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For Sale: 1922 Studebaker Special Six Model EL Touring - $27,500 - Port Angeles, WA  - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1922 Studebaker Special Six Model EL Touring - $27,500 - Port Angeles, WA

1922 Studebaker - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale (craigslist.org)

An old girl is missing affection and has decided to leave. She comes with a few stretch marks that are expected at 99 years old otherwise starts, runs and drives. At 99 year old she is still a head turner with a great body and elegance of a pedigree. Offered is a 1922 Studebaker touring car with untold mileage and a motor that does not leak or burn oil. She will start right up and drive onto your trailer without a problem, even if your trailer is half a mile away. A stereo, power windows, power brakes, heated seats, electric windshield wipers, air conditioning, ABS all round disc brakes are not an option on this old girl. Will consider trades like a Lear jet, a yacht or a mansion in Tahoe.   Serious inquiries only. Thanks.  odometer: 48298
Contact:  Rebecca  text:  (509) 8-7-six-one-7-3-7

Copy and paste in your email:  564c4752a9b931728e3a00ce5df78d21@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1922 Studebaker Special Six Model EL Touring.

'22 Studebaker EL WA a.jpg

'22 Studebaker EL WA b.jpg

'22 Studebaker EL WA c.jpg

'22 Studebaker EL WA d.jpg

'22 Studebaker EL WA e.jpg

'22 Studebaker EL WA f.jpg

'22 Studebaker EL WA g.jpg

'22 Studebaker EL WA h.jpg

'22 Studebaker EL WA i.jpg

'22 Studebaker EL WA j.jpg

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Biggest issue I see is that the two rear most top bows are cracked. You can see the huge sag in the top in the picture from the rear. Other than that, it looks like a decent car (for $12-15k).


And lose the whitewalls…

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I like the blue, but the right rear door looks like a slight mismatch. The ad is supposed to be funny but not appropriate to sell a car for this much money to this audience. At least he didnt write a page long history of the car's manufacture. The cracked wooden strut should have been replaced before listing, it is an obvious defect.

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