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  1. The minutes of the teleconference of 11/20/2019 have also been posted on the BCA website.
  2. The minutes for the BOD teleconference of 10/17/2019 have been posted on the BCA web site.
  3. For a great movie featuring some vintage Buicks, watch Humphrey Bogart in "They Drive by Night"
  4. As a sitting BOD member, I can assure all that there is no intent to limit who runs for the BOD. The only intent in having Pete do this is to give all BCA members a chance to see where candidates stand . A standard set of questions gives all the opportunity to make an educated vote. Please keep in mind that many BCA members do not have any personal knowledge of any of the candidates. They have to make a decision based on the "bio" they see in the Bugle. It was my feeling in voting to have Pete do this , that more BCA'ers may vote, if they had a better knowledge of who they were voting for. Thanks fro dong this Pete and I think your use of the forum to be your "committee" is an excellent idea.
  5. Looking fro a 215 CI bell housing (standard shift) and flywheel. I am doing this for a friend .
  6. The minutes for 9/18/2019 have been posted on the BCA web site.
  7. During the Sept 18 BOD meeting, the SOP revisions were approved and will be posted on the BCA web site. Minutes from that meeting will be posted on the BCA WEB site following their approval at the Oct BOD teleconference meeting .
  8. The next BCA BOD Meeting is on this Wed. Evening 9-18-2019 VIA teleconference. The agenda is as follows: AGENDA BCA BOD September 18, 2019 7:00 PM Eastern Roll Call Secretary’s report: Approval of Minutes…………………………………………………………………. Jack Welch Treasurer’s report: Update on Audit and Status……………………………………………………Bill Stoneberg Committee Reports and recommendations: Personnel: Sid Meyer, Chair: Alan Oldfield, Roberta Vasilow members SOP: John Steed, Chair: Jack Welch, Mike Book members Final approval of SOP’s and Bylaws as printed in the September Bugle Candidate Procedure: Pete Phillips, Chair Finance: Bill Stoneberg, Chair: Sid Meyer, Jerry Courson members Membership Growth: Alan Oldfield, Chair: Mike Book, Sid Meyer members Report on BCA Insurance Alan Oldfield Report on Mecum Auction Alan Oldfield Report Chapter Coordinator Roberta Vasilow Report on Web page Roberta Vasilow Report on Online Bugles Bill Stoneberg Other Business Next Meeting October 16, 2019 7:00 PM?
  9. $19.95 is cheap, I would have expected to pay $29.95 plus the free one. As long as they are not sold in stores.
  10. The correct casting number on the exhaust manifold should be 412611. Apparently this manifold fits 38 through 40. I wonder if you could PM me your price and contact info, so I can have you and Bill deal directly on this and take me out of the middle. He is not a forum member so that is my involvement. Thanks a lot Jack BTW. nice Skylark in the background.
  11. I am looking for this for a friend, I will bring him the photos tomorrow , thank you
  12. Looking for a good rust free left front fender for a 1948 Super. 1946 thru 1948 will fit
  13. Looking for a 1938 Oldsmobile L38 Straight eight exhaust manifold . Need to be in good condition
  14. looking for an exhaust manifold for a1938 Oldsmobile L38 straight eight engine. Located in Massachusetts.
  15. The Midwest City National meet was the smaller side , but it still managed to generate a profit. The lack of BCA members in that area was known going in, and resulted in a small meet. The good news is that going forward, we know it is possible to run a small meet and still at least break even. The profit generated was because of the excellent management of that meet by the host Chapter . (The North Texas Chapter). The results of the survey that was included in the registration packets provided the following data: 270 Registrants 49 Forms returned by members The reason for attending a BCA National Meet : (members could give more than one answer to this question) 40 said to meet with and spend time with Buick friends 25 to have their car judged 5 to display their car only with out having it judged 21 to go on the tours for people not attending the banquet only two members responded with a reason. 1 was because of cost, 1 because they found it boring The answer to the question of whether members would pay more money for an upscale location ,16 members indicated they would The answer to the question of whether or not events should be planned for younger Children. 14 Members answered that we should have such events. The answer to the question of whether the National Meets should continue to be moved around the Country . 45 Members answered yes The answer to How far would you travel for a National Meet 500 mi 10 1000 mi 11 Anywhere 16 The answer to your favorite meet activity Swap meet 6 The people. 12 Tours 6 Car show 12 BOD meeting. 1 Banquet 1 This data will be helpful to the National Meet Committee in planning future events
  16. Who is the National Meet committee and how are they selected? The National Meet committee consists of the BCA President, The BCA Chief Judge, The BCA Treasurer (or CFO if no Treasurer) The Past National Meet Director , the upcoming National Meet Directors and several Members at large. The members at Large are selected by the current Committee members.as positions open up. The Current membership is made up of the following: John Steed BCA President, Kevin Kinney BCA Chief Judge, Bill Stoneberg Treasurer, Pete Phillips Past National Meet Director, Heather Banhidy 2020 National Meet Director, Marck Barker 2021 National Meet Director, Melanie Mauser , 2022 National Meet Director . The members at large include. Jack Welch National Meet Committee Chair, Bob Staryzk, Vice National Meet Chair, Bob Safrit , Alan Oldfield, Pat Wojahn , Brian DePouli
  17. Thanks for your input, I sit on several Boards including the Buck Club, and including a Municipal Board in the City where I live, so my info is really not very hard to get. The good news is that I am a cheap old yankee that throws nickels around like they are man hole covers, so I am not too easy to fall victim to a scam.
  18. Carl, Daviid and Brad. I have the BCA Webmaster checking in to the problem. I could not get troughh either. Jack
  19. The SOP and bylaw changes proposed by the SOP committed and recommended to the BOD will be posted on the covers section of the Bugle for member review and comment.recomended
  20. The BOD minutes of the teleconference of 7/8/2019 have been posted on the BCA web page
  21. Thanks Matt: I have just done that, It looks like he is getting in the back door some how. no profile or listing of him on this forum, yet he has a way of PM and making it appear legit. Had another scammer email me . (not sure how he got my email) and send me one of the photos of the legit seller to prove he had a manifold. He was looking for payment in bit coin. (always a red flag to me)
  22. This same guy just tried to scam me on a 320 CI intake manifold the I was looking for in the parts fro sale section
  23. I have had an ad on the forum, both under Buick buy / sell and AACA parts wanted looking for a 1940 large series intake manifold. I had several replies from bona fide Buick and AACA guys and, I ended up finding three legit ones. I bought from the first authentic seller. I also had two scam offers offering to sell to me. One actually used one of the photos from the gentleman that. I bought from. The scary part is that he had PM'd me those photos. So someone hacked his account or mine. The other one was from. a seller with no profile on the forum, so that was a give away. I would say to be careful who you buy from or sell to . There are bad guys out there and some of them have access to this forum.