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  1. Good afternoon. We are interested in the studebaker hub caps if they are still avaiable. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  2. Hi I would take the tanks if still available; call me at 315-6631569. Thanks Patrick
  3. Hi-Call me to work out payment and shipping. I live near Syracuse' Thanks Patrick 315-6631569
  4. Good morning. My name is Patrick Reeve and my father and son and I run a machine shop that we specialize in early engines and drive lines. If any one needs them, a couple of years ago we made a couple sets of conn. rods to replace the hinged rods that are of H beam style and ARP rod bolts, 4140 annealed and stressed relieved material . We made them for insert type bearings or we can Babbitt them also. They are for the 1.625 size rod journal crank pin diameter( I believe the earlier style crank). If any one needs them, just let me know. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569 cell or 315-655-8812 shop
  5. I would like to buy the one from you that is made in buffalo. That isn't far from me. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  6. It is for a peerless, but it just a generic wiper motor. I have seen them on many applications such as franklin, packard etc. I will try to get a picture soon Pattick
  7. Good morning. We are in need of a wiper motor. The way it mounts is with two tabs that are 4.75 center to center distance and one stem that the arm mounts to. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569 Not sure it it helps but it is for a 1929
  8. Good morning. I will take it please. Let me know how to proceed. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  9. Hi Matt- Could you load the 56 motor and trans on a pellet and on a UPS truck? How much for both? Thanks Patrick 315-663-1569
  10. Some parts that we need for an 8-cylinder car, some may be interchangeable with a 6-cylinder car: - thermostat assembly - front lower seat cushion - front window crank - front window gear assembly - wiper motor - hand throttle gear linkage at bottom of steering column - rear fender chrome strips - high-ratio rear end assembly Any help would be appreciated, Thank You Patrick Reeve (315)663-1569
  11. We could use the sending unit of a 1928 Buick Master gas tank, also the lady goddess radiator cap. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You Patrick Reeve (315)-663-1569
  12. Wanted: Delco ignition/Light Switch The specific switch came out of a 1925 Nash, but other manufacturers have used this same design. I am also interested in some other parts. If anyone has a gas cap, or any information on what people have used for a front windshield seal. I am also a carburetor heat control knob/handle. Any thing parts or information you have will be a great help. Thank You Patrick Reeve (315)-663-1569
  13. Wanted: Delco Ignition/Light Switch The part I want is off on a 1925 Nash, but I know other manufacturers use the same switch. Any help would be appreciated. Patrick Reeve (315)-663-1569
  14. Syracuse New York, my number is (315)-663-1569