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  1. Ah add chrome shops to disappearing lists Robert
  2. This little tool will tell allot and can easily be used singlehanded Robert
  3. Victoria here is my beloved convertible. Actually I used it yesterday in a wedding to take the bride and groom from the wedding venue to the reception. My good deed for the month! Robert
  4. Well put Mr Roth! I might add an extra line that from coming from old school half ton gas engine trucks to one ton diesels and pretty much everything in between adding to your line diesel for a 10,000 GVW trailer tow vehicle. Robert
  5. Gosh Ed you don't enjoy the Muscle car era 409's etc.?😎 Robert
  6. I noticed that you have the car on an open trailer. If you are not needing an enclosed trailer what about a Uhaul open trailer? They are very sensitive to the tow vehicle but just a suggestion. Will a 20 foot trailer be long enough to adjust the car for optimum tongue weight? Robert
  7. Thanks for the comments everyone. I am going to stay with the antique car insurance company that I have been with for years. As another issue that came up in comments I do also have an umbrella liability policy even though one of my cars has been accepted at the Hemmings Lake George Concours event not Pebble Beach as the commenter used an example. Now to find none exploding trailer tires! Robert
  8. That is what I wanted to hear Thanks!!!!! Robert
  9. I just thought of another good reason NOT to drive a classic show car. In the area I live there is a tremendous influx of people and their driving skills aren't the best so the accident rate has gone up considerably in the area. Having said that I would rather be in a repairable GMC 3500 diesel Denali vs a 61 or 62 Impala SS 409. Robert
  10. Ed I was waiting for a driving comment on this one and here you are! I have no desire to drive my two best show cars for several reasons. I have been fortunate both have been in museums and both I show at national shows not at local area parking lot shows. I kind of enjoy pounding the roads with a trailer and my big diesel Denali. I don't think that a national show car should be driven as it then doesn't become as delivered by the manufacturer. When I get a chance I walk around at a show and enjoy looking at the many classes of cars but must admit I shake my head when I see one that has the paint burned off the engines or one that has grease oozing from steering boxes. Many of them should be on the other field where driving cars are. I have actually started cutting back on shows as several I have observed have several miles that the show cars must be driven from the trailers lot to the showfield over state highways with no tags! I have all of them in a climate garage/shop and yes they are bundled in an antique car insurer. Recently I have been asking regular insurers about their agreed upon policy and one flat told me they will do it but the cars must be tagged. I am not interested in giving Maryland hundreds of dollars for cars not driven. The one that thought they wouldn't require tags is unable to give me a blank policy to review before acceptance. As of now I am going to stay with the antique policy even though it is a "tick" more and will allow the convertible to be tagged as I don't regularly show it and only use it during parade seasons as the political folks love to be riding in a older convertible. Robert
  11. I am thinning the herd a bit for the above mentioned reasons. I wonder if they would add a 62 SS Impala to their museum? Robert
  12. State Farm is one of the “regular” insurance companies I’ve contacted and the agent was knowledgeable about the agreed value policy although they call it something else. I will admit he had to call headquarters a couple of times though for clarification. Interesting though I don’t seem to be able to get a blank copy of that type of policy to review prior to. Interesting...... Another interesting item they do require the photos like antique cars policies but they didn’t ask for details on one of mine that has an elevated value due to the way the car was optioned. It took an extra week for approval originally on that car Robert
  13. The non-driven show cars I own are driven from the shop area 50 feet to a trailer then from the trailer to the AACA national showfield. Since some National events now have long drives(several miles) to showfield on state highways I no longer am entering these. No other drives or even starting of the cars. Robert I am still leaning to stay with the antique insurance companies but welcome all opinions.