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1951 Buick 4x4

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12 hours ago, Edwin The Kid said:


The radiator I got from my friend doesn't fit in the front, so I either need to spend the money on a custom radiator or figure out how to plumb a trunk radiator.



Measure out what you need and call Ledfoot racing. (Championradiators.com) They are building an aluminum 3 core to fit my 57.  Under 300 bucks shipped!

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I don't plan on selling it anytime soon, now that I got my bumper "chromed!"




I'm done with work for the summer and going down to McPherson for school pretty soon!


Although I didn't get much done on the Buick I learned a lot welding this summer and also made a decent amount of money to help pay for my education. Here's a pic of my vertical uphill weld I did for a 3G certification for the company! It passed both a face and root bend, which I would say is pretty good for not knowing how to MIG a year ago.




Most of my time and money is going towards finishing the Beetle before I leave so I don't think I'll get much farther on the Buick than re-doing the steering, but I'm excited to save up some more and get my pedals set up.



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Not much to report on the Buick side of my life, unfortunately. Hoping to mess around with the front panel fitment on the 4x4 while I'm home over Christmas. However, I thought I'd update this post anyways now that my first semester at McPherson is over. Things are going great! My grades are good and I've learned a lot. I have also acquired more cars. I currently have 5(whoops). Most notably, I traded my beetle for a squarebody truck, which i then sold for a pretty decent profit, and then bought a 1966 Corvair Corsa Turbo! I'm hoping to work my way up to a nice 50's(or really most any year) Buick project by the end of my 4 years. This car came with a bunch of parts, some of them Buick! I've already sold some of those parts on this forum. I've also moved into one of the storage sheds next to campus where I work on all my cars, which has been awesome. 






This is the cleanest this workbench I built will ever be! 




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