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  1. More pictures and location? Thanks Patrick
  2. I'd love to buy this from you please. Please give me a call or if I could I could call you. Thanks Patrick 315-663-1569
  3. Hi - Could you give me a call at 315-663-1569. THANKS Patrick
  4. Have you found or made seals? I would like copies of the drawings as I am restoring a 1918 twin six. I maybe able to make the seals if you have't. Thanks Patrick -315-663-8861
  5. Hi - We do all our work in house including computer balancing, crank grinding, line boring and Babbitt work; give me a call and I will give you an honest estimate for the work that you require. Thanks in advance for a chance to do your job. Patrick Reeve 315-655-8812
  6. We rebuild engines and would be interested in it. I am located just outside of syracuse in upstate ny. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  7. Thank you for all the info on the interchanges. I haven't come up with one yet but haven't given up hope. Patrick
  8. Good evening. My son and I are looking for a std. transmission bell housing for a 60-63 buick 215. We are also looking for a weber intake manifold . Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  9. Good evening. I am extremely thankful of every ones responses and info. I did mean to reply to everyone in this studebaker section and another section that I had posted some questions on. You guys are a great bunch of guys and really make this a fun hobby. Unfortunelatey some family problems have come up this week that requiers more attention than antique cars. But I will be back at it very soon. Again, thanks so much everyone for all your help in the past and present. Patrick
  10. I am not sure it matters but it is a 7 passenger touring. The part number we need is for a right rear fender. Thank you, Patrick
  11. Good evening. We are looking for any one that has a parts book for a 1920 big six. I have tried to get a hold of richard quinn and someone had said he has had health problems. We are looking for the part numbers of the rear fenders. There is a man that has nos right rear fender's off of studebakers but doesn't know what years or models that they came off of and the part numbers are in them. Any help would be really appreciated. Also we are looking for a steering wheel, priming cups and grease(hub caps) for the car . Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  12. Good afternoon. We are needing a starter assembly for a 4 cyl star with the continental engine. Also a gas cap and hand control levers for the spark and throttle. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  13. We have a 25 star that is missing the starter assembly. We also need a gas cap. Any help would be appreciated or if you know any one that might have it would also be helpful. Also does any one know if there is another continental motor that takes the same starter. Thank you, Patrick 315-663-1569
  14. Give me a call sometime. I thin k that I can help you. Patrick 315-663-1569
  15. Hi All- I'm the Dad of Patrick. The name I remember of the 1954-55 corvette 6 was 'blue flame 6'. The reason I thought was at that time they all blew blue smoke at 20,000 miles. No detergent oil-bad valve guides; I loved them as the first American affordable sports car. Mike