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    I have been collecting first generation Rivs and parts for 30 years. I am the son of Wild Bill from Band of Brothers fame. He keeps me busy at 89. He has attended Riv shows with me when he was younger.

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  1. I probably have the piece of rubber you need. If interested let me know at abandg@aol.com. I will dig it out if you can't find what you need and will give you a price if I have it. Thanks Gene.
  2. Ed try and find a 63 rear defroster switch and let me know. Gene.
  3. Mr soft and supple one Tom, we also bought that 65 Shell Beige GS with all the parts. I had a friend of mine buy the car and he had it up for sale at one of the meets a long time ago. It was a very nice car. I have no idea were it is but I am sure it's still around. My friend passed away so I can not track it. Gene.
  4. When John passed away about 25 to 30 years ago I bought all of his Riv parts. The convertible was not part of the deal. Johns girlfriend at the time was handling the deal in Florida for Johns brother in New York. For her services the convertible was hers. I left 4 Rivieras on his property because I am from Philly and the cars are in Florida. I have no idea what happened to the Riv but that is the short of it. Gene.
  5. My wife said this picture was taken on the way to the ROA meet in Orlando. So my dad and our family were driving to Florida. That's when we met John Hirsch. After the ROA meet we went back to his home in Winter Park for a barbecue. Ray Knott was also with us. John let my daughter take his Riv convertible out for a spin. He was a great guy and a real character.
  6. My wife found this picture of my dad ( Wild Bill from Band of Brothers) driving my Verde Green 65 Riv. We drove it to Flint and Orlando meets so I don't know which trip this is from. He went to a lot of meets with me and I am sure some of you met him. I thought this was a great picture. Gene Guarnere.
  7. Each side gets a set of 162 and 163. You can see this by the holes on your car. Gene.
  8. Chris. there are four different horseshoes. The last three numbers on the back are 402 and 403 for a 63 and 162 and 163 for a 64. They all have 9 tabs. The main difference in the two years is the first two tabs spacing to the body. In 63 the first tab was not at the end of the horseshoe. When owners washed the car, rags would catch the horseshoe molding while washing or drying and break the tip of the horseshoe off. Then in 64 they put the first tab at the front of the molding. When installing these place the clips on the tabs then tap the molding into the body. Hope this helps. Gene.
  9. It looks like the seat belt location for front seat bolt. Maybe?
  10. After removing the one speed nut on the side quarter trim just slowly pry the molding off the car. There are 3 pins that are pressed into fasteners in the body. It comes off very easy.
  11. I have an NOS replacement block with only pistons and rings. It has no numbers on it and is a 401. It came in a wooden crate from the factory. Gene.
  12. I found your 2/4 manifold in my stuff. It is in great shape. Call me at 610-359-8901 if interested. Thank Gene.
  13. I have one if you don't find one. Gene 610-359-8901
  14. Do you have the three screw insulator in place when you tried this. Without the insulator your horn can start blowing. Just another suggestion. Gene.
  15. abandg

    63-65 Riv loads of Original parts

    Still getting calls from this page. Have many 63 64 65 Riv parts.Thanks