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    I have been collecting first generation Rivs and parts for 30 years. I am the son of Wild Bill from Band of Brothers fame. He keeps me busy at 89. He has attended Riv shows with me when he was younger.
  1. Thanks Ed, I have about 50 shifter knobs. I should start making lamps with them. Gene.
  2. The one o the left is 63 and 64 and is reversible and the one on the right is 65 to 67. The handle is smooth on the 65 and has a groove on the 66 67. Hope this helps. Gene.
  3. All the air cleaners had that push in look at the back. I don't know why. Gene.
  4. The most important thing to check when installing is that the lock hole is over the latch on the door. I have removed and reinstalled door skins many times and when you forget to hook the lock up correctly you will only do that once. Good luck. Gene.
  5. The power window regulator is different from the manual. I have them if you need them plus the motors. Gene at abandg@aol.com or 610-359-8901
  6. Bill, you need a black and white two wire harness that goes from the switch to the antenna. This harness is not in your car if you had a manual antenna. Gene.
  7. Marty, yes I am referring to the plunger. I do still have the parts. Gene.
  8. Bill, I think Jason is right. I guess your talking about Allentown. I may go there as it is only about an hour or so away. I don't think I'm vending there. Sorry for the confusion. If you don't find the part I have it. 610-359-8901 if you need me. Gene.
  9. Bill will you be at the national. I am bringing a few to the show. Gene
  10. Drew, I replied to you on my parts to the national. Gene.
  11. Drew, I have a beautiful set of 65 mags. Three of them have the rings in them and the other two don't. I believe they were removed. I will check them this week and get back to your via your e-mail. Thanks Gene.
  12. I am packing parts 63 to 65. If anyone needs anything let me know and I will pack it up. I can't take everything. Thanks Gene
  13. I packed a few sets of used ones for the national. I also had some e-mails through this site that I just looked at. They were a few months old. If anyone needs parts please contact me at abandg@aol. I started packing for the show. If anyone wants me to bring something let me know. I cannot bring everything I would need a tractor trailer. My phone number is 610-359-8901 or e-mail me. Thanks Gene