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anyone recognize this engine and frame?


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i have no idea what it is. its says continental and its 248 cubic inches. I think that stamp means it was made in 8,7,1929? but i couldnt find any information with that other code. Does anyone have an idea where was that motor used, and is that frame its original or where is that from anyway. the motor is obvioisly lifted a bit from the frame and it was probably used in a farm to run something.



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I guess you know it is 248 cubes because you have the head off and have measured it. The numbers in your first pic are casting numbers. What is needed is the serial number which should be stamped on a machined boss somewhere. Continental engines usually had a code for the type. The 1929 Peerless 6-81 used a 248 Continental, a Model 18C, 3 3/8" bore x 4 5/8" stroke. Just one possibility.

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The 1929 Jordan Mod. "E" and the 1-off Gardner front-wheel-drive prototype used 18C 248 engines as well as the Peerless "Six-81". The cast in serial number suggests "16C" as a model number....corresponds to a 1929 Davis Mod. "69" and a 1929 New York Six(rebadged Davis). Source: Zahm, Karl, "CONTINENTAL MOTORS: America's Auto Engine Specialist", Special Interest Autos, Jan/Feb 1977.

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thank you for the answers! This helped a lot. Does the frame tell anyone anything? The funniest thing is that i live in finland and the whole motor is very unknown to everyone in here. i bought it off from an old guy who said it had been standing there for about 40 years and doesnt remember where he got it. at the time in finland there couldnt have been many people who could have afforded to buy such a vehicle.

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These scans are from DELSON INTERCHANpost-34894-143142716502_thumb.jpgGABLE PARTS MANUAL dated 1931:

First page shows Continental engine pistons and pins as the 3rd entry in left column.

Second page shows the list referred to.

While not specific to the 16C engine, this list would have somewhere on it the vehicle your engine came from.


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hmm, interesting. Thank you for the infromation. The finnish registration center thing is doing a search from microfilms to find out what car it actually is so i can get registration papers to it. Hopefully they find it out. Its really bugging that i cant find any proper infromation from this car.

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According to my 1931 Chiltons Multiguide, the Continental 16C was used in a large number of 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 ton trucks starting about 1928. Acme, Acorn, Brockway, Corbitt, Day-Elder, Federal, Fisher, Gramm-Bernstein, Hahn, Larrabee, LeMoon, Moreland, Sanford, Schacht, Selden, Sterling and Witt-Will. :)

By the middle 1930's Continental's model number had progressed into the 20's. As far as I can tell, the 16C was current to about 1932-33.


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Didn't pick up on this thread when it started for some reason...

For all things obsolete Cont'l the generally accepted place to start is Garrad (Gerry/Jerry) Moon at Montes Eqpmt, Chicago, IL,obsolete Cont'l parts dealers...garradmoon@montes@flash.net or montesequipment.com...

P A Ross machinery (Dallas, TX) has also been mentioned as helpful with old Cont'ls...parossmachinery.com...

You're fortunate in that at least some parts for the 16C are shared with other Cont'l engines (I understand Cont'l gave different designations to basically the same engine when used by different car makers)...

A 36 King products catalog (Piston assembly, valves,bearings) shows, in the Cont'l engine section:

(1) piston assembly shared with some 23 other 6s and 3 8s

(2) valves are only shared with 5 other 6s, but valves are the easiest to make out of valve blanks stocked by all parts houses

(3) Main bearing shared with 6 other 6s (4 mains shown)

(4) that catalag lists no rod bearings; another catalog, a 1930 Rebabbitted Rods/Mains catalog, shows it with poured/babbited rods shared with 3 other 6s...

OH,WAIT--a 1951 Fed-Mog bearing catalog shows TWO 16c listings

(a) a poured rod shared with 10 other 6s

(B) rod bearing/exchange rod columns left blank, shared with 15C 6cyl, which 15C is NOT in the (a) list above...both the listings show the same mains, the only difference being the rof forging #: 8UD-505 for (a), and 8UD-502 for (B)...

Rechecking the 1930 catalog finds the two forging # listings, but they don't agree with the 51 FM listings...

Oh, well, now you see how parts people sometimes give you the wrong parts...

Can send those other engine numbers if you need them later.

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LAYDEN: In case the Dodge people haven't replied--

I've sen a number of such references, but didn't note them as I don't follow the mainline trucks/cars...

Mroz mentions a 1927 60HP L-hd 6 designed by Dodge, built by Cont'l, and used in their 2T truck...

Std Cat text makes the same mention, except states 1928...

Only one of my period catalogs lists them, a 1930 wrist pin catalog:

Dodge Car: 1927 Senior 6 Cont'l Spec (Special?) 6cyl 31/4 bore

1928-29 Sen 6, Std 6, Victory 6 Cont'l 6cyl 33/8 bore

Dodge Trk: 1927-28 2T Cont'l Spec 6cyl 31/4 bore...the company part number matches the 31/4 bore above..

Neither lists a Cont'l engine ID; it would appear either two Cont'ls were used or the original engine bored out a bit...

The only time I've seen the "Cont'l Spec" designation in my old catalogs was when an engine was used in only one make/model, like the Durant A22....

AHHH: another catalog shows an engine change under Dodge:

1927-28 2240, Senior 6 to car # IS24720 31/4 bore

1928-30 Sen 6 after car # ID24720 (+ various other models) 33/8 bore......

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