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decided my Pierce needed the bumpers rechromed. as Im going to take them off, see the rest of the chrome could use a redo...........


just polishing and putting them back. Has this ever happened to you?


was a little disgusted-haha!


on another note- years ago redid the seats on my 30 Buick, because door panels and headliner were pretty good. that worked out well.

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I'm trying to make those same judgements every day on Victoria.  Maybe I should do this or that,  then realize if I do,  it will lead to that, and that's too far so just clean and be happy for now. 

Everything is a can of worms on a car.  You rarely get away with just that one task.  Many frame off restorations started with I'll just repaint that,  or rechrome that or? 

Not happening here if I can help it. 

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Dark sun glasses are not just good for protecting your eyes driving in bright sun. When worn in the garage they can also help protect your bank account by making your car look better so you don't feel as compelled to start picking at things and end up "unraveling" the whole car.  


Put on those dark glasses and just go drive it !   ;)



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Aw....... those wonderful 30's era bumpers, look so cool when glistening in the sunlight, but cost you half the price of the car to get them that way (OK, I'm exaggerating). Mine were not really suitable for a little TLC/buffing! (see them on the donor '31 Chrysler CD8 Sedan). After straightening them (no easy task), finding suitable missing medallions, making an intermediate missing brace and test fitting, I sent them for sandblasting and epoxy priming in black to protect them for a while until I decide what to do. Restoring/rebuilding a rough but rare car like this requires many potentially costly decisions, bumpers being just one. As mentioned if you opt for a high standard of finish for one major part, like bumpers, then you are likely to be squeezed to do the same for the rest of the brightwork (rad shell, lights, hardware, etc). Since the body is off to an expert for rebuilding and ready for paint (about 6-8 months), at a cost of likely $12K-15K, I have lots of time to think about other elements of the rebuild.  it's only $$$$$!





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