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  1. Robert Street

    trailer weight question

    Yep Ed just bought in Boca Raton a couple of month's ago for the reasons given above. Robert
  2. Robert Street

    trailer weight question

    I have just obtained a copy of the revised 2018 Maryland DOT book and it isn't specifically mentioned (medical card) in the 2018 edition as was in previous years. The old reference was if towing a 10,001# or over non commercial trailer a physical card was needed but not subject to random as CDL. Interesting our car trailers still aren't specifically exempted in Maryland from commercial but they have added utility trailers classification as exempt? I wonder if that is where we are as in the federal we are clearly exempt as "car trailers not for hire personal use only". Oh, an interesting reading in the 2018 book is a section on towing GVW trailer weights with various classes of vehicles and saw "3/4 ton" mentioned. I am one ton but are they limiting the towing ability in MD on 3/4 vehicles now? Ask your friends in DOT that 3/4 ton question and I will ask mine also. oh, and ask about the card if over 10,000 # trailer GVW. Yes, when I was working for the county we had the dreaded random testing for CDL's. Robert
  3. Robert Street

    trailer weight question

    bluefishgary: Interesting comments from a fellow MD resident. Yes your trailer is classed as an RV thus is exempt in the Maryland commercial book. Your RV is exempt from stopping at the scales unless the power unit or the trailer has commercial logos. My friend's big fine was that the motor home power unit was addressed to his business thus he was no longer exempt thus a pretty big fine. I am not sure how the MD DOT decided to stop him except I always suspect they ran the tag and knew they had found a commercial unit. You must have a medical card in Maryland if towing 10,001 plus pounds no matter what the GCVW but since you are probably classed as RV probably exempt. Yes I agree about your over length example as in that case you are exceeding Maryland OAL and that is a healthy fine also. A friend is a long time drag strip owner very close to a Maryland scale even though his racing facility is in Delaware. Yes, he is frustrated by some of the racer's experiences that have to go into the scale or have been stopped after running the scale but his advantage is that his busy times are Sunday's or Saturday night when the scales are usually closed. Some of the racers have big corporate sponsors and that is a gray area as the business most of the time are writing off the sponsorship as a business expense but the individual racer usually doesn't reap any of the revenue as it goes into the race car and they don't file an expense report on the racing activity just like John or I don't expense our trips to a national show. To summarize I am not commercial and the GCVW is just under 26,000 but I have been random stopped a few times. And yes I have had my license clipped to a "book" and returned after getting to the scale house inspection area. Yes we are legally required to stop as our trucks without trailer are well over 10,000 GVW but I have heard that isn't enforced but I have stopped at a scale with truck only and was green lighted. Robert
  4. Robert Street

    trailer weight question

    I agree with all and have spent much time trying to figure out why I have had so much scale issues in my home state. Since my trailer is one of those previously mentioned 9,990 models and only 11 pounds under the 10,001 that puts me in class A non CDL in Maryland as well as California I do have a medical card and have previously been asked for it when stopped. I don't intend to get A non-CDL yet! I have done my homework and have discovered the Maryland issue. Yes, as John stated Maryland is the only state I have towed in the requires a rig such as ours to go into the scales as we are all certainly over 10,000 GCVW. The main reason for this is for the visual inspection process as unfortunately there have been a couple significant towed accidents here that caused loss of life thus creating the legislature to go beyond the 26,000# federal requirements(which they can). A "half ton" pickup and "landscaper" trailer will always be over 10,000 GCVW and they get some legendary fines for the usual safety items ignored. It was this type of vehicle that caused a very serious accident on the Bay Bridge(not I95) The Maryland Commercial book does NOT exempt our privately owned trucks or car trailers but in the fine print there is a statement that the section that Federal exemptions are in has been adopted by Maryland legislation. The Maryland commercial book is the book that the scale house members train on as it has been shown to me previously. I have met with our area state senator and delegate on this when I discovered it to have the book changed but it never has been. I have received calls from MD DOT headquarters confirming that I am exempt if the truck and trailer are owned by me with my matching address on file with my class C driving license. Thus I carry the Federal and Maryland motor carrier books with me AND my luggage on the back seat. A friend of mine tows with a motor home and a triple trailer like the one pictured and he is licensed in Delaware and the vehicles are licensed in Delaware. He has never been stopped previously in Maryland but this spring was stopped near the Bay Bridge by a mobile Maryland DOT not on I95 and received a $1,500 fine for NOT being DOT licensed. The reason was the motor home address was his business address and the trailer and his non CDL license were his home. Thus he was deemed driving a not registered commercial rig in Maryland. Due to Delaware taxes his best option was to obtain an A CDL license and register the motor home with the federal DOT! Summary: Make sure your stuff is correct while traveling through Maryland! Odds are that you will get stopped even by a mobile unit or on I95 they occasionally set up a weekend only temporary scale house at the stadium lot on I95 and pull all units in for "inspection". Ed my photos were Ford but like you. I am now GMC with the new Duramax. Much more power and better fuel economy. Robert
  5. Robert Street

    trailer weight question

    Ed having been stopped at several scales in Maryland and even run down by the Maryland DOT! I have learned one hard lesson. It doesn't make any difference what the "stickers" are on the side of the truck or trailer they always go for the truck GAVW door plate and the trailer manufacturer GAVW plate and go from there to determine if CDL territory. Then there is the fun stuff of taking a pad of paper out and adding the tires capacity to ensure the total is over the trailer manufacturer sticker. I could go on but this is a family show. I am at 25,000 GCVW so all I need is a medical card due to the trailer. Robert
  6. Robert Street

    hard starting

    Dave Check the output of the battery to check the CCA's I had a recent issue with one of mine that just "clicked" and the battery charger was indicating fully charged. Did a CCA test and it was about 20 as I recall. Robert
  7. Robert Street


    great event I was only able to come up Saturday am and had to leave right after the show. Well done. Spring meet? 95 degrees. Robert
  8. Robert Street

    Antique Battery Co.

    Thanks Terry I have put some time into the details of this one and I just noticed I cut out part of the right tag in the photo indicating a national AACA award. I am honored also to have the car nominated for 2018 Good Guys Muscle Car of the year. I'll see you at Gettysburg! Robert
  9. Robert Street

    Antique Battery Co.

    I did receive my Antique Battery as anticipated after the "new" company contacted me. Was packed very well and first impression of the battery was looked great since they were making a big effort to minimize the previous back orders. I did check it's performanence and compared it to my other batteries test data I keep. It is a bunch more CCA than my other 5 plus year old antique batteries although very close to advertized CCA's but I don't particularly concern myself with that as most batteries seem to be a few percent under CCA when delivered. I did put it in the 62 SS as that is the one that is hardest to start!! I'll have the 61 SS at Gettysburg but it starts very well. Here is a photo of the happy 62 with it's new Antique battery Reading the paperwork that came with the battery they are scheduled to be at Hershey RSA 8-13 They also have a slight change in the charging of the battery from previous but not sure of the significance of the charging rate amperage change. Robert
  10. Robert Street

    Antique Battery Co.

    Good news. A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Antique Battery Company because I had a battery on order with the "old" company that had not been shipped by the previous owner and the new folks asked if I still needed the battery. Of course the answer was yes and was informed that they are focusing on back orders. I received an email from UPS yesterday that my battery should be delivered Friday. My 62 Impala SS will be happy and my 61 Impala SS will be happy as it won't have to give up it's battery each time the 62 is shown. Robert
  11. Robert Street


    Well, since they have about 500 cars coming that probably means 499 trailers. They are reserve parking at host the registered trailers and will park them with a system so we can get in and out of them and pull the trailers out. For those coming up the day of show they have reserved spaces for registered trailers. This will be good I hope Robert
  12. Robert Street


    Since I am coming up from Maryland for the day I am glad they have a trailer parking system robert
  13. Robert Street

    Indy 500 and Hershey

    my local regional paper had a paragraph this morning about Indy and half of the article was Danica Patrick not finishing her farewell tour race. Yes similiar to the Hersey event and don't forget those that go to Carlisle as I haven't been there in years but hear summaries of much lower attendance is than a few years ago. I see it in my own family as my daughter and her husband have no interest in my cars so I might as well start "thinning the herd" now! I am going to start with selling the red 62 then then on to one the 61's. Robert
  14. Just bought a place in Florida and probably will do my own transport of cars for awhile. Too bad you’re doing western hauls. A friend here does Midwest and Michigan and has the same comments as you!! Robert
  15. Robert Street

    NC Region Spring Meet at Petty's Garage

    Great photos Annie and Joel of a historic location. Where any old race engines on display? Robert