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  1. Thank you to everyone who gave me info on this topic. I appreciate the location from Larry, hopefully we will see you in the next couple days! To pepcak - pm me if as of Tuesday night if you’re still in need of a rim. If I find more than one I can grab it for you just let me know your price range.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm sorry for the slow response on here. Between my son and I working full time and weird hours in our shop and taking care of my parents( my mother is fully disabled) it makes it difficult for me to get on the web site. Especially since I don't have a smart phone. I put my phone number because that's the best way to get a hold of me, but I should have checked up on here before now. With all of that said, the car has 26 inch wheels. 34x4 tires. It is also the 56 inch track width. I really do appreciate everyones help and advice and patience also. With all of that said, I am still in need of a 26 rim and also a used tire (doesn't have to be in nice shape) , Thank you , Patrick 315-663-1569
  3. Good evening. My guys and I are looking for a 25 inch rim for a 1917 d45. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  4. Good evening. My guys and I are wondering if any one has a radiator for a 17 D45. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  5. Good morning guys. We were without internet for a few days after they did a bunch of pole work and then I got behind on computer stuff, so sorry for the slow response Hugh and Larry. Yes I did talk to Peter and he does have some rims (he even wants to come up this way and look at our "projects" and visit some friends . He isn't sure about the floor mat, so if everyone could keep there eyes open for a good pattern it would be appreciated ( both a front floor mat and trunk mat). Also, if I do get a pattern if you could spread the word for how much interest there might be in going in and having them made. Thank you guys for always looking out for all of us buick guys and sharing your knoweldge and resources. It is appreciated even if it isn't always shown. Thanks again, Patrick and the guys
  6. Good evening. We are looking to buy a 28 master rim, and an original front rubber mat as a pattern to have made. Also the front visor brackets too. Transfer in hershey is a possibility. Thank you, Patrick and the boys 315-663-1569
  7. Good morning. I would be interested in talking to you about your light. If you could give me a call or if I could get your phone number. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  8. We would like to buy this from you. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  9. Good afternoon. I will take it if it works. just blow on it and it should move a little. Than kyou, Patrick 315-663-1569
  10. Good evening. I will take them. Let me know how you want me to pay. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  11. Good afternoon chuck. I have sent you at least two pm's with my address but never heard anything back from you on this book. I figured you sold it to someone else because since then I bought the oil pressure gauge and ammeter from you, which I sent a money order out last week for. Have you gotten it yet? If you could let me know thank you, Patrick also I would still take the book from you. And if theres any questions about something then just call me, thats why I put my phone number with each response. 315-663-1569
  12. Good morning. HOw about you send me an email, then we will know if it goes thru. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569 susankreeve@yahoo.com If I get your address soon enought, I will send a check out today.
  13. We will buy this from you. How do you want us to pay you? Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
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