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Flea market parking lot. Chevy 66 Chevelle convert.


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8:30 hit the Elephant's trunk flea market in New Fairfield Ct. (Still here) and spotted this decent driver Chebby" Malibu" rag top in the lot..To new for me as it seems like yesterday they were on the streets all the time and we were doing donuts in the snow with them in high school in 70's and duct tapping the canvas.

I'm sure some here will like to see it?

It had a columnshift lever( power glide originally ?) and 2 after market gauges mount on the lower middle dash over the hump ,who knows how stock under the hood ?..but it looks like a good daily beater even with mods.


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1 hour ago, Peter S said:

cool for a modern car!


It’s 55 years old, not quite what I would call a modern car.  Remember modern cars have at least 18 cup holders, this one probably doesn’t have any.

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  • Flivverking changed the title to Flea market parking lot. Chevy 66 Chevelle convert.
11 hours ago, Flivverking said:

What bugs me is that weed find Chevelle is old enough now that it can get in such deplorable shape!

Yeah, Well.... often folks park something with good intentions. No inside storage. We will get to it soon is their moto. And then years go by and nature takes over as they never quite have the money, or time, to get it done. First rule of preservation is to have good and dry inside storage for any vehicle that you feel is worth saving to minimize the ravages of time and disintegration. If you do not have inside storage then pass it on to someone who does. Dandy Dave!     

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