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Early Hub Caps Lot some Rare


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 I counted somewhere north of 80 vintage hub caps, mostly early screw-on type. Chevy, Ford, Hudson, Essex, Buick, Pontiac, Overland, Whippet, Nash, Chandler, Studebaker, etc. Some are nice and some are a little beat up. Prices range from $5.00 to $25.00 depending on rarity and condition (plus shipping). If someone want the whole lot (less than $5 each!) then $400 plus shipping.














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3 hours ago, pkhammer said:

What years did Chevrolet have a script "Chevrolet" on the cap rather than the bow tie? It's a little hard to read but one of the screw on caps is this style.

the Chevrolet script was 14 and 15 (not sure about 16 on. The 14 and 15 were different, on one the script was indented and on the other the script came out as in the one you have pictured. I remember searching the world for both although we only needed whichever was 15... but that was a lot of years ago. 

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Thank you for that info gossp! Always nice to learn something new.


FYI to all potential buyers: I have several inquiries about these hubcaps so just to be clear, whoever commits to buy first gets the ones they want!!! Also whatever doesn't sell on this site by the end of this month will probably go to ebay.

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