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What's your view on pre-war Studes?


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I have been wondering about these beauties that are even further back beyond my time than Daisy-Mae is. After researching a few models, I came to the distinct and singular conclusion of...wowzers! If I thought Daisy was from another planet, these things might as well be from another universe from my perspective. It's just wonderful. Until I looked at the prices...

Being in college doesn't exactly give me a lot of finances, but it does give me a lot of time. So, in your view, which is the best pre-war Stude sedan that I should focus on? I'm completely open at this point.


Here's an image of what I consider to be a pretty sweet example: the 1935 Studebaker Commander Land Cruiser. Quite a few Pierce-Arrow design cues I feel are in this example and it doesn't detract from the whole package one bit. At $1,200 when new ($22,457.43 today), it certainly was more attainable than any Pierce-Arrow that's for sure!



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All the 1930's through 1942 Studebaker Commanders and Presidents are well-engineered, well-crafted and attractively-styled cars that are largely overlooked.  Choicest would be a President, but Commanders are a worthy choice too.  Best to select the years and models that appeal to you the most after study then set you sights on pursuing those as your first choice to acquire.  Buy the best car you can afford in year, model and especially condition and you will be delighted with it. 

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The 38 President or  State Commander ( same exterior - Pres had the 8 and was 6 inches longer the SC had the 6 cyl) was the art deco car of the year with the "cathedral style" headlights and design by Loewy. The interiors were the result of Helen Dryden (supposly the highest paid fashion designer of the time making 6 figures but died broke) and had three differnt options.  "Collectible Automobile" June 2010 has a good article about the 38-40 Stubebakers you can fine on line - article is titled 

"1938-40 Studebaker Commander and President Regaining Respectability" 

I have a 38 State Commander as a daily driver.  I've taken many 4-500 mile trips and even ran 15 laps on the indy track (I was the only one that could say I never lifted at the end of the run). It's a good car, easy to drive, parts available, simple to work on and I usually get to have two blondes in the back and my wife doesn't mind. 

Have fun

dave s 

38 SC 2MAY 16.JPG

38 SC 4MAY 16.JPG

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