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1925 Cadillac V63 — not mine

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Awful lot of money for a car with a stuck engine.


When I first decided to buy a prewar car, the first one I looked at was a 1924 V-63 sedan fairly close to my house. It was in pretty nice original condition and the older gentleman selling it was very patient answering my million questions. It was in running and driving shape and he was nice enough to let me drive it in his rural neighborhood. I remember it leaking gas all over the place and the amazing archaic feeling of trying to control it, it had the highest effort steering I think I have ever felt. I didn't buy that car but went on to buy a Pierce Arrow...

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I have watched this car on ebad for almost two years now. The price started at somewhat over $30,000 (and you think at $15K with a stuck engine is over-priced!) Little by little, the price has come down, a couple grand here, another couple grand there. 

I love this car! I keep hoping a couple issues in my life can get resolved, and I can buy one good car to replace the five I had to sell a few years back. Even if I do, I am not sure I would buy this car? I still have a few project cars that I really need to do before I go. So I am at the age where one thing I really do not need is any car that needs more than a month of weekends to get it half sorted out and ready to begin touring with. I can fix almost anything myself (with a little machining work I do not have the equipment for). However, an engine that won't turn could be anything from something simple and a bit of freshening? All the way to buy a complete engine and hope it can be rebuilt for less than ten grand! (Or twenty?)

For the same money, there is a '26 Buick ten miles from me with a nice looking restoration that is 'ready to drive and enjoy' (I think we know some work will be needed!). And I think I know which car would be better for me!


But I really love the look of this Cadillac!

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9 hours ago, daniel boeve said:

Cadillac Carl ! Did he pass away ? I  called him several times and had a good conversation with him .i am sorry he is gone .

Sorry to inform you, Daniel, but yes Carl died a few months ago. Look under general and you should be able to find the tribute posts. Missed by many — I was just going through contacts in my phone, found Carl’s, and sadly deleted it. He LOVED talking on the phone as I am sure you realized.

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7 hours ago, Michael J. Barnes said:

He LOVED talking on the phone as I am sure you realized.

When I saw this post my first thought was Carl.  I spent many hours on the phone with Carl after he discovered I also had a early V63.  He is missed!!!

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