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Is there a presidential edition, available from factory?


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The Derham Body Co. of Rosemont, Pa. was in business until at least 1968 - they had a sales catalog they issued in 1967. They would fit things like steel plate, chain mail, thicker glass etc. to cars by order. Much of their later years work was for cars that would go to South America because at the time there was much fighting and terrorism for elected or appointed officials. I owned a Derham bodied car from the early 1930s and at a car show here on long island had a great conversation with a fellow who told me as a teenager part time he worked for Derham as he lived near them in Pa. He related how and what they were doing for cars to "bomb proof " them in the 1950s-60s.

Had some very interesting conversations with my Spanish language teacher in college as well. He was a former high court judge that became the President of Cuba before Castro took over and recalled the car dealerships in Havanna prior to WWII when he was young - totally amazing to here his memories . We spent many hours after class talking , he was amazed that I was even interested and could name names of cars he had not thought of for over 30 years.

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This is a car that is used for NISSAN executives, and government officials. It's called the NISSAN President.  NISSAN started making them in 1965. In Oct. 1989 NISSAN started a new model HG 50 which we here call an INFINITI Q45.

I've had experience with the H-150 and the H 250 and the HG 50. In Japan these cars would be considered large, expensive, fast, and not very economical. They are great driving cars.


H150 Nissan-President150.JPG  H250 220px-1985_Nissan_President_Sovereign_V8E_VIP.jpg HG50 Nissan presidentjs pg50 typel 1 f.jpg

PGF 50Nissanpresident.jpg 120px-2009_NISSAN_PRESIDENT_rear.jpg

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