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  1. Thanks for posting this ad .Several nice cars at good prices for sale .
  2. You say Europe .I am from Belgium and i can tell you that the people who buy and knew those cars are to old or gone to heaven and many of these cars come for sale now down here because that generation is stopping to drive cars .The hottest cars here now are mustangs and porsches because people with a midlife crisis could not buy them when they was young and only could afford a bike .
  3. Extremely nice car !If this is all original , this is a jewel .I am not sure i can get in this car as i am rather tall , little over 6 feet .But when you this you don't need any project that needs paint , interior and other work and that will cost you more in the end .
  4. Recently there was a 1955 Desoto here advertised in VG condition all the way for 14.500$ .Then I would never buy a Desoto that needs interior work , transmission work , brake work ( see the wooden block behind the wheel )and much more for 5.500$.I learned that lesson long time ago ...
  5. Very nice car .Much better than the 5-6.000$ cars that show up here sometimes that need paint and interior work .Indeed some pictures from engine and undercarriage would help .
  6. Very nice car! You can never restore a car and make it look like this !I am curious what they ask for this car .
  7. You can see customs clearance in the description meaning this car came from the US not that long ago .If it would have been in Poland since ever it would have a Volga engine and a Lada rear end etc ....
  8. Not one hair on my head would drive a car with such wheels and if it would i would pull it out .
  9. Strange !Somebody works day and night to make a nice car and then its for sale as soon as it is ready to roll .This is restored to sell asap and if a problem occurs its a problem for the new owner .i would hesitate to buy such car .
  10. A friend of mine did buy a Excalibur and to my great surprise its impossible to change the battery .Its put inside the chassis down beside the motor and cannot be lifted out via the motor compartment without dismounting the complete exhaust collector and pipes that go trough the front fenders .Cannot go down neither as there is no room between the engine ( 7.7 litre) and chassis .The only thing i see to mount the battery at another place or smash the battery ( dirty job ) at its place and maybe put two narrow optima 6 volt batteries in the same holder.Of course buyers from excaliburs when they where new didn't change the batteries themself ...Some poor mechanic could shave his knuckles in doing that
  11. Call the number and find it out !! If i was not in Belgium i would do it !
  12. Car is sold .Very good to have a happy buyer and a happy seller .I am sure it is in a very good condition .The only thing i don't like about the PA are the build in head lights .I like the seperate head lights much better .I know its much easier to keep the lights in the same position as they cannot move but still they are not my favorite .I sold my 1940 cadillac last week for the invested money so now i can look around again .Shipping from the US has become much more expensive as the wood goes up in price as crazy ( a lot of wood needed to block the cars in the container ) and the containers are all occupied but we'll what happens .Its a luxury problem .
  13. Indeed , i had such bad experience with a mercedes 220S 1958 , it had a very rare head rest, sunroof , bright chrome , nice interior , etc and i fell in love with it and didn't look underneath .Then it needed some brake work and i became sick from the rust i found under the car ...Will cost me thousands ....Next time i first will look under it before i look at the other things .It came from Canada ...I should have known ...
  14. This car is for sale in Belgium ( not mine ) at 37.500 euros ( early forties thousand $$)I find this a good price for such a rare car .i just post it to see whats for sale on this side of the pond
  15. Please leave it at the original height and don't put on those ugly spoke wheels is what i would say to the owner .
  16. Strange , transport over land is much more costly than overseas .For anout 1500$ they transport a car from los Angeles to Rotterdam -Holland .
  17. This car is screaming for a paint job ! Would be very good in the New York taxi colors .
  18. Correct ! The 60 was the most expensive 4-door beside the 75 series .I didn't know neither .Looked it up in the price guide .
  19. Washing ?? you can't wash of the surface rust .This car needs more than a paint job , when you look at the right front fender , half of it has no paint anymore .I am not a body man but i guess it needs to be taken apart , sand blast everything and the put together again .Wow, a big expensive job .
  20. What makes me crazy are people that ask for your best price when you put something up for sale .They ask your best price and they say OK and then the discussion starts all over when they come to your place .I didn't know or see this or that and i cannot give that price .From now on i say you can come over and we will discuss the final price down here in front of the car .
  21. Everyday you will find 4-5 skylarks on ebay .To much cars on the market !
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