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For Sale - 1969 Dodge Dart


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Selling for my father. Located in Hacienda Heights, California. A suburb of Los Angeles. 


1969 Dodge Dart 273 V8 new interior new tires new TTI exhaust , rally rims , Edelbrock intake and carburetor , Rebuilt 904 transmission , all gauges are working , matching numbers transmission , 90% rust free California car. Asking $9,500 OBO


Included in the sale is the original, numbers matching 273 engine, which is outside the car. It was removed when the Dart received a refurbished 273. 
















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53 minutes ago, keiser31 said:

Why is the engine out of the car?



You guys have made me realize something about the way the ad is written. It makes it seem like it has no engine. 


My dad put a different 318 in it after some issues with the original numbers matching one. It has an engine and runs and drives great. The original engine is included with the sale. 

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1 hour ago, Zimm63 said:

I took my drivers test in the 68 version of that car.  


Gotta say though, you sure are proud of that one.  Must be the patina.


I would like to hear your full thoughts. This is my dads car and he set the price. I have kept my personal opinions out of this. So please let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is gladly accepted. 

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3 hours ago, Brooklyn Beer said:

seeing something rusty going on in the rear quarters ? What is the condition of the trunk pan ?

Quarters are rust free. Can get more pictures tomorrow. Spare tire well has some rust through spots. My dad has the replacement sheet metal for the trunk, and the gas tank support bracket the attaches underneath the tire well which would be welded in after the new tire well goes in. 

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On 10/3/2019 at 9:05 AM, DB26 said:

Constructive criticism is gladly accepted. 


Ok, I will comment. Old cars, what are they worth?

Anything you want to ASK, but that is never what it finally takes to get one SOLD. 


Your dad wants $10,000. . . . Ok, he is probably attached to it and that asking price probably includes some emotion. However if you want to evaluate the asking price of any old car look around and see what else you can get for that kind of money. $10,000 can buy some very interesting, very unusual and attractive cars.


While this is a 2 door hardtop (interesting) it is not that unusual.  Rust free is nice but it is in California (I live maybe a mile or two from you) and everything here is rust free. Rust free is most valuable east of the Mississippi. To get this car there will cost maybe $1500 to $2000. That must be subtracted from the total sales price of the car.  If YOU take it east (car corral somewhere?) you will come closer to the asking price but I think that the sold price would still be significantly. less. 


As an FYI - I recently offered a barn fresh, parked inside in 1971, rust free 1958 Edsel. Not running, but to get it out of my driveway (again I am in your neighborhood) I took $500. Everybody commented on how nice it was, and how little work it would take to fix it, but nobody want to pay shipping to a part of the country where 'rust free' really means something. 


So, the big question is 'How much does your father want this out of his driveway?' and then price it accordingly. 

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Thank you both. I agree with everything you’ve said. I will try to explain some of these points to my dad and then maybe he will adjust price. 


And forbbodiesonly is definetly the next stop. It should have been my first stop, but I don’t have an account there. And didn’t want to be a noobie trying to sell right away. My dad has an account but trying to get him to type anything with more than one sentence on the computer takes an act of Congress. I will have to log in under his name and do it, and I have just been lazy on making that happen. 

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2 minutes ago, Aaron65 said:

That one is a Swinger 340...anything with a 340 brings a premium.

Yep....apples to oranges. Now, if it was the 383 four barrel four speed with matching numbers like the one I had....THAT would bring a premium.

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