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  1. I have very few listings for Maibohm, per low production; the few I have show Falls motors used---not good, but could be much worse as several makes on my Falls list (admittedly far from complete) have clubs---Apperson, Dort, Elgin, Gardner, Saxon, Velie--- They could be sources of info re' parts, availability, etc for your motor, which you should assume was taken out for some problem, looked at,w hereupon someone decided not worth (then) repairing...
  2. Would worn timing chain/gear allow such fluctuation??
  3. OLDFORD, do you have anything that shows the difference between 1827X and 1827XP?? I've a couple little truck/bus catalogs that list 1827XP for a whole raft of DR using trucks, but no plain 1827X. The catalog does have a few other numbers with X, but most other numbers are also XP, whether DR or AL I can't find any footnote in the catalog explaining the difference.
  4. Here are some makes using both the 7N and 9N that I believe have clubs/Facebook groups and such that you can contact for info if you in fact have a 9N (which seems likely)...Auburn,, Case (the tractor people also built cars), Jordan, Marion Handley, Lexington, Moon,Overland (Willys-O), Roamer, Velie, and Sayers & Scoville, who built funeral cars (there're websites for funeral cars, hearses etc). With luck you'll turn up other 9N owners who can advise re' parts, idiosyncrasies, etc.. It's also quite probable that car manifolds may be different from truck/fire truck manifolds... (2) Re'
  5. Well, I spoke too soon re' popularity of the Ns...looks like the 7N was quite popular, and that a number of makes using the 7N also used the 9N a year or two later...will advise later, thought maybe I spooked you on my mistaken rarity of engine...
  6. Well, that's a little like asking How High Is Up??? Seriously, the place to start with obsolete Cont'ls is Monte's Eqpmt, obsolete Cont'l parts dealers par excellance.. Send all info on tag to Garrad (Jerry/Gerry) Moon at Montes... garradmoon@montes@flash.net or montesequipment.com......they may have parts, they will have advice and sympathy.... Carbs and fan rigs can be Mickey-Moused, but the manifold... If that is a 9N, it's a solid head (no separate cylinder head), part of a "family" of 6N, 7N.,8N, 9N, 10N amd 11N. listed as taking one set of gaskets in a 1930 gaske
  7. A considerable number of tears ago a company (R L Polk??) published registration info by State; I remember looking in a quite large book in California that had a section for orphan cars (we were looking for other local Hupp owners).. Anything like that still available with all the datamining going on??? And you could try posting inquiries on places like Craigslist that have national search options...
  8. There,s both a Divco club and a facebook group, should come up on Google...
  9. I don;t know Mr Smith, and it's all too true that repairs/parts for obsoletes can be high... On the other habd, this is a mass produced economy; fabricating obsolete parts in small amounts is more expensive, they're likely to be in inventory for longer times ($ sitting in inventory) , etc... I'm ssure there was a good amount of time involved in examination and analysis, in order to be able to determine new brushes were the answer....it all adds up...plus the fact that the workman is worthy of his hire: people with the experience to work on obsoletes are becoming rarer and rarer...
  10. While I don't follow mainlines (Chev/Ford/GMC ad nauseum) you're quite fortunate in there being a considerable and enthusiastic White Truck community... Googling should bring up at least one website and probably more than one White club... While parts may not be readily available you'll find a world of friendly advice and experience; basically, you're stepping into a whole new deligtfull world of fellow White enthusiasts.....
  11. My parts list is sadly out of date, but I see continentalengines.com still comes up under obsolete Cont'l parts; parossnachinery.com (longtime Cont'l dealer) has been helpful with obsoletes in the past... justoldrucks has a fair list of profe$$ional obsolete parts dealers in their "vendors and restoration services" section... Your springs fit a raft of Cont'ls, and should be around...
  12. (!) have you tried Monte's?? (montesequipment.com) obsolete Cont'l parts dealer (2) a 36 king Prod (engine parts etc) catalog shows Flint 23-27 E and other models with the Cont'l 6E, which, in turn, lists valve spring VS56, which (per that catalog) also fits some 6b, 6J, some 8B, 14 different Ls and the 12Z 8 cyl....AND the Auburn 666A for 1927... Try Montes if you haven't already You probably can't get any away from the Auburn people, but some of those Ls went into other Durant cars, as noted above, Moon and Paige, who all have clubs, plus a batch of familiar truck names:
  13. Well, I might as well belabor the obvious too.. You didn't mention if the stiffness had been gradually worsening or had more suddenly occurred... "Stiffer than it should be"... how/who/what determined how stiff it should be?? If personal experience with this or other period similar trucks, a valid statement..unless, of course, it's a White idiosyncracy of your model... On this point, I assume you belong to one or more of the White Truck groups; have other owners of your model, or other 28s, agreed there was a problem somewhere and/or offered suggestions you didn't exp;lore??
  14. From my own very limited experience, I've found that when projects require different pieces from different supp;iers, if something doesn't come out right the first thing you get is a merry=go=round of finger pointing--- "My parts were perfect, tour installer botched the assembling" or "we only put together the parts you provided; we're not to blame if they weren't up to spec."... Buying from someone who'll do the work is most always much more expensive, but if somthig's awry the fault can't be shunted off to someone else...
  15. Ahhh, many thxx!! Presumably production stopped when Hinkley Motors expired. Any idea if any good when new?? Tried Googling, but all I got was lingerie and some performing group... Just idle curiosity on my part; I've never evem driven a Model T, so don't need one. Again, many thxx!!
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