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  1. Mark. Since I don’t own a touring car my suggestions will be shows only. i enjoyed the Cheyenne Wyoming show a couple of years ago. Also very much enjoyed the Iowa show last year. i believe the Washington DC area would be great “if” parking could be worked out. Those two western shows mentioned above had great adjacent parking so that probably swayed my opinion as I have observed recent parking issues at national shows. Robert
  2. My daughter and her husband are in that age bracket but aren’t destined to show anything nor especially “tour” with a group. They like the older RED Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers only done as restomodes. They also like the 60-62 Corvette but have ruled that out for now because can’t carry the kids and doggie for an ice cream cone in the evening I believe their friends in the area are the same except don’t forget this age group is big on the modern electric cars. Oh they have no interest in my show only muscle cars!! Robert
  3. Use VP racing for years never a problem with fuel robert
  4. I plan on showing something again at Ocala next year (36B) Look for you on showfield after the judging Robert
  5. I guess I am going to have to do some electrical "detective" work as my trailer house winch and lights batteries do not appear to have any connection to the trailer brake battery as I originally assumed that they did. Oh well a sunny day warmer project. Robert
  6. Interesting reading on this one.. But for sure if you feel "bumpy" on radials I can assure you something will happen very quickly when summer heat comes back. Another item on that car especially if you plan on using it as a driver in the heat, flush the cooling system and then add the correct coolant for that year. Also if a driver I would suspect any coolant hose so those should be replaced if driven in heat. I hope you are using non ethanol fuel if planning on driving. Robert
  7. Steve: How about the show trailer parking? Has that been resolved yet for those of us that would be going to the banquet as last year we had to sort of leave the area after the show according to the registration form? I realize that isn't a "national" item but a local Hershey region issue. Robert
  8. I might have missed it in the manual but does the controller work with antique battery units which are gel batteries. Robert
  9. I have thought of a solar panel definitely with a regulator but now thinking of the wiring plan as the trailer big house batteries are obviously easy to get to but the little break away is "under the trailer" Another concern with solar is the charging requirements of the little battery and the two group 27's is massively different so how to regulate Robert
  10. The battery box is well under the trailer with my ATC trailer thus not easily accessible. I guess best choice is to contact ATC for wiring diagram for my trailer? Robert
  11. Sad to see the pictures of flooded downtown New Berne where the national meet was a couple of years ago Robert
  12. It is too late for me to register for Hershey but just curious where is the new Saturday night, Sunday am parking as there was nothing in the information that I could find before the deadline passed. Robert
  13. Gary My GMC has the rear trailer camera option that shows on the main mapping screen when it is on. I find now that I rarely use it when backing into a tight spot but do use it when near my "bump stop" The reason is when backing and turning the mirrors indicate the placement of the trailer as the camera only shows what is directly behind the trailer back. Also the truck mirrors have cameras and the split screen showing of them on the GPS screen when backing is great especially at night. Robert