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  1. Thank you, the last one seems to be a 30´s pontiac. The 30s studebakers that i found had 2 or 3 door hinges, this one has four. Otherwise it seems a lot like a Studebaker.
  2. Can anyone tell me where are these cowls from? the one with the doors has had a lot of wood in it. Bought these as part of a big parts sale.
  3. Hello. Any idea of what cars these have been? The one with the doors has had a lot of wood in it. I think the first one could be from a 1925 studebaker? Not sure.
  4. yeah i think that too, and probably some old dodge truck. Or atleast the frame looks a lot like the ones used in dodges. like in this video
  5. Couldnt find any info from the registration center. That means it has never been registered to finland. does anyone know where to find parts to that engine? or is any of that stuff valuable?
  6. its still pretty bad, but a bit more readable.
  7. hmm, interesting. Thank you for the infromation. The finnish registration center thing is doing a search from microfilms to find out what car it actually is so i can get registration papers to it. Hopefully they find it out. Its really bugging that i cant find any proper infromation from this car.
  8. yes i figured it out, after finding some numbers from the frame that were upside down. i felt stupid. but does the frame numbers say anything? 75-C-479
  9. heres a pic from the gearbox. and there you can also see its been lifted from the frame, so it could have been run on a place and to be used to run some farm machnine.
  10. thank you for the answers! This helped a lot. Does the frame tell anyone anything? The funniest thing is that i live in finland and the whole motor is very unknown to everyone in here. i bought it off from an old guy who said it had been standing there for about 40 years and doesnt remember where he got it. at the time in finland there couldnt have been many people who could have afforded to buy such a vehicle.
  11. thank you for the reply. you mean this one? sorry for the bad picture. the code is 16c-12973
  12. i have no idea what it is. its says continental and its 248 cubic inches. I think that stamp means it was made in 8,7,1929? but i couldnt find any information with that other code. Does anyone have an idea where was that motor used, and is that frame its original or where is that from anyway. the motor is obvioisly lifted a bit from the frame and it was probably used in a farm to run something.
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