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  1. I have an opposite experience. I have a 61 vehicle that has 4 original wheels to the car and a 5th wheel built a few years later but still with the correct nubs. Had many coats of paint and took them to get cleaned up and now have only two wheels that the Kelsey Hayes codes can be determined.🥵 Robert
  2. i have also had to start carrying the federal motor carrier book mainly because in Maryland the Maryland motor carrier book doesn’t exempt private car trailers and I have been given the hard stuff several times but always finally released. The Maryland book clearly indicates that Maryland has adopted the federal exemption section which clearly exempts our car carrier trailers. The friend I was referring to above had two problems. 1. He like all of us are legally required to stop at Maryland scales. Read the scale signs closely as it says All vehicles over 5T must stop at scale. No mention
  3. I’ve seen those RV’s and boat or car trailer combos and shake my head! A couple years ago a friend was in his Class A pusher and towing a 28 car trailer and Maryland DOT nailed him for 1,600 in fines plus he had to obtain a class A CDL before he was legal in Maryland roads. He is a Delaware resident and tagged Delaware and had been pulling through Maryland for years but never been stopped by Maryland DOT previously. I like my one ton SRW diesel for same reasons as you do. Parking being primary. But payload is reduced a bunch with SRW so nothing trailered over 9,999 GVW Robert
  4. I’m down in DelRay now and I’d love to have a triple but..... it would easily fit in the car cottage but Maryland would lock me and my one ton up! Robert
  5. Ed yours looks like a one ton dually. I was thinking I was reading about a 3/4 SRW. I couldn’t even think about towing your trailer with my one ton! Plus Maryland DOT would probably run me down and deadline me as payload numbers and GCVW and license are way over my one ton placard. Robert
  6. Just a curious observation but isn’t that truck overwhelmed with a 31 fifth wheel? Just asking Robert
  7. Thanks John. We are in south Florida for the holidays but the unlimited energy of the grandkids are amazing! No car down here but I’ve found a temporary storage place in DelRay Beach that can temporarily store my trailer as he loves cars. Now after that find no winter National show event down here. Robert
  8. Seriously I wouldn’t tow anything but my trash trailer behind a Range Rover Robert
  9. Why not buy an aluminum ATC and only worry if the model you are buying has reinforced wheel wells if it has lift up sides? Robert
  10. Correct John but to go one more there are no records of that initial run of motors factory installed in any vehicle. There is good information as to who in NASCAR received the motors but sadly back up parts initially became a problem but.... damn if they didn’t tear up Daytona that year! Robert
  11. The distributor wrench was perfect one end was for fords the other chevy Robert
  12. I haven’t used these since early 70’s Robert
  13. Larry last year while towing to and from the Ocala meet I exploded 5 tires. 4 of which were 4 years old and had proper pressure according to my tire monitoring system. Up to that time I carried two spares for your reasoning. Now carrying 3 spares i was impressed with my Dewalt gun as it changed them all on one battery. Robert
  14. Pete, jus’ clearing the air. The 142 late 61 Chevrolet optional 409 motors were available for all full sized sedans and not exclusive to the part year 453 Built Super Sport cars. I own a real 61 Super Sport coupe and yes one of the 142 1961 only 409’s Robert
  15. Wow I've been lurking watching this one and have only a couple things to add in my experience with similiar cars. 1. I have carried a battery operated impact gun for years. At last years Ocala meet I blew 5 tires on that round trip towing out of Maryland. Carrying only 3 spares I had to overnight until a tire store opened! The impact gun did all 5 as quickly as a NASCAR pit stop along side I-95. 2. ATC designed the escape door to match the car door opening while in the trailer at the sweet spot. I just fully open the door and step out. My trailer looks funny as the escape
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