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  1. Robert Street

    Charging the breakaway battery?

    The battery box is well under the trailer with my ATC trailer thus not easily accessible. I guess best choice is to contact ATC for wiring diagram for my trailer? Robert
  2. Robert Street


    yes more photos Terry Robert
  3. Robert Street

    No response at towing forum, can someone assist ?

    Yes, but worth it! Robert
  4. Robert Street


    Sad to see the pictures of flooded downtown New Berne where the national meet was a couple of years ago Robert
  5. It is too late for me to register for Hershey but just curious where is the new Saturday night, Sunday am parking as there was nothing in the information that I could find before the deadline passed. Robert
  6. Robert Street

    Custom enclosed car hauler - DELIVERED

    Gary My GMC has the rear trailer camera option that shows on the main mapping screen when it is on. I find now that I rarely use it when backing into a tight spot but do use it when near my "bump stop" The reason is when backing and turning the mirrors indicate the placement of the trailer as the camera only shows what is directly behind the trailer back. Also the truck mirrors have cameras and the split screen showing of them on the GPS screen when backing is great especially at night. Robert
  7. Robert Street

    No response at towing forum, can someone assist ?

    Just curious did tow that rig through Maryland? Robert
  8. Robert Street

    Antique Auto Battery still in business?

    Yes I have Robert
  9. This is the main reason I am not showing at Hershey this year. No banquet. robert
  10. Robert Street

    No response at towing forum, can someone assist ?

    None of the commercial haulers monitor sites like ours for transport business you have to call them as there are many transporters out there. Just had a car hauled from Miami to here in (enclosed hauler) about 4 days from the first contact so they can be quick in some cases. robert
  11. I also have also used triple A when in a jamb like when blew a rear truck tire with loaded trailer down on I-85 in NC headed to Charlotte. Don’t need them with trailer tires since they are easier to change with ramps and battery impact wrenches Robert
  12. Robert Street

    1974 Dodge Dart Diesel

    John: Baldwin built some impressive Camaros back in the day as there were two around here! Both 427 cars but I never knew or cared what they left the factory with. Also remember the famous Yenko conversions out in Chamberburg. I believe I showed against one of them or a COPO in 36B out at the Tennessee Grand National a few years ago. The values of them are unreal today. A fellow 409 guy actually worked on the building the 427's at Yenko back in the day and has built a 427 clone Yenko that he nostalgia races. Robert
  13. Yes, Bob somewhat correct generally the GCVW will indicate the manufacturer's combined trailer weight and weight of passengers or equipment in the vehicle. I recently got rid of my F350 Powerstroke to get into the new higher horsepower 2017 GMC Duramax(the ones with the hood scoop) and the numbers on it are 25,300 GCVW. Conventional tow rating is 17,200 per the truck VIN(SRW) so that would leave 8,100 for GVW for the truck and passengers. I haven't scaled my truck axles but am quite certain when on the interstate I am less then 8,100 combined. I am towing an aluminum 24 ATC rated 10,000 and have scaled it with my 61 Impala, spare tires and equipment and it is 9,200 combined so I am good to go. Interesting the axles on the trailer are somewhat even when level 4,700 front 4,500 rear with close to 1,000# tongue weight on the jackstand. The next axle capacity combination under 10,000 is about 7,200 +/- and is probably where a 20 foot trailer needs to be to haul Gary's truck. I agree with John 20 feet might be too much inconvience with that truck. One item on the escape door. 99% of the time the escape door is centered by the builder over the axles and isn't correct for most applications. ATC did blueprint drawings of my 61 in the trailer noting location of the car door and escape door which I'll admit looks funny as it is quite a few inches forward of center but I can literally open the car door to max and step out. I have hauled other makes and surprising all work the same. One last item for consideration as I do tow to some long distance national meets. I have a TPMS system on the trailer tires with temperature and pressures reporting to the screen in the truck. It is interesting to watch tire pressures and temperatures rise on a hot interstate at 75 MPH. My 2 cents for Gary is it sounds like he isn't towing far to national shows such as Auburn or Ocala/Mobile so if not in allot of mountains towing with a gas 2500 or 3500 should be adequate although I hated my gas trucks as they were all gutless in hills and had elevated transmission and oil and water temperatures. I am not a fan of using an Expedition for towing 7,500 plus pounds unless around town. They are fine for towing 25 foot Grady Whites around though. Robert
  14. Correct but a state like Maryland can and does enforce own laws and is costly I have learned. Yes, the tow vehicle is usually first checked! Robert
  15. Robert Street

    trailer weight question

    Yep Ed just bought in Boca Raton a couple of month's ago for the reasons given above. Robert