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  1. I have a whole car for sale. 1914 project
  2. Owning and driving lots of Model T's, the inevitable happened. I broke a crankshaft. Car shook like crazy. Got out, looked around, saw nothing out of place, got in and started it again. I then knew this is bad. Luckily it didn't hurt the block.
  3. Picture of mine with rope
  4. Do not cut the edge off. You may regret that someday. The old time fix is to install a rope into the edge, maybe 5/8 diameter. I was very sceptical of this fix till I had to change 1 of the tires on my 12 Hudson with 26" clincher rims. Much to my surprise I found rope.
  5. The opposite can be done with rope installed in the rolled edge of the clincher rim.
  6. The top 1 intrigued me. The dump appears to be at the front of the muffler. The pipe with 2 cutouts are what I would call standard.
  7. I agree with Ben P that no cars had them past the 30s. I should have excluded muscle cars in my original post.
  8. When do you think FACTORY cut outs were phased out. They were common in the teens, but ended when.
  9. For Sale, NOS oil pan. Please call or text, email obsolete. Steve 701 212 5009
  10. Yes, newer than 14. Almost sure 14,15,16 had 3 cast in pairs jugs.
  11. That is sad. That event should be on everyone's bucket list.
  12. Do you have any Hudson caps as pictured. Also any that say KRIT
  13. 1912 Hudson with the twelfth Pioneer plate issued in North Dakota and a 12 standard plate. The pioneer plate was issued to this car in 1956
  14. The Buick Model 14 was dual chain drive. These were made in 1910-11. It used #60 chain.
  15. Need help identifying these. I believe they are NORS, and yes they will be for sale. Steve 701 212 5009
  16. Wanted, mirror that clamps to side mount spare. MUST be brass. Will probably clamp on with leather straps. Please call or text, email obsolete.701 212 5009 Steve
  17. For Sale Kaiser Frazer parts. Rebuilt engine, no receipts, nice fender, nice deck lid. Pile of trim, dash, manifolds. Came with pile of Model T parts, needs a good home. If someone could install on Kaiser site, that would be appreciated. $300 for all.Please call or text, email obsolete. Steve 701 212 5009. Free Chickasha delivery
  18. Dale, I'm on the Minnesota side of Fargo. The price is 200 without the cart. 300 with cart. Steve
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