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  1. Good evening. I will take them. Let me know how you want me to pay. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  2. Good afternoon chuck. I have sent you at least two pm's with my address but never heard anything back from you on this book. I figured you sold it to someone else because since then I bought the oil pressure gauge and ammeter from you, which I sent a money order out last week for. Have you gotten it yet? If you could let me know thank you, Patrick also I would still take the book from you. And if theres any questions about something then just call me, thats why I put my phone number with each response. 315-663-1569
  3. Good morning. HOw about you send me an email, then we will know if it goes thru. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569 susankreeve@yahoo.com If I get your address soon enought, I will send a check out today.
  4. We will buy this from you. How do you want us to pay you? Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  5. Good morning. I'd be interested in buying this from you. Patrick 315-663-1569
  6. Good evening. I did get your message and I did respond but I'm sorry that you didn't get it. I'm not sure why it didn't go thru. Your check did go out last weekend. Thanks for sending them out without payment. That was very nice of you. Thank you, Patrick
  7. Good afternoon. I would like to buy these from you. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  8. Good evening Auburn lovers. We were wondering if any one out has any info on replacing the drive shaft u joints (especially the rear one) on a 31 8-98. Does any one have a conversion for a modern type joint? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  9. Good afternoon. We are interested in the studebaker hub caps if they are still avaiable. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  10. Hi I would take the tanks if still available; call me at 315-6631569. Thanks Patrick
  11. Hi-Call me to work out payment and shipping. I live near Syracuse' Thanks Patrick 315-6631569
  12. Good morning. My name is Patrick Reeve and my father and son and I run a machine shop that we specialize in early engines and drive lines. If any one needs them, a couple of years ago we made a couple sets of conn. rods to replace the hinged rods that are of H beam style and ARP rod bolts, 4140 annealed and stressed relieved material . We made them for insert type bearings or we can Babbitt them also. They are for the 1.625 size rod journal crank pin diameter( I believe the earlier style crank). If any one needs them, just let me know. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569 cell or 315-655-
  13. I would like to buy the one from you that is made in buffalo. That isn't far from me. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  14. It is for a peerless, but it just a generic wiper motor. I have seen them on many applications such as franklin, packard etc. I will try to get a picture soon Pattick
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