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  1. I need the oil pressure regulator spring or at least its specs for a 1931 Buick 90 series oil pump. Would prefer to buy the whole oil pump. The spring part number is 1249485 and it fits 1931-32-33 Buick 60,80,90 and 1934-35 Buick 40,60, 90 series. Thanks Chuck Straub 4209 Stettin Drive Wausau, WI 54401 Email straub31@charter.net Text 715-581-8631
  2. I have a set of 32 Packard 900 manifolds for sale $400. Chuck Straub Straub31@charter.net
  3. Hello Please email me what the asking price is. Thanks Chuck Straub Straub31@charter.net Ph 715 581 8602
  4. I have a 33 Buick 50 series starter with solenoid. Email me and I can email you a picture to get idea of feasibility to convert your 31 50 series. Chuck Straub. straub31@charter.net
  5. To On my 31 90 series, I use a 46-48 Ford flathead fan hub. They are identical to the Buick fan hub externally, but inside use a bullet proof scoop system to circulate the oil. Far more reliable than the Buick gear design. Chuck Straub. straub31@charter.net
  6. I have a set of intake and exhaust manifolds for a 32 Packard 900 light eight.$400. Chuck Straub 4209 Stettin Drive Wausau, WI 54401 Email straub31@charter.net Ph 715 581 8602
  7. Does one of your designs have a round see that would fit a 30-31 Model A? Price? Email straub31@charter.net
  8. I need a 1931 Buick 80 or. 90 series steering column Chuck Straub 4209 Stettin Drive Wausau , WI 54401 715 581 8602 email straub31@charter.net
  9. Dear Pete, Please email me at straub31@charter.net or call 715 581 8602 and we can negotiate. Thanks Chuck Straub
  10. Torque balls can be sealed using a combination of silicon sealer applied generously to the cap machined surfaces and grease applied to the round torque ball. Hand tighten the bolts, let the silicon set overnite, then finish tightening the bolts the next day. The grease prevents the silicon from seizing to the ball. Works for Buicks and Model A's too. Chuck Straub 31-90 straub31@charter.net
  11. I have individual gears etc for your 1931 Buick 80 series transmission or complete transmissions. What do you need? Chuck Straub 4209 Stettin Drive Wausau, WI 54401 715 581 8602 straub31@charter.net
  12. Dear Pete, Here is a good supplier of antique Buick fuel pumps: Then&Now Parts Tom Hannaford jr 447 Washington St S Weymouth Mass 02188 781 335 1579 Email ourt1932@aol.com Tom has been providing 31 Buick pumps for me for many years. Chuck Straub straub31@charter.net
  13. Dear Midman, I would like to buy the 3046 radiator. Please contact me so I can send a check. Do you still have the 90 series king pins and clutch? Chuck Straub 4209 Stettin Drive Wausau,WI 54401 Straub31@charter.net Cell 715 581 8602
  14. I could use the radiators if they are Harrison 3046. Pls contact me. Chuck Straub 4209 Stettin Drive Wausau WI 54401 Email straub31@ charter.net
  15. Yes send me your email address to straub31@charter.net and I can email you pictures. Thx. Chuck Straub
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