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1931 Model A slant window cabriolet 68c

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Have good solid 68c Cabriolet for sale or trade,Calif car rust free,powered coated frame,fresh LB engine ,lite flywheel,balanced crank ,inserts,oi lfeed to center main and timing gear,runs great ,about 700 miles on engine,have new top kit and panel set not installed have all hard to find parts..760-938-2250 or  bigpine55@gmail.com...would rather trade for 30's 40's 50's car ..location desert country Calif. ... price 19K.










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Wasn't there someone on these forums who looked for about three years for one of these?


Seems  like a few came up, but were always the wrong color or price or location or something zigged when it should have zagged....


It seems the C is the hard one to find, I agree, interesting car at a fair asking price.....

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Yes there was a guy looking I sent several that looked to really fit his criteria and they all got vetoed.  I think the problem was it boiled down to wanting a 25G car for 10G. 

This on looks like a good candidate as mentioned for someone looking for one of these. 

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I remember that guy. Five or six pages of people trying to help him and it was always just not quite perfect enough or cheap enough or the wrong color or whatever.


That's why I don't help people find cars. I get asked all the time, but after dealing with one guy for about four years who wanted a 1941 Cadillac, I gave up. I showed him more than 40 cars and they were always the wrong color, wrong interior, wrong price, not perfect enough, too perfect, too far away, whatever. No more wasting time like that. 


Sorry for the distraction--this looks like a good buy and an easy job to finish to end up with one of the most desirable of all Model As. Rare body styles are still very much in demand.

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I don't mind helping if the guy is serious.  One guy did buy a nice 42 Dodge I think it was 3 window coupe that I had spotted on the local craigslist and passed along.  Before I really tell people I'm looking I already have a realistic amount of capitol available and likewise, realistic goals set for what I'm Looking for. 

Every time I have bought something like what I was looking for. 

Too bad it wasn't an A.  I would have to give this one a second look. 

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This looks like a really great little cab, almost there!  Funny, i have seen a few of these recently, well this one and one or two back east, that would fit the bill for guy whose thread went for a couple of years.  I figure he can use the Internet as well, but suspect none would be quite right. 


GLWS.  A great bodystyle!

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