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  1. Robert Street


    Since I am coming up from Maryland for the day I am glad they have a trailer parking system robert
  2. Robert Street

    Indy 500 and Hershey

    my local regional paper had a paragraph this morning about Indy and half of the article was Danica Patrick not finishing her farewell tour race. Yes similiar to the Hersey event and don't forget those that go to Carlisle as I haven't been there in years but hear summaries of much lower attendance is than a few years ago. I see it in my own family as my daughter and her husband have no interest in my cars so I might as well start "thinning the herd" now! I am going to start with selling the red 62 then then on to one the 61's. Robert
  3. Just bought a place in Florida and probably will do my own transport of cars for awhile. Too bad you’re doing western hauls. A friend here does Midwest and Michigan and has the same comments as you!! Robert
  4. Robert Street

    NC Region Spring Meet at Petty's Garage

    Great photos Annie and Joel of a historic location. Where any old race engines on display? Robert
  5. Robert Street

    1967 Corvette Coupe SOLD

    interesting here is it's brother that is now complete but no current finished pictures. Two owners of an unusual ordered 350HP car with AC, power windows,speed warning, bolt on wheels. Robert
  6. Robert Street

    ODMA 2018 Old Dominion Meet - 27-28 April 2018

    Mark, I am registered and bringing the blue 61 SS Robert
  7. Robert Street

    1968 GTO Delco Battery

    You can order one from Antique battery that could be a massive gamble unfortunately but another battery company I have recently read about is getting back in the battery antique market supposedly. Another option is Penn makes a smooth top battery with a 6 hole vent system that the body decals could be removed and if found the correct old delco tops modified to fit the individual holes. This will pass the 2018 judging rules I believe. I don't have access to the Penn part number as my parts distributor found it for me. I also have heard the same battery is private labeled for Toyota dealers if you have one nearby. I believe the Toyota's that would use that aftermaket battery have the posts oriented like you need. Robert
  8. Robert Street

    Part time collection help, Southern Florida.

    I am signing a new house contract in West Palm tomorrow am and hope to be a resident in next year. I meet all criteria and have my own tow equipment BUT I don't have a clue about prewar stuff. Guess I'll have to keep showing my two 61's and 62 409's. Guess I'll see you at the Grand National? Robert
  9. Robert Street

    2018 Charlotte Meet photos

    Thanks for the photos I couldn’t attend due to family commitments but with the rains I don’t feel as bummed out. Good to see some familiar Charlotte vehicles! Robert
  10. Just curious I always thought the trailer little break away battery was charged when the tow rig was hooked and was charging the large house batteries. But... no obvious connection and interesting there is a printed circuit board in the little battery box. Robert
  11. Robert Street

    Tag Question

    Agree with both of the above, show without tags as they don't add anything remember that they can cost points. Robert
  12. Robert Street


    I used corn starch many many years ago on lacquer finishes. But Meguires 205 is quicker and less mess in my opinion with the correct buffer and finishing pad. Robert
  13. Robert Street


    If you don’t own a buffer and the proper pad I recommend contacting a detailer who is knowledgeable. I would start with the proper polishing buffer pad and Meguires 205. If success follow up with a light hand application of yellow Carnuba wax but more is being done with the polymers lately but I have a lifetime supply of carnuba paste Robert
  14. Robert Street

    Porcelain Exhaust manifolds

    Very good advice Matt as that coating isn't durable and isn't correct! Your photo above is about "spot on", maybe just a tick more shine? Oh, on another matter I lost another battery yesterday so have you ridden by the battery place in a few days as some have tried to convince me they reopened! I won't be showing this summer if I have to use a "mega-tron" Robert
  15. Robert Street

    Convert slides to digital?

    I have read that many of the services actually send out and are a "broker" Not saying this doesn't work well but allot don't like that concept. Robert