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  1. You didn't say whether your cars a daily driver you have for fun or a fully restored beauty... In years past there were numerous additive compounds that swelled up old leaking seals for people who just wanted a few more miles out of the old buggy that wasn't worth rebuilding the transmission in...(or, nowadays, when the leak worsens, selling the car to a restorer who has deeper pockets0... I'll get brickbats for suggesting such Mickey-Mousing, but i used a good quantity of that stuff myself, for both transmissions and power steering, and when the old jalopies died it wasn't becuse o
  2. My set refuses to blow up your pic, but I think it says 19L...many thxx!!
  3. (1) which engine is in the Coupe?? (2) Does the for sale engine have an ID tag?? Many thxx!! Bud
  4. This sort of post is always simply amazing.... Apparently the seller has no idea of what they fit, or could be fitted to, seemingly has no interest in trying to find out, so leaves a prospective buyer all the wok of trying to ID, with no idea if price would be affordable if he found he could actually use it... My apologies, of course, if this's just part of a longtime game among old friends...
  5. Hey, these old cars had an ammeter---what's it been saying?? Or had Hudson already gone to on idiot light, like my old 36??? Can't recall what the 34 Tearapieces or the 35 Coupe had,,,all long gone...
  6. As mentioned above, an old McCord catalog lists those for Overland 75-90 of 1916-19, and also their 800lb delivery 1918-19... I'm pretty sure the Willys Clubs include Overland and Whippet, and I saw a facebook page for a Registry that included Willys-Knight, Whippet and Overland, if you're not already in contact...
  7. Don't recall ever hearing on one before pumps were buried in the tank..intermittemt fuel starvation, good fuel pump?? maybe something in tank being sucked over line to pump??? Need desc of actual problem to make intelligent guesses....
  8. Well, the news about the 10E/11E i n't that good nut could be a lot worse... From what I have (admittedly nowhere near complete) the 10E (31/4 bore) was in some 27-28 Jordans and some small Selden and Sterling trucks maybe 28-31... the 11E (33/8 bore) was in some Moon and Reo, same period... More hopeful is that the 10E/11E were part of a series that ran 6E, 10E, 11E, 12E, 14E, 15E to 19E, a mix of the two bores, similar engines as they're listed together for a lot of gaskets and they do share some innards... Jordan also used the 12 and 14 Es, Moon used the 12E and Reo
  9. Bummer for sure, as they used to say... Raises interesting questions as to how well the Plymouth engine fitted (or was fitted) into the Peerless...or is the whole driveline CCptn??? Worse, the 10E/11E Cont;l that was original (per old parts catalogs and above) seems to've been a rather limited engine, but I need to check some more catalogs... So: did Peerless, or Cont'l, have come problem that led Peerless to slip in a few CCptn engines, or is this an aftermarket surgery??? Fascinating...but no doubt a shattering blow for KHR...will advise on the Cont'ls..
  10. Yes, definitly a free-standing power unit radiator... If no takers show up here, you might try sites that deal with industrial/Ag stuff, like smokstak , ytmag and so on...
  11. My apologies for not following this thread... The comments above are a perfect illustration as to howcum the parts person sometimes comes up with the wrong parts...ideally, parts people double check if they have more than one source, just in case,..I suppose now there's only one source, the computer readout... In this case only the 631F dist was listed, which I should've specified in my post!... The Chrysler dist's listed were 631A and B, but the points, cap and rotor were also listed for other different dist #s as well..
  12. Those hould be available---per a Shurhit catalog if you've gor a 30 66 6cyl the starter brush als fits some 28-29 LaSalle and some 29-30 Studes....their then (1942) # SB-0.37...
  13. Was that distributor case + innards, or just the innards? Innards might be easier to turn up if your try Chrysler 1928-29 62 6Cyl, 65---per a Shurhit catalog they're the same as your Peerless for points, cap, roror, condenser, coil... Per that catalog your points, cat and rotor are in a batch of other vehicles into the 30s... NOW, that said, parts co's sometimes stock "universals" that fit and work in a number of vehicles, but may not match configuration of OE parts.but lf you need OE parts for show, you can use universals to drive aroind looking for OE...
  14. Not familiar with any of these V8s, but FWIW: (1) Looks like Cole used the same engine 1916-24 per thunbnails in Std Cat V8 1906-2002, which should be named Std Cat Mainline V8s, as has pitifully little on the 1915--20s orphans... one parts catalog lists a different V8 for 1915, not mentioned in Std Cat V8s... (2) if Cole rods above don't work out, may be worth checking the Olds 17-23 rods; piston is different but rod bearing is very close (parets co's 1217,1217A, 1218 for these Olds and Northway engines...
  15. Nothing helpful found...as Case was one of the makes that used both 7N and 9N listed in one catalog as 7N 1917-18 and 9N as 1918-19...you might try to find out if blocks are interchangeable or whole 7N engine would do...if so, post in the old truck sites, too, as 7N was in a lot of trucks, incl Diamond T and GMC (yes, GMC early on used some Cont'ls)......
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