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This should be good.............................. What is the reasoning behind NOT allowing ad bumping. You post a parts wanted ad in 2018 and nobody saw it then, now there are what 20-30 page on top of it. Sorry, I never bother looking at AACA want ads in the first place, but the no bumping logic ranks up there with mail in ballots. Bob 

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"No bumping your own ad," was, I believe,

a short-lived solution put forth after one dealer

bumped a dozen or more ads.  He was trying to

put all of the Not-Mine ads below those of the

forum-goers'.   Such massive bumping was

considered inappropriate, and was before we

had a category of Not-MIne  Cars for Sale, so

that is why the no-bumping rule was briefly

put into play.


I have seen others bump their own ad, and

it should be perfectly fine.  Go ahead!  If the

forum administrator thinks otherwise, he can tell us.

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I have had no issues bumping up my ads in the memorabilia section, but I only do it every few weeks or longer, I think it’s better than putting in a new ad, having several identical ones floating around, then two years after it’s sold someone finds the one ad where you didn’t write it had been sold and gets frustrated that you advertised something you didn’t have... been there, he weren’t happy with me.

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2 hours ago, Peter Gariepy said:

Fyi:  I generally ignore it when it happens occasionally.

But if it becomes a habit for a user, then I act.

Thank you, Peter! I'm not looking to be aggressive at all. I was just thinking it would be nice to 'call attention to' something I posted for sale a month ago that is still available. 

Now I just have to figure out how to do it....LOL....

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Peter G, I am very pleased to see your comments and clarifications. Listing sellers bumping their ads do not bother me, unless they flood the page with a whole lot of them all at once. I often enjoy seeing the bump and consider it an update about interesting items.

Not really complaining, but newcomers bumping a bunch of multi-year-old car for sale ads can also be annoying. The OP here is wise to ask first. Moderation in all things is usually a good choice. In other words, some amount of bumping should be fine. Especially if one has a reasonable question to ask. Last part is my opinion.

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1 hour ago, Peter Gariepy said:


it you are bumping a discussion for no other reason than to get it to the top then yes, it applies.


Thanks, didn't see that coming, but obviously makes sense.

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