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  1. Of those similar engines, the 8,10,17S may be less alike, theyre 27/8, while the 14, 15, 16, 18, 21, 26S's, the R800, S800, S805 are the 3", all sharing piston assemblies and some valves (don't have bearing info)... Interesting point 38 Victor catalog says Blackhawk ( for 1929 (only 8 listed in that catalog) came with 15S, while 1930 and 1941 McCords list the L8 1929-30 with the 16S...maybe Cont'l shopped both?? Always fascinating to rummage thru these old incomplete and not always reliable catalogs...
  2. In addition to those listed earlier, one of R800 , 14/15/16/18/21S engines awe apparently ised in the Reo 821 vand 835 in 1931-32...
  3. There are (were?) several fire truck sites--haven't been in them awhile, have to put them back on list---alfowners, spamfaa or similar, should come up in Googl if you haven't already tried them... 1917 ring catalog shows two 1916 engines--51/4 and 61/4 bores---use same rods??? With sumpathy, Bud OOPS---just noted discrepancy, but 33 catalog shoes 53/4 and 63/4, motors...
  4. It might help your search if you post the Delco starter # and/or any number on the reduction unit if separate, as same setup may've been used on other such engines in other makes...
  5. Nothing in Kaiser yet The Traveler was their station wagon...split trunk lid, top falf raised, botton half dropped down horizontal.. Nice rigs; had a 49 3-door. Actually 4dr std body but spare mounted on left rear passenger door which was welded shut/locked in place... Believe 51 was yaer of body change, in those believe spare nder floor... Companion Frazer was the Vagabond, if memory serves
  6. On the question of similar engines, can say a 1930 McCord gasket catalog lumps 8S, 10S, 11S, 15S, 16S and 17S under one list of gaskets...one head gasket, manifold gaskets listed "prior to 1928" and "1928-29"...limited number listed, no front covers, no oil pans...remember 1930 catalog so 1929 may be latest info at time of printing... Jordan reportedly used 8SA (variation not in catalog) 14S, 15S, 17S...Moon 15S, so could be some invaluable experience there ... OOPS---thought to look at a 38 Victor...noticed my 11S above was typo for correct 14S, ans Vic added 18S and 21S... Had better gasket list, and CHANGES: Manifolds 1926 (first few engines), 1926-27 and 1928 up... Cyl water jacket for 8SK-304 variation,,, (SighSigh)Valve cover set for 16SK-304 variation (SK vehivles not ID'd)... Sigh...I'm showing my age...Locomobile used the 10 and 15, Peerless the 15--more experience..
  7. Uo may be lucky on the 6N... While looking for something else unearthed a 24 catalog I'd misplaced...it says your 6N was also in the Jordan M, which my Std Cat shows as 1920-21...maybe tha Jorfan Club will have someone familiar with it...
  8. Your 6N id definitly too early for my catalogs, except for a 1917 ring catalog which is no use for engine users...it did come in a 11915 Lexington model 6L, so it was issued here in the States... It also shares piston assembly and bearings (but not valves) with the 7N, which was a very popular engine here, my period catalogs having about 70 makes, cars and trucks, listed, and my catalogs are far from complete. No help on 7H, but if you get into looking for parts can advise what either or both 6N/7H might make search easier share piston assembly, valves, bearings with;
  9. That 30 catalog lists two b/s---31/2x51/4 and 33/4x5...BUT I've found too many discrepancies in b/s in that catalog to rely on it... Unfortunately have no other catalog that lists b/s for them, BUT three period ring/piston catalogs list all 6N thru 11N as 31/2 bore... Only one 6N is listed for parts... Oddly enough, a 1915 Overland model 82 was listed with a 6H (31/2x51/4 per 1930 McCord)...... Nothing in 5 period catalogs for 10N, 11N, 7H, 8H, 8D---which could mean they ind'l versions, or used so little parts co's didn't stock parts...ALSO my catalogs weak on pre-1918, so may've been just too early for my stuff... Cpnt'l did issue a few engines in two different b/s, but only a few that I've found, so it's always possible there was a production change that never got into my parts catalogs... Do your two motors have ID tags, or are you going by advice??
  10. Got your PM... My parts catalogs don't list engine production dates unless there's a piston assembly, valve system or bearing change mid-production... A 1930 McCord gasket catalog shows the 6N as part of a series---6N, 7N, 8N, 9N, 10N, and 11N, all solid heads, the batch having two B/S without any individual ID... The 7H shows as one of three listed with one set of gaskets---7H, 8H, 8d, all solid head, all 31/2x51/4... Only four gaskets are listed for the 7H---Cyl port plug, Cyl plug, Fan lever stud, Starting crank;.Of those, the y share the Cyl port plug (6N list calls it Cyl valve plug) and the Cyl plug (6N calls it Cyl plate plug) In fact, that 36 catalog shows the 5N and 7H sharing piston assemblies along with a dozen or so other Cont'ls... But then your luck runs out--valves and bearings different... This's an old thread; you should start a new one to get more exposure...my, how time flies!! OOPS---the 36 catalog is King Products, engine parts OOPS II---I'm getting too old for this--"5N" should, of course, be 6N...
  11. 1920-28 per Mroz, dying in 1929, along with a lot of company... Typical assembled truck, altho Mroz states a few models used "own" engine, probably their design built by one of the proprietary engine builders... Apparentaly fairly popular as mentioned in most of my period catalogs, where a lot of other names aren't. Engines used run the gamut--Herc, Wauk, Lyc, Cont'l, Midwest----an equal upportunity engine user...
  12. These thoughts never come up at the right time... I don't know if Cont'l had much early penetration of the heavy eqpmt industry, but you mught try both posting on and contacting HCEA....I don't get into the site very often as ir had little forum traffic, but I understand they have a considerable old literature librarsy, the theory here being Cont'l may've peddled the J as a const eq/industrial engine... Similarly, you could post on some of the old farm/Ag sites, the theory here being that farmers had a thing for pulling engines out of crippled cars to turn into power units, and not all of them get melted during the war... My apologies, of course, for belaboring the obvious...
  13. I had a little short wheelbase 50 Plymouth 2dr, in southern NM/Ariz, and it had the moisture problem (it dos get wet there occasionally)... A mechanic friend gave me some stuff similar to vaseline, but odorless, as I recall, to coat the insides of the dist cap (not the contacts)...said they were prone to collecting moisture...
  14. SHEESH!!, ignore WEHS, that's the Wauk people....it's been hot here in Portland and my brain hasn't cooled yet... you know Monte's from earlier threads. I understand they've advised they have little on pre-1920, but they're worth a try... Also regret to advise I have nothing useful on the J; it's too early for my catalogs...
  15. OUCH!! If you haven't already, and tour block seems even remotely patchable, you should research block repair in these old-car/truck/Ag vehicle forums--some amazing repairs have been made using new technology/materials... I will eyeball my period catalogs, most of which also have a "motors" section for the proprietary engine builders, but they're weak on 'teens listings... Don't confuse with the J4, a then popular truck engine (itself hard to find per recent comments)... You might also try Dennis at WEHS.NET, who may be able to advise re' the "J" engine, possibly builders engines wer originally shipped to---they're extremely friendly/helpful people thers, and you're going to need all the help you can find... My apologies for the gloom; will advise what i find...
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