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What is it?

Xander Wildeisen

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It could be a Buick or a Peerless, I suppose. Probably way out "in the provinces" where cars were still a novelty to get such a turnout. Where I live the first "skunk wagon" didn't appear until 1904, and half the town turned out to see it when some crazy guy drove over the Continental Divide from Montana.

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It looks rather small to be a Peerless.  The one in the advert is a 45 HP car , the one in the photo is more like a 20 HP car. If they were side by side you would see a substantial difference in size.  Not sure if Peerless built anything that small but there is a definite resemblance.


Greg in Canada

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46 minutes ago, JACK M said:



Lamps are different.

You are absolutely correct - completely missed that - i was looking at the top portion thinking they didn't have the handle part and missed that the actual lamp is square instead of round

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Lamps often were different.  I have an entry-level 1912 Buick with bale-handled side lamps.  I'm often asked if they're original to the car, since bale-handled side lamps weren't seen much after about 1910.  And, in fact, I have no provenance on the car.  But a few years ago I saw a similar car with similar lights, and I knew that car's prior owner.  I called the prior owner to ask about the lamps.  It turns out his father had been a Buick dealer back in the day.  He said cars often came from the factory without lamps, and the dealer sourced the lamps locally.  But the other car and mine couldn't have come from the same place, since my acquaintance is in Minnesota and my car is a southern wide-track with 60-inch tread.  Go figure! 


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