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  1. What are some of the stupid things you've seen drivers do?

    One of members trying to drive over the railroad bridge to Show field at Bettendorf Iowa on a 1947 Doodle Bug with the stock McCullough engine robert
  2. DEF Tow Vehicles and a real dumb question

    Well put Larry
  3. DEF Tow Vehicles and a real dumb question

    Yes that system is designed to work at highway not stop and go. I don’t have any info with me but the temps needed to burn the particulate stuff is unreal robert
  4. DEF Tow Vehicles and a real dumb question

    John I don’t recommend removing the particulate system nor the DEF system as true no inspection down there but I would hate to see you caught up in a situation like my neighbor was with her older F250 and a modified exhaust system. When it came time for her to sell her 7.3 with 6 speed manual(ugh) it could not be retitled she lost enough due to that 6 speed but I think the new exhaust cost more than the sale. just drive your truck and enjoy. I have 34,000 on mine that was new in January last year and no def sensor issues but have had DIC warnings that the regen wasn’t complete. I was able to make a trip down to Denver and the regen finally did it’s job robert
  5. DEF Tow Vehicles and a real dumb question

    Great explanation Scott of the two systems! Robert
  6. DEF Tow Vehicles and a real dumb question

    It was my understanding that the type of use of those vehicles were what was causing the issues as they usually spend much time idling which builds up particulates in the trap and limited regen wasn’t burning them off. I would rather see people like John not drive them rather then just idle around building up more particulates with limited regen like what happens to me when out here in boulder. The def sensor item you referenced could have been caused by the def product itself. The def injection treats a separate emission issue robert oops sorry the def sensor was a separate post
  7. DEF Tow Vehicles and a real dumb question

    John I am not near my books or one of the diesel guys at my friend’s GMC dealership. I am sort of convinced your DIC message is a particulate filter item not DEF tank. I do get ominous messages out here in boulder and my truck seems to be always in “regen” because I can’t drive it fast enough or long enough to complete a cycle. Please let me know how they clean the filter. It’s too bad you can’t make a 40 mile expressway trip and clean it yourself. The newer diesels don’t get as far with a gallon of DEF nor do they get as far before a regen cycle due to the newer 2017 EPA regs without trailer I could get here and back easily on the tank with the F350(5 gallons). I can do it with a tank on my 2017 that is 7 gallons as it injects more DEF due to EPA i was under impression all diesels from 2011 newer require DEF. this year first response vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks are exempt but must be certified by dealer as to use Robert
  8. DEF Tow Vehicles and a real dumb question

    John we had the single digits out here last week and I brought a jug of DEF just in case as it only takes a tick over 2 gallons to get my 2017 out here without the trailer. I looked in the back on a 6 degree morning and it wasn’t frozen!! I would be more concerned I think with the fuel gelled and the particulate trap but I ain’t gonna add fuel additives unless it quits. Your dealer can clean the trap and reset the code so you will be good until southbound on I-95. Next time try to drive it. Oh. Important question is the truck in regen! robert
  9. Survey - How do you drive your classic vehicle?

    yeah we will see something out of this thing but I did fill it out as I do not drive mine! and clearly said so. I might mess his system up! Robert
  10. DEF Tow Vehicles and a real dumb question

    John I have no worries/issue with my 2017 Duramax with 33,000 miles. The new motor is unreal with power and economy compared to previous series diesels. Now to specifics. Yes as someone mentioned the self life of DEF is limited and I only buy mine from a local jobber as his inventory is fresh. The stuff won't freeze in that 7 gallon tank due to the warmer. But high temperatures seem to be the problem with DEF storage. The only time I get those codes is out here in Boulder Colorado at my daughter's as you can't drive the vehicle fast enough or far enough to keep the particulate filter cleaned and that is the code you are receiving I am certain. Why do you use an additive? I didn't even use additives in my 2011 F350. A little known fact is that additives will cause more grams of particulate matter and could be the main cause of your codes as it can't get rid of the particulates. Mine starts very quickly out here in those cold days so I never need any "stuff". Yes DEF dries with a white particle residue but it is very water soluble like salt is. The OTR trucks are having issues with the newer engines but mostly related to the EGR system on the new diesels. Robert Happy towing!
  11. Antique Auto Battery still in business?

    I have three of their batteries and a friend that I show with in AACA has 4 of them. All "look" like old lead acid but actually are gel batteries inside the case that absolutely no water should be put in. I didn't know their old 6 volt style was made with plates and acid. Robert
  12. Antique Auto Battery still in business?

    Battery tender makes several models. You need to make sure that the battery tender was designed for gel batteries not lead acid as the charging volt rate is different and a lead acid charging device will “cook” as I love to say a gel battery. i have always used 12 and 25 watt Granite chargers as they sense the voltage necessary that the battery needs. The Central Tractor battery is a lead acid I suspect so the tender will do well This issue gets very complicated very quickly! Robert
  13. 1972 Riviera Dimensions

    an opinion. Yes that is way too much for the 6.2 Tahoe! Been there and done that! I haul full size early 60's cars mainly and I believe they create similar situations. First you will need a tow vehicle that can handle the 9,900 GWV of the 24 foot trailer you are going to need. Second ATC does make a new side lift option that eliminates the wheel well issue. I had my trailer built 10 years ago(ATC) with the larger side door placed where needed for the vehicles door to open and the escape door was placed as low as possible on top of the fender area. One of my cars is a little bit lower than the others so I simply place 2X boards on the drivers side so that the car drives up on them raising that side and plenty of escape door clearance. When buying a trailer if you don't already have one make sure it has 5,200 lb axles as with 3,500 lb axles you will be over capacity with that heavy car plus the chassis weight of the trailer especially if it is of conventional steel construction. As a note of interest to obtain the proper weight at the tongue of the trailer on my 24 ATC the cars are at the very back of the trailer usually only a few inches from the rear door. Robert
  14. 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 Sport Coupe

    Wasn't me I was drinking beer sitting down on that lot!! Robert
  15. 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 Sport Coupe

    Glad someone told the story on this one. I think it is the camera settings and angle that gives the "orange" tint. I have photos of my Roman Red 62 that the car looks orange🙁 Robert