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  1. The Minutes of the 6./17/21 teleconference have been posted. on the BCA web site. This teleconference also represents the annual business meeting that would have ordinarily been presented at the BOD meeting at the National Meet. The report includes reports from any of the Divisions that responded to a request for annual reports.
  2. I have also had really good luck using a product called Evaporust. It is water soluble takes away rust with out running plastic , etc. It is not cheap, but it is safe to use and you can just pour it down the drain when finished with it as it is harmless.
  3. you might mention this in the Buick forum also .MI had a '31 and that bezel looks very familiar
  4. I am currently restoring a 19941 Cadillac Series Sixty Special, that I didn't to take apart , so not totally sure how it goes bak together . I am currently installing the rear bumper and bought a rubber gravel seal from Steele Rubber. It fits between the bottom of the trunk and the rear gravel shield . Is it just a friction fit or was the original glued in place. Steele tech support could not answer my question. I also have a rubber piece the goes between the gravel shield and the rear bumper. It was originally had in place by staples, wondering if it was glued also. Has anyone seen any type of illustrated m=body manual for these cars. Some photos are in the Fisher body manual, but not many . Thanks for any help.
  5. do you have a photo. I have several Buick ashtrays , not sure what they fit, , but I know one is from that era. I have a 1936 Roadmaster, but it does not have a glove compartment mounted ash tray
  6. Reducing car collection due to storage loss. I have owned this TD for about 7 years. It is the most dependable British car, that. I have ever owned. It has been tweaked a bit over the years and currently has an EXPEG 1500CC engine, TF wire wheels, an MGA rear end , Crane cam and electronic ignition and it has been converted to Evans waterless coolant. It is really a delight to drive. It also has a new Moss Hartz top and Tonneau cover and new seat upholstery in vinyl by ABC Upholstery of Melrose MA. You can discern the Moto Lito wheel form the photo. The worst part of the car is the paint. You can see an issue around the gas cap, caused by a previous owner not installing a new gasket on the cap in time. I have had the rest of the paint rubbed out and it s a very pretty car ias indicated in the top photo. This car has been driven by me to shows in Vermont, Saratoga Springs NY and on the Misslewood Concours tour. It will cruise on the highway at around 55 MPH, but that is certainly not its forte. I use blue highways whenever possible. If interested, please PM me or email at antiquecaddy@gmail.com. Price is $19,500 or near offer.
  7. Tge BCA BOD held the annual election of officers during their teleconference meeting last night. Sidney Meyer was elected President, Bob Starzek was elected Vice President, Jerry Courson , Treasurer and myself (Jack Welch) Secretary. New elected Rickey Pirch was seated as a BOD member. Larry Schramm retired from the BOD.
  8. The Minutes of the BCA BOD teleconferences of 3/1/21. 3/8/21. 3/17/21. and 4/21/21 have all been posted on the BCA web site.
  9. Dave: The February one have been posted as of this morning. I was not in a position to have the March ones ready for approval at the April meeting . They are currently awaiting BOD approval. The April ones had some corrections that had to be made. That has been done and they are also awaiting BOD Approval. That will either be done via email or special meeting. Hope you are well.
  10. The results of the BOD elections for 2021 have been posted. The members elected will serve for three years. There is a total of nine members of the BCA board and three are elected every year. the results are:
  11. The order of magnitude of a worst case scenario was around a hundred K if both meets were a bust and no one will give us that type of insurance at this point. My guess is that other organizations may not have it either, and either they are willing to take the risk or never asked the question. The CDC and the President are saying that it is HOPED that small gatherings may occur by July 4th. The BOD made its decision based on the facts at hand, and we are not looking back. We are looking on to making future meets the best possible experience for all attendees. Even if we had chosen to go forward , it was a requirement that ALL Attendees were wear masks at all tines in the hotel and on the grounds. Given the fights that have broken out over mask wearing, that one small part of the picture could have led to a lot of losing of friends, as it would have been up to the BCA to do all the policing of CDC guidelines, including being the mask police.
  12. The BOD and the NMC made a very difficult decision in cancelling this year's dual meets. That decision was based on a number of factors. Every one of us wanted to go to this years Meets. The financial risks were very high. Sure the BCA does have money in its treasury for a rainy rday. But the BOD are shepherds of the Club's money and it would be a disservice to all these who have worked to make the Club financially solvent to risk losing it by having insufficient attendance to cover room guarantees, food and beverage minimums, etc. There were also liability issues for both the Club and it directors personally. Every part of a National Meet that we have planned for and then delete makes it less possible to for the Club to live up to its guarantees. The contracts for these meets are somewhat complex documents, and legal advice was also used in coming to this decision. I personally have really been looking forward to doing Buick related events , but in my opinion well as the other BOD members, it came to a point, where we felt the risks were far greater than the benefits. Negotiations are under way to hold National Meets at these locations at a later date. Only time will tell if we were right or wrong, but the vast majority of US adults are currently unvaccinated . Some people have decided they will not be vaccinated , As of today, people are still dying from Covid. The BOD. has to make decisions in real time, not based on what may or may not be the situation down the road. In the last week, the National Model Railroad Association, and the Route 66 fun tour have also been cancelled, the British Invasion in Vermont has not been given a green light to happen in Sept. No Canadians can travel across the IUS border. Too many circumstances to risk going forward. We made this decision with a heavy heart, but I think we made the right decision.
  13. The BCA BOD minutes for December and January have been posted on the BCA Website . Actually the December minutes were posted a couple of weeks ago, I just forgot to mention it here.
  14. Tank you very much, but we had already located one close by
  15. I am looking for the unclips that hold the chrome hood vents to the hood on a 1941 Cadillac. I did not take the car apart, so I have never actually seen them. Looking to buy or for a source.
  16. Looking for a hood for a 1938 Biuck Special for a friend
  17. Matt: it did indeed get cut off somehow in the thread between Jerry Courson, to me to the BOD to to Cornerstone to the BCA web. I am going to try and PM you an attachment, if I can not get that to work, I will try something else while I get this all straightened out. Thanks for letting know
  18. The BCA BOD minutes for November have been posted on the BCA Website . Updated financials are included in those minutes . These are the first set of financials, that we have successfully combined the BCA and National Meet books and accounts in to one cohesive P & L and income statement. The one thing to keep in mind is that the National Meet monies cover from the time of the first deposit is placed on a hotel, tour, etc. That account will not really indicate the over all profit or loss until a couple of months after the meet is over, when all monies from participants have been received and all vendors paid. The BOD is thrilled , that we have been able to get to this point. It has taken a lot of effort from the NMC, Bill Stoneberg, (our former CFO) and our current Treasurer Jerry Courson.
  19. The BCA BOD minutes for October have been posted on the BCA Website . Updated financials are included in those minutes
  20. The BCA BOD minutes for September have been posted on the BCA Website
  21. can anyone guide me to a source of a possible correct intake manifold for 1 1979 Hurst Olds 442. I know they used a different manifold. A possible number < that I was given is 22503087. I would appreciate any info.
  22. I had a '37 with an "early" wheel and it looked just like that one. No horn ring. I was even Lucy enough to locate a NOS horn button for it. The seller was very knowledgeable on '37s and his also had a wheel like that. he had bought the NOS button as a spare for his car.
  23. Just one more opinion on the subject. I use Evans coolant on my 53 MGTD. English technology being what is was back in the day, it is pretty much the same as an American prewar car. I used it because the engine in my TD is modified a bit and it tends to run hot on warm Summer days. The effect of that has been blown head gaskets following long tours or travels . My thought was that the coolant passages were small, and corrosion over the years were acting a bit like hardening of the Arties in people, and restricting the water flow. The use of a thermal heat detector proved that I was increasing the temperature above the boiling point of a water / antifreeze combination at times in that part of the engine. One we vaporize the mix, we lose flow and possibly cause head gasket failure. I installed Evans and so far (three years) , I have not had any head gasket issues. I am not saying this is the best solution for everybody, but It has worked well for me. none of my Buicks are giving me any problem ,so I have not switched those out yet.
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