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First Gen Floor Mats


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21 hours ago, telriv said:

"I still have the original mats, front & rear in my '64.  You know you have replacement mats as the originals weigh about twice as much as the repos available."

Good day.


Sorry, I didn't want to hijack the recent thread that this quote was posted to since this woulda been way off-topic, but it did trigger a question regarding my floor mats. 


The blue floor mats that are in my '64 were in the car when I purchased it in 1980. The photos were taken about an hour ago. The car had just under 80K miles when I bought it. (I've added +/-40K) I don't recall how "new" the mats may have been when I bought it, but I do recall that they weren't brand new to make it more saleable to buyers (me) at the time as the chips in the round circles (both mats) have always been there to drive me nuts ever since. I suspect that they may be original replacements, but I'm not sure.


Do the numbers on the back give any indication or are the same/similar numbers on the originals? The scale I have in the garage is pretty useless for light weights, but they're moderately heavy rubber (2-4lbs??) and still reasonably pliable for 40+ years. I had no mats in the back aside from what I've added just to have something better than nothing.









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Good day.


Original or not, I would like to find replacements. Has anyone ordered any mats from here:




Their webpage search function leaves a little to be desired, but they do indicate that they fit the Riv' and they do look like the above photos.


Any comments would be appreciated.





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I bought a set of floor mats several years back from OPGI and they were very nicely made and heavy like the originals. They have held up well and look great.

Here is the link: https://www.opgi.com/interior-accessories/carpet-flooring/1961-72-buick-tri-shield-floor-mats/floor-mats-rubber-1961-76-buick-tri-shield-logo-s240226.html


I know OPGI has a somewhat shaky reputation on some items but these parts were particularly good quality. 

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  The mats pictured in the first post are later style mats. They are not the same configuration as the original mid sixties mats.

  The rear repro mats currently available are the later, smaller rear handy mats. Personally, I think the original first gen rear Handy Mats are too large for the Riviera footwells and the smaller mats provide a better fit, but I`m just offering up the information.

  I suspect OPGI is offering mats from another source, because that seems to be what they do. I know the mats are available from Cars and Legendary in addition to OPGI. I vaguely remember reading a discussion which stated that Cars and Legendary products are different, with distinct qualities. I`m sure a google search will bring up quite a bit of chatter, probably on the buickv8.com board

Tom Mooney




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On 2/13/2021 at 1:21 PM, 1965rivgs said:

m sure a google search will bring up quite a bit of chatter, probably on the buickv8.com board

Tom, I have the set of floor mats that came with my 63. They are old looking and the color is faded. Because I like to renew things and most times come up short on an acceptable restoration. However, for fun I’ll check out my mats closer for possibly of “ restoration.” I know you can’t wait to see my creation.


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The Legendary mats are nice looking but are thin and lightweight...the CARS mats are the best......but I think

there is a much larger color availability on the Legendary mats. As previously stated, everything OPGI sells is

sourced from someone else and sold at an inflated markup price. They have never tooled up to make anything for our Rivieras....everything in their catalog is available somewhere else for considerably less money with cheaper shipping.

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16 hours ago, BulldogDriver said:

If that is the case, then who is Car’s source for the mats?



Whoever the source is, they are a wholesaler, probably somebody like Dynacorn, who reproduces various

GM parts for all the vendors out there. 

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