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  1. Tag Question

    Agree with both of the above, show without tags as they don't add anything remember that they can cost points. Robert

    I used corn starch many many years ago on lacquer finishes. But Meguires 205 is quicker and less mess in my opinion with the correct buffer and finishing pad. Robert

    If you don’t own a buffer and the proper pad I recommend contacting a detailer who is knowledgeable. I would start with the proper polishing buffer pad and Meguires 205. If success follow up with a light hand application of yellow Carnuba wax but more is being done with the polymers lately but I have a lifetime supply of carnuba paste Robert
  4. Porcelain Exhaust manifolds

    Very good advice Matt as that coating isn't durable and isn't correct! Your photo above is about "spot on", maybe just a tick more shine? Oh, on another matter I lost another battery yesterday so have you ridden by the battery place in a few days as some have tried to convince me they reopened! I won't be showing this summer if I have to use a "mega-tron" Robert
  5. Convert slides to digital?

    I have read that many of the services actually send out and are a "broker" Not saying this doesn't work well but allot don't like that concept. Robert
  6. Convert slides to digital?

    I am using a Canon 9000F for old 35MM, slides, and 120. Have even successfully done a couple glass negatives that weren't too fogged. All the adaptors work well and the software reasonably will correct most issues. Robert
  7. 2018 Grand National Registration

    Well said Robert
  8. 2018 Grand National Registration

    Charlie thanks for the tip of calling Mr. Kuhns. We had a nice conversation and that region is very lucky to have a forward thinking person organizing the Grand National event like him. To make a long story real short we were able to work something out that I can live with the logistics. Oh, except I CANNOT bring two cars and am not attempting it here as probably would have the "Fred Sanford' big one if I tried it at this show. Robert
  9. 2018 Grand National Registration

    I have two sort of non-driving cars I would like to enter but logistics of two vehicles are almost impossible and they are both in the same class. I would enter one of them as I have been led to believe that there was discussion in Philadelphia of a proceedure whereby a car could be placed on the showfield late Friday afternoon then take the trailer down to the trailer parking lot and drop it off. If this is correct what about picking the car up Saturday afternoon after the show? I realize I am but one entry but I am aware of another recent National award car that the owner has the same driving issues. Robert
  10. Forum Guys at Annual Meeting

    ok add me to the list of non-facebook. Where are the photos? Robert
  11. Enclosed Trailer Paint

    also for consideration should be the large coin matting sold in rolls. Use the correct glue though when applying This is the flooring used in newer trailers. Robert
  12. Trailer Tires

    Victoria I am breaking again my self proclaimed promise not to speak out on the towing issue regarding your car moving adventures but.... there are a few items in that Spyder photo that stand out as not great long distance towing procedures. I applaud you for getting an anti sway and weight distribution system. I strongly recommend getting a load master trailer tongue scale. With weight distribution and equalizer bar systems the trailer tongue weight has to be correct especially on the lighter trucks. Do you know a “dealer” in your area that can sell and install such a system. They can install it and explain the tricks of proper adjustment then when you get to Texas you can load the Snyder where it needs to be for the system and hustle home to Oregon Robert
  13. 2018 Judges Guidelines and Jan 2018 Judges Newsletter

    I see in the approved changes I now have to compete against these cars. Don't think I have ever seen one so my 36B class will be interesting Class 36b...added Westland Empire Aristocrat..1958. Robert
  14. 2018 Annual Meeting Registration & Seminar Schedule

    The regional TV stations are not predicting a good traffic situation at times tomorrow even with taking a SEPTA. So.... good luck everyone! I am not far from the area so if seems too bad stop by. Robert
  15. Trailer Tires

    I disagree as I have owned gas tow rigs with the 6.0 and 6.2's and I don't plan on ever going back to that very low mileage and high oil and transmission temperatures. Robert