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  1. " I assume the hot air is exhausting out the bottom." Not that easy on an original car as they were fitted at the factory with fairly extensive splash pans installed between the frame and the engine. The gearbox and fan etc. have full covers under them. The sides and joints between the pans have leather gaskets fixed to them to seal the dirt out so they dont promote a good airflow.
  2. I'm with Mike. Isn't it great when a build gets to this stage.
  3. My thoughts exactly. When I watched it I though about the guy that probably loved every item inside that shed.
  4. I would say, get a power steering shop that knows this type of car and get them to do it. It may save you a lot of time and trouble.
  5. Just as a preliminary test push the cluch pedal down and mark where the clutch shaft gets to then remove the pedal linkage and push the clutch shaft forward to the maximum point with a large spanner and see if there is a difference. The clutch pedal ratio maybe wrong and you are not getting enough leverage.
  6. All nice but love the 8 litre.
  7. A few (5 - 10?) years ago Barry Wolk from Chicago rebuilt a Lincoln coupe and shared its progress here on the Restoration section of AACA site and the car was ultimately destroyed in a bad crash. He sent his car to an upholster in Miami ? ( I think) and the progress photos of it being done were about the best that I've ever seen. I belive that the name of the upholstery shop was Dan Kirkpatrick Interiors or similar. It could be worth checking them out.
  8. They were factory fitted on the Rolls Royce Phantom 2's up to 1935 except for cars being sold new in Australia.
  9. What is the chassis number and where are you?
  10. Try Glide Engineering Seats https://www.glideengineering.com/ Page 14 of their catalog and also Yogis Inc Classic car / Hot Rod parts supplies
  11. I'll go with Thunder Road also Left a big impression on me when I was a teenager.
  12. Phosphoric acid is an extremely good soft soldering flux on stainless steel, copper, brass and other similar materials. also very good for tinning soldering irons.
  13. Ask on the Ford barn site. Plenty of people on there would have done that and can advise you. www.fordbarn.com Go to the V8 forum
  14. One could only hope it's a Toyota of similar by now.
  15. I have just read the story of Ginger-Dot metioned above. What a fabulous story the boat and particularly the restoration is. It makes car restoration look like childs play.
  16. A 1933 and 1934 passenger vehicle is a Model 40 http://www.vanpeltsales.com/FH_web/flathead_serialnumbers.htm
  17. The bus was supplied by Newton King in New Plymouth Newton King were also the Studebaker agent and I vividly remember as a kid standing in the front of the showroom window in about 1950 looking at the new car with the big bullet in the middle of the grill. As the footpath was a bit lower than the showroom it was right at my eye level and I'd never seen anything like it.
  18. If the insurance company gives you a hard time over having a pit you could tell them it is a wine cellar. Lots of people have them.
  19. My 1931 P2 Continental was originally fitted with Stainless steel (called Staybright at that time) wheels however the metal proved to be too brittle and the spokes fractured. My car was returned to the factory approx. 12 months after it was built to have the wheels replaced with steel wire wheels. The car below is also a 1931 P2 with stainless wires and is pictured with its owner Sir Malcom Cambell of the Land and Water Speed record fame.
  20. The car behind the green one has the horns in the same position as the original post.
  21. The Restoration of Vintage and Thoroughbred Cars first published in 1957 and revised 8 times up to 1975 is a very good book. Amazon has a new one listed for $850 but they are available for a few bucks if you search. It covers all facets of Vintage car restoration. ie Mechanical, instruments, Body, Trimming, chassis etc. https://www.stellabooks.com/books/richard-c-wheatley/the-restoration-of-vintage-and-thoroughbred-cars/1817425
  22. A lot of Bosch Magnetos use a Simms coupling with 19 teeth one side and 20 on the other which enables the timing to be infinitely adjustable. The magneto shown has a 19 / 20 coupling on it. They would be part No's 446/19, 446/20 provided they have the correct shaft taper and coupling 450 on the following link. https://www.completeautomobilist.com/categories/complete-automobilist-workshop-parts-vernier-coupling
  23. Pertronix data says that 40511 coils will not work with a points ignition system and are are for electronic systems only. They also state that .06 to 1.5 is the correct ohm for 8 cylinder engines. 3 ohm is for 6 cylinders. It looks like 45011 is the one you should have. https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Pertronix-45011-Flame-Thrower-II-Ignition-Coil-6-Volt-0-6-Ohm,20866.html Edit: Reading Speedways blab I'm not sure this one would work either. I would contact Pertronix and ask them.
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