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What is a model 40 Ford?


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18 hours ago, Dan-H said:

Can’t find information as to what exactly constitutes a model 40 Ford. Seems like I get conflicting answers.

Any help appreciated. 

     That may be because the model year 40 is a 01A, but David AU is right.

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The C letter cast on the Ford 4 cylinder head,just denotes  a change in the head design .Like the 3 bolt water pump I believe.

Which was one more step of evolution over the last design change..the B head which was the next version inline over the stock Model A head.

It's an urban legend that the "C"on the head stood for a balanced crank which in was in use on the those 4 banget models or that the C stood for the Model of the 1933/34 ,4 cylinder Cars.


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