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  1. Well, if that ends up in my collection, I'll be keeping it original.
  2. What is most important to you considering this car? ”that I like the car”.....paint it whatever you like best, naysayers be damned. “the future resell value”.... search auction results and color schemes for trends that paint colors deliver. “historical purity for the make/model”..... reach out to the club it fits into (make/model), and get their input on what is original and appropriate. As an aside, are you experienced in having paintwork done to a car? Do you have a good idea of the cost to have a professional paint this valuable car? If not, get an education about paint costs......the color might not be so ugly after all.
  3. If it is as advertised, I would think this would find a new home. I believe this is the larger 120 inch WB with a 239 six cyl. This was a 2,000 dollar car when new. To me it fits into a nice niche category. I call it “near classic”...... I am not a knowledgeable REO guy, but hope this finds a home and if from the Forum... maybe the buyer will share more with us after the fact.
  4. 1924 REO for sale, not mine. https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/cto/d/oswego-1924-reo/7355184540.html 1924 Reo in excellent condition. Proven quality automobile starts and drives well at almost 100 years old. Exterior paint and interior in excellent condition. $11500 OBO
  5. Now that is cool. The Delahaye of bikes.
  6. That’s an interesting color......... for a martini. I like these, but if I’m going to have one personal luxury cruiser from the 60s it would be a 63 to 65 Riviera.
  7. So many organizations with kids do fundraising projects. Church youth groups raising money for kids to go to camp, the eighth grade pom-pom squad, the band, scouting groups, I wonder if one of them could take this on as a fundraiser..... A bit odd and may be a longshot but just a thought.
  8. Let’s hope he’s “hooked” great way to start my day. Thanks for sharing
  9. I'm thinking a local scout master might take some young boys or girls and pick this up and box and ship it as a fundraiser.....It is easier than sitting outside of Ace hardware and selling 100 boxes of cookies in the rain.....
  10. It is a great chance to help a fellow old car lover, the task is easy, and you'll get to know Randy a little bit and he's a great guy. Ask me how I know?!?! John
  11. My first thought was that there is a guy out there with a 39-41 Cadillac, an early and late Fifties Cadillac who has always wanted an early car just for the experience. This looks like a possibility for someone that has the newer stuff to scratch that itch without writing a big check on the front end.
  12. That was my first thought too John. It looks like it could be a lot of fun around that price point.
  13. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/d/rockwall-antique-car/7353673663.html Unique car, ORIGINAL, maintained, NOT RESTORED, many features such as the first balanced motor (V-63) out of Detroit, dual exhaust, start motor/general combination (Dodge Brothers) with a shaft to the cooling fan, No fan belts. Radiator excellent, no dents. Top has been replaced as well as the running board linoleum. (the pictures show carpet placed on the linoleum to protect it. The wheels are also in good condition. The interior is original. Have most of the original tools with an original tool pouch. Have owners repair manual. Same key locks the transmission, doors, tool compartment, spare tire and works the ignition. The window shades are original.Brass work on (hub caps, crank cap, back up light, tail light and stop light is in good condition).The car was orginally a leather back where the landau irons are positioned. Body by Fisher, no rust.
  14. I’m looking forward to following along with your adventure with this Buick. I really like it.
  15. Beautiful. And so easy for you to create that book. It practically writes itself!
  16. Terry........ wow, you can paint a picture! sign me up to buy that novel you need to write where the handsome renaissance sailor, who collects vintage car memorabilia gets the girl after meeting her when she comes rolling out from under his Bentley on a creeper after fixing it at the local garage.
  17. I am sure you are correct..... but at this price, someone will jump in and take it. I have never owned one, but a close friend has a 47 and I have had a chance to get familiar with these cars and their followers. stand by for someone to talk themselves into the belief that they can be “all in” for 50K. I bet this finds a buyer quickly. let me retract that just a bit.......Montana......the purchase and pickup being challenging might keep the pool of buyers down a bit.
  18. I am not a buyer, but the “face of that car” and in a coupe platform says “worth 8k or best offer “ to me unless there is something hidden about the condition or operational systems.
  19. oh no Steve, any stuff that “came from dad” is exactly what I’m talking about. And I love all your cool stuff. The pump, the Exide tray, the air delivery, and the 32 grill. Keep that stuff that your dad gave you!
  20. Like many of you, I have lots of “car stuff” that just seems to follow me home. Some of it is valuable and rare, but most of it isn’t. Just interesting things that I like and not terribly valuable. Signs, literature, books, “accessories”, you know what I’m talking about. last week I was given this reproduction Packard sign. It is one of those reproduction signs from aluminum or some shiny inexpensive metal. I doubt the sign cost more than 25 dollars off eBay, and I do have some signs that are north of 1,000 dollars......but this cheap knock off sign is my favorite and will proudly be portrayed in my garage. It’s the story that makes it special. About a year ago I met a patient with a bad cancer diagnosis. He needed some care and coordination from me but was devastated and not sure he wanted to fight and go through what might be needed to have a chance at life and health. I won’t go into all the details of what he had to do, and it was complicated by COVID issues, but he has a clean bill of health, a positive attitude, a great wife who stood by him and supported him like a lion to help get him through all of this. I did some things for him (very minor in the big scope of things), but he stopped in the office with his wife last week smiling and wanted to give me this sign. He reached out behind the scene and contacted my staff and asked about my interests. He was so happy as he gave this to me. I love this sign, and see him living and smiling when I see it. I don’t care that it is a cheap reproduction. IT IS THE STORY. What do you have in your collection that is so very special to you, even if it’s not an expensive item, but the story or person that gave it to you is why you cherish it?
  21. Very cool and I had not heard of them. Something fun to read about and research.
  22. Since my post last week about Cadillac Roadsters of that era, I am a little surprised at how few of them I’ve been able to look at and research. Several convertible coupes and Phaeton/touring open cars but it seems like Cadillac roadsters from 1926-1930 are like hen’s teeth... I haven’t looked at production numbers but I would have thought the inventory and online representation would have been stronger. I guess that in itself is educational.
  23. I had an interesting conversation three months ago with an older gentleman who 50 years ago bought and sold many Duesenberg‘s in the Chicagoland area as well as other high end iron. He Told the story about the guy converting a Duesenberg sedan into a phaeton and said they pulled the body off and he stuck it in his backyard and his kids used it as a treehouse/playground.
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