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  1. Ed: Pretty much nailed it on this topic. Completely Concur! Robert
  2. Steve will the trailer parking be on the entrance road to the musuem as last year or behind the "warehouse" as previous years as the site map isn't very clear. Both of the above are on the other side of the interstate. Robert
  3. I concur great advice along with Ed’s fire extinguishers comments. With two separate locations not only do I have to have down time going for a tool but on occasion I needed something specific and couldn’t remember which place it was in!! But the younger folks don’t have that problem. Robert
  4. with the real 61 SS at Bettendorf, Iowa National Robert
  5. Here are 3 of the grandkids. Ella, the oldest is driving and unfortunately someone has shown her how to "power shift" 409 cars! Robert
  6. Probably can get there 3rd Sunday in February. I'll come in on Atlantic Ave as live at Atlantic and Lyons Robert
  7. Ed I had to leave the DelRay Beach house to come back to Maryland for a closing and a couple of necessary meetings. I hope to get back down soon! Where was breakfast in Del Ray? Robert
  8. Way back in the day I was fascinated by the first Car and Driver Cannonball runs and gave consideration to entering it but realized I didn’t have anything competitive! Robert
  9. I was close to that area and my EZ Tag is correct although I didn't like the big tolls the day of the show when I had to move my trailer. The axle sensor/counter was correct. Robert
  10. John my blue 61 SS is beside you at Lake George. You should have got both of us in the picture Robert
  11. John I had enough of traffic driving towing up to the Lake George show going up the NJ Turnpike the other month. Glad there isn’t enough open space out your way for an AACA National show robert
  12. Annie as always thanks to you and Joel for the photos we really count on you providing. I liked the personal touch last ones at the steak house and with the new wagon addition. Robert
  13. Just curious did they find a place for show trailers for saturday night? Robert
  14. John thanks for the photos of some of the W featured cars. Yours is missing? 🤑 Robert
  15. He probably doesn’t own either 348 or 409 car especially with power steering😬 Robert