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1963 Buick Wildcat Sport Coupe *SOLD*

Matt Harwood

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*SOLD* We've been on a real Buick kick lately and I can't say I'm unhappy about that. I will admit that my familiarity with '60s Buicks that aren't Rivieras is pretty limited, but I sure like this 1963 Wildcat sport coupe. You Buick guys don't need to know the story of the Wildcat, but this particular sport coupe is a California car that spent most of its life on the west coast. It shows just 45,675 original miles and aside from an older repaint, it is quite original including that gorgeous interior. Code S Bronze Mist is the car's original color and it has an unusual white padded top that I haven't seen before (or maybe I have but thought it was paint since it doesn't look like your standard padded roof). That roof is definitely original and in fantastic condition, as is the chrome and stainless trim, particularly the stainless panel that makes the '63 Wildcat easy to identify. The body has never been off the frame and being a west coast car, full disassembly wasn't required for the paint job, so the doors close easily and panel gaps are where the guys on the assembly put them in '63. There are a few touch-ups and signs of use on the hood, plus what looks like holes in the trunk lid for a dealer badge that was removed (I don't know why they didn't fill them when they painted the car), but otherwise it is extremely straight and clean throughout and presents beautifully.


The code 699 Saddle bucket seat interior is also quite original, including the seats, door panels, and dash--even the carpets might be original but I'm not 100% positive. You'll note this car is loaded with accessories, including factory A/C, power windows, 4-way power seat, tilt steering column, speed minder, and a power antenna for the fully operational Sonomatic AM radio (which also has an FM adapter that works great). The upholstery is in beautiful condition, the steering wheel isn't cracked, the dash pad hasn't been cooked by the sun, and the beautiful fluted stainless panels on the center console are in great shape. Everything works, including the A/C, which has just been serviced. The headliner is beautiful and I would not have guessed that it is some kind of fiber board rather than fabric, and the bright headliner bows look awesome. The trunk was just recently restored and includes a full-sized spare and correct jack assembly, plus reproduction cardboard bulkheads and a new mat.


The engine is, obviously, Buick's 401 cubic inch "Nailhead" V8, called the "Wildcat 445." That 445 is no joke, because this sucker is a torque factory, making this giant car feel almost sporting. With so few miles, the engine has not been opened save for  maybe some gaskets, and it remains stock including the Rochester 4-barrel carburetor under the big air cleaner. I suspect that the Buick Turquoise engine enamel has been touched up here and there since it looks so good, and all the surrounding components are correct. The alternator and master cylinder are new, and the battery includes a topper to make it look like a vintage Delco battery. A few little details, like modern hose clamps, may detract, but that's a pretty minor complaint on a really clean car. It runs great, starts easily, and once it's warmed up it pulls the big coupe around like it weighs 800 pounds less than it does. The Dynaflow Twin Turbine automatic probably defines the term "slushbox" but I don't look at it as a demerit--it's impossibly smooth and the engine makes so much power that you'll never notice anyway. This is still a luxury car at heart. The undercarriage is original and dirty, but there's no rot, the floors are super solid, and aside from surface scale on the heavy metal parts, there are zero issues. There's a newer dual exhaust system with just the right muscular tone that never gets too loud, there are new shocks at all four corners, fresh seals in the transmission, and right-sized 235/75/15 whitewall radials on handsome Buick Road Wheels.


I suspect the Wildcat was Buick's first attempt to lure a younger demographic into showrooms, and today it's still a great combination of full-sized comfort, luxury, and performance. Acceleration is heroic for such a big car and it rides superbly. If you like your big bruisers to be an iron fist in a silk glove, this is a great example. Price is a reasonable $26,900 and the car is ready to enjoy right away. Thanks for looking!


PS: If the weather breaks tomorrow, I'll do a ride-and-drive video in this car--it drives great!


001.thumb.JPG.57d2f5616781cbea99938b000c596f05.JPG  003.thumb.JPG.74b7b81b27b5f88b00d8664184d987b1.JPG  006.thumb.JPG.19752f38e6e46d7fbb8b36abd74f73c1.JPG  008.thumb.JPG.a52bdfdc0939f74c34b865f9d051525c.JPG


013.thumb.JPG.db6b00fa80b443b638d85bee00a6e039.JPG  026.thumb.JPG.2f25f5756d15957141dc933133aa944e.JPG  032.thumb.JPG.0ad1fbf69ce96dc993b78a16b7c9a61a.JPG  035.thumb.JPG.606bb5b0e4e2848b9acb3a0e4ed74826.JPG  


036.thumb.JPG.b2502d019d7b55cc51646688110930c9.JPG  040.thumb.JPG.4bc7decb80cfffad7c395972e73d9d13.JPG  041.thumb.JPG.95d3305934c740633c5d2022c836ee52.JPG  043.thumb.JPG.6b4e46b1348f8c34b9def6393f9322ab.JPG


045.thumb.JPG.64d253a135ea36d50b546f0d5f575a42.JPG  047.thumb.JPG.158ffe6c97b3c840253040a7d3aa95ae.JPG  051.thumb.JPG.80633babb69d8f3d69224094d94cc100.JPG  052.thumb.JPG.822e8824ea8b181ca7a712f2e161b7fc.JPG


056.thumb.JPG.4b1a3404c4ed6b4e4cabfb0907e2b430.JPG  059.thumb.JPG.db9de253c488caaff7816a6ebb0057df.JPG  061.thumb.JPG.bd68180bf96a573b029f2c4a747b7b8f.JPG  064.thumb.JPG.02bef041cc2b644367b6fa3022f3587f.JPG


066.thumb.JPG.f330ab5157b936790da56b8d72734522.JPG  072.thumb.JPG.534b2393f2f30427a7fe82b9304cae30.JPG  074.thumb.JPG.35c94e537e6a96d5071be68d39dc5dbd.JPG  081.thumb.jpg.20800f7c37c4b34844b8ff23fe8b5942.jpg


084.thumb.jpg.c3c6af4334bdb710aef2fa1e6c898217.jpg  086.thumb.JPG.3f469d59fc2c53164228d81e591da133.JPG  087.thumb.jpg.efa12d81dcd40543c7e33fcd39dac531.jpg

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I love the 63 Wildcat and this is my favorite color.  When I was a teenager I was in a junkyard to get a part for my Camaro and found one just like this, same colors (but no vinyl top) that had just been hauled in.  It was complete, had a little rust in usual spots but solid floors and trunk and nice original interior.  I hurried back and told my dad about it and he called them up and made a deal on the spot for the whole car for $300.


It only took an hour to have it running great.  We put exhaust on it and fixed the brakes and it drove great.  I remember how much torque that car had and what a blast to drive it was.  Wish I had it still! 


Beautiful car!

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