shouldn't have bought or built there. Mount Trashmore is clearly visible for miles (but not from my house). I looked at a home downwind from the landfill before relocating to where I am now. It was a beautiful piece of property, the right size and price, great trees but you could see and smell 'the dump'. Un unh!!!
  7. Yes, you do need to have a fire extinguisher that works if safety checked by our SPAAMFAA Chapter.
  8. Saw the subject line and thought you meant this Imperial Roadster. 😀
  9. The Sutphen plants near Columbus OH are also very cool. We were visiting Mr. Sutphen's vintage car (and boat) collection with our club but were distracted by a new apparatus being pump tested in their pond. A few of us wandered over to the manufacturing building and Mr. Sutphen saw our interest. He gave us his business card and sent us over to the other facility the following day for a '3 hour tour' by the Plant Manager. Unfortunately Mr. Sutphen has now passed. Haven't heard if his collection survived.
  10. MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association) National Meet in Findlay Ohio Armed Forces Day weekend is cancelled. Cadillac & LaSalle Club Grand National in Overland Park Kansas 2nd week of June is cancelled GLIAFAA (Great Lakes Intl Antique Fire Apparatus Association) Jackson (MI) Firematic Swap Meet will be reschedule. Always last Saturday in April. Date TBD.
  11. Frankenmuth circa 2004 SPAAMFAA National Muster sponsored by Great Lakes International Fire Apparatus Association
  12. Took the big quint out for a 30 mile jaunt today and to get some fresh fuel. The 8v71 sounded beautiful and the Allison shifted as smooth as you can get with a 30k lb beast. As thanks, he burped about half a gallon of diesel on my coat sleeve. Dang it, that wasn't a work coat!!
  13. Yes, understand what you are saying but I dunno; the Hagerty people that I've met, MANY are personally involved with vintage car ownership and involvement. I contacted Hagerty to discuss a question yesterday and spoke with a really nice, enthusiastic rep. We discussed my vehicles, their usage, Hagerty Road Service (yes, they still cover retired fire trucks) She mentioned previously working at The Henry Ford / Greenfield Village and how much she enjoyed Motor Muster and Old Car Festival. Said she was going to try to attend this year. Then there was the Hagerty employee who was driving a Model A (I think) as his every day car for a year including Michigan winter. And Tara - - she's cool. Works in the offices, collects vintage Cadillacs, photographer, bird rescue and races forget if it was bikes or cars. She was on one of the build teams at Hershey a few years back. i could go on and on - Hagerty staff are awesome and involved.
  14. They also strongly support many of the marque clubs.
  15. I don't believe Michigan allows that for vehicles but they do for real estate property. That's alled a Lady Bird Deed aka Enhanced Life Estate. The cost basis for the property is value at time of transfer.
  16. Agree with MotoringIcons but would also add Pilot Transport out of Brighton Michigan. One more thing, if not already explained, you really need to avoid using a Broker. When a phone rep quotes a price aka Uship or similar, they take a deposit and that is their commission. When the driver picks up your car, he (or she) may or may not honor that quote. When the car is supposed to be delivered is when it is determined if the driver will hold the car hostage for more money or not. Also, most broker agreements provide damage disclaimers meaning if something happens to your vehicle, good luck trying to claim. That being said, any and every vehicle should be insured during transport, even if it is a restoration project.
  17. Seen on Woodward several years ago. Driver did fine pulling into 'the Shell' but scared several hotrodders as truck was pushed to the gas pump.
  18. Sent a message about someone to AVOID; he's from the Midwest but also spends a lot of time in SoCal. He's bad news all the way around. ** clarification - I'm offering a personal warning about a person who represents himself as an Appraiser / Consultant / Broker and may offer his services to StylishOne who asked for suggestions. Not sure if the person I am referring is active here but some AACA forum participants likely know him. Don't want to post the name but will respond to inquiries.
  19. This reminds me of a guy in one of our local clubs and why I keep all my cars locked when not in attendance. 'RR' would go outside while we are having our meeting. He would open cars and crawl inside then proceed to play with knobs & buttons. I arrived late one day to see him doing this. When I questioned what he was doing RR gave an excuse that he was just looking at the car. The next couple meetings I watched him and every time he snuck out during a meeting I would have to go out to my vehicle too. As mentioned, because of him and people like him, I have been in the habit of always keeping my cars locked. When RR is around, this results in nose & hand prints on windows but at least it keeps him outside and not in. Did TWICE mail him information on 'Car Show Etiquette' which I put together and explains about DO NOT TOUCH OTHER CARS WITHOUT OWNER'S PERMISSION. I think the second time it may have finally hit home (especially since I put his name on it and asked him to study this info) as he now appears to be a bit more respectful and ASKS during the time we are outside kicking tires before the meeting starts.
  20. 5th Wood, 10th Tin, 15th Crystal, 20th China, 25th Silver, 30th Pearl, 35th Jade, 40th Ruby, 45th Sapphire, 50th Gold, 60th Diamond, and 70th Platinum Evidently the 41st is cast iron (block)?
  21. I was watching a friend's just purchased (low 6 figures) & delivered (to the show) 1930 V16 Cadillac at a downtown street show in a college town several years ago. When I first walked up, he had all 4 doors open to show off the very nice, original interior and I stopped that sheet right away. 'Dave, people are going to climb inside if you leave the doors open'. He didn't believe me until a couple kids, with mom & dad watching, did just that. Once the car was secured (doors now closed) he took a few minutes to walk away and get something to eat. Very shortly a mom & her young son show up and he wants to sit on the fender so she can take a picture. NO. She asks if he can sit on the bumper. NO! They walk away unhappy. Then I turned my head for a few seconds to talk with another friend and share 'people are so stupid' stories when I see a woman open the rear door and start to pull down a delicate window shade. I literally grabbed her collar and pulled her back before she stepped into the car. My nerves were shot between bicycles & baby buggies by the time Dave got back. Forced to stay through the end of the show due to blocked exits, he stood guard on one side and I was on the other. What a cluster mess!!!