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  1. Way back in the day I was fascinated by the first Car and Driver Cannonball runs and gave consideration to entering it but realized I didn’t have anything competitive! Robert
  2. I was close to that area and my EZ Tag is correct although I didn't like the big tolls the day of the show when I had to move my trailer. The axle sensor/counter was correct. Robert
  3. John my blue 61 SS is beside you at Lake George. You should have got both of us in the picture Robert
  4. John I had enough of traffic driving towing up to the Lake George show going up the NJ Turnpike the other month. Glad there isn’t enough open space out your way for an AACA National show robert
  5. Annie as always thanks to you and Joel for the photos we really count on you providing. I liked the personal touch last ones at the steak house and with the new wagon addition. Robert
  6. Just curious did they find a place for show trailers for saturday night? Robert
  7. John thanks for the photos of some of the W featured cars. Yours is missing? 🤑 Robert
  8. He probably doesn’t own either 348 or 409 car especially with power steering😬 Robert
  9. There are several members from Southern Delaware that are active in the Salisbury MD AACA region as it is just "south of the border" Robert
  10. I have been busy escaping Florida and am getting catching up. Sorry to hear the news. Stay with us! Robert
  11. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I am going to try to get to Richmond to Tommy Nolen's with several containers as he is correct 10 gallons or so will last a show season. Plus I would get to visit his rotating inventory. Plan B is LL 100 avgas which is fairly easily purchased around here. I am concerned with driving a few miles to a station that does sell Non-ethanol because of the concern that the tanker had some ethanol in it. Also I am concerned with non-ethanol shelf life vs av gas or Sunoco racing gas. As far as concerns about leaded fuel inspections my cars are not tagged thus not driven on the street. Yes, I have experienced plug fouling but have cured that by using AC 46S series plugs and that problem is gone. The only time the front carb is ever fully opened or the secondaries in the rear carb opened is for the small spritz of starting fluid need to fire them up. Thanks Robert
  12. Well said Ed and I concur based on my I-95 and I-70 adventures. Most of the "problem" rigs I see are actually 3/4 ton rigs that should be one ton or larger! A local trailer dealer is trying to sell a 28 foot nine foot high triple axle trailer seemingly without success as it takes a class A or B license in Maryland plus a CDL physical. Another dealer now has two ATC nine foot high trailers in inventory for a couple of years and haven't moved I suspect for the above reasons. Robert
  13. Jim I concur with the “formula” and to continue it take the hypothetical necessary GVW trailer and multiply by 12% for vehicle payload capacity weight. Your fine example would be 1,200 pounds. Hmm. Could be more than his 3/4 depending on how it was configured by GM. But if minor local flat towing I would be ok as just marginal with equalizer and sway bars Robert
  14. I would obtain all the dimensions of your cars. You must find the proper trailer for that type of car. Torsion axles of course and spread axle 16 inch tires in my opinion. I am a fan of aluminum trailers for several reasons but in your case it becomes another reason and that is your truck might not have the capacities for the GVW trailer you need but an aluminum one might make it. After you learn your vehicles and learn your trailer's specs then check that the truck has the payload and towing requirements you need. I have a 9,900 GVW 24 foot trailer due to the car requirements and wouldn't attempt long hauling with a 3/4 ton vehicle. Robert
  15. Steve: I really don't know what he will be hauling as one of the options given was a two car trailer. Virtually all two car trailers I have seen are 48's and are towed with 4500's 0r 5500's. For my cars I would definitely need the 48.( 61 and 62 Impalas) I have an ATC 24, with cabinets and "standard" height towed with a 3500 so I am very impressed you squeezed two T's into yours! How did you attach them to the D rings ? I hope Mr Vaughn checks the towing regs in the states he is hauling in as Maryland won't be too kind to him with a stacker or longer than a 24 with a 3/4 ton pickup and no class A license. Robert