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  1. Don't know if Cont'l timing marks more or less same on all engines, or if differ per engine.... If differ might help to know which engine you have (my old catalogs differ on 28 6cyls)...9L?? 9LA?? 14L?? 15L?? or ??
  2. There's also aths.com , justoldtrucks (these two are heavily into more modern stuff, but there are older truck collectors there) and the Antique Cars/Trucks forum on smokstak...it would be nice if it could be saved,,,
  3. If you've posirively ID'd the engine as some Cont'l, it's almost certainly a replacement for an original K-S in-house built engine, introduced in 1912 per Mroz's Ency, which states proprietary engines were not introduced until 1925 (one of the K=S engines was used until 1929, when the company died)... OOPS...are you sure about your date?? Tad's truck spotters guide shows the K-S as a shovel=nose (radiator behind engine) until 1924; the pic above looks very much like his illus for 25-28...maybe meant 1926 instead of 1916??
  4. If you're still looking for NOS/NORS a 36 King catalog says your 6E shares piston assemblies with Cont'ls 6M, 8R and 2P...the 8R being a popular engine (in lots of makes)...
  5. I do hope you're not recycling the originals...our "forever" internet is only "forever" as long as the correct technology is there to retrieve it, and the correct power to run the technology...and someone cares enough to transfer it to a new technology...
  6. One of the not often thought of things when cars run hotter than normal is whether the radiator is having trouble with air flow, especially when not a daily driver.... After dark put a light behind the radiator and look in from the front; you may see some clogging from bits of leaves, old spider webs, etc., that may be affecting cooling... And it's free...
  7. Just out of curiosity reviewed my old period catalogs to see if I'd acquired anything pertinent since '16, but nothing new... However, I noted a comment in the thread above I should've commented on in '16---the differences between "Official" model designations (per Std Cat, which I assume to be as Official as it gets) and the models listed in parts catalogs---lots do match, but lots do not, and sometimes they have no relation at all, which is awkward when you're trying to ID which engine was original... Bell models that don't match are 4-18 (probably the 1918), the 4-32 (Std Cats 36HP found overoptimistic when checked?? ), a "Special 4"with the H-Sp 7000, and a 6-60, almost certainly Riess's 6, rounded up from 57HP, sold as a Bell. The years listed are another tangle that don't seem to fit, also not unusual, but we use what's available......
  8. There are IH old-truck sites that should be able to put you in touch with other Lyc owners... oldihc.com is the one I'm more familiar with; there's also redpower.com (??) and another IH truck club site; they should come up on Google... You'll want to ID your engine before doing any serious work on it---if you have the CT or CTH (or any of the C series) there may be a major oil pump problem (definite on CT, probable on CTH, possible om other Cs), but also info on the net re' replacements (gardnermotors.com etc)... Whichever Lyc you have, treat ir gently as they're reportedly not that easy to find parts for...someone on smokstak is having fits finding bearings for a 4SL...
  9. Sorry, Mroz just briefly describes the "first version"---2cyl hor-opp mounted at rear with transmission---then mentions 32 Stutz re=design with no details re' configuration... I understand Georgano is often more detailed ( I've never seen copy), may be more helpful...
  10. Richard: Had trouble opening your link in your PM, but finally partially succeeded (my computer doesn't like system, or vice-versa, or mutual)... Book mentioned is Albert Mroz Illus Ency of Amer Trks and Comm'l Veh...they'd also be thumbnailed in Georgano's World Trucks Ency (the big book; the little book just has basic names, dates, types etc). If you're close to a decent pub lib they should have both in the reference stacks...or online now??? Engine info was from Mroz and various old replacement parts catalogs; will list them if helpful... If seriously researching carefully note all the name variations, Googling etc each of the various variations separately, as online searching is generally quite literal, and can easily miss what we see as very minor name variations... Did your 33 brochure list one of the known engines or one not listed in the earlier thread in 2001???
  11. Sorry, can't he;p on the 2cyls; do have a partial Beaver list but all either refer to 4s and 6s or not identifying the Beaver engine used...l
  12. Beaver was, in fact, one of the early successful engine builders... Don't have their beginning, but Std Cat says two Waite cars, built 1907-08 had Beaver 4s, that the Waies went into partnership with the Beaver Mfg co to produce the Petrel 1909-12 ....under Petrel it states the engine co and the Petrel were sold to "Filer & Stewart", who also started the FS car, both cars gone1912; I didn't follow the engine co history after that A 1917 ring catalog lists some 29 engines and/or variations, with two 2cyls listed...a 1908 UB 43/4 bore and a 1909 TB 51/8 bore...other 4s and 6s ranged fron 21/4 b0re to 51/2 bores, but that catalog listed no strokes... Can't comment on their marine engines, but they had fair representation in Ag with a number of tractor engines and, presumably, industrial users... May have a list of what used them; will look thru files. Notes say later absorbed/bought by LeRoi 1926; that LeRoi built both Beavers and their own engines for short period?? before discontinuing Beaver name,. Ed Malcom,, who posts on smokstak under his own name, was (is, if he's still there) the longtime Leroi Guru; he might have more info on the early Beaver 2s...
  13. Sorry, no personal interest other than hobby; a recurring regret is that I didn't compile a file of pictures in the process, so almost all my info is from the printed pages of parts catalogs and these forums... A water pump parts listing (March 1936 KIng Prod) shows the W4 and H8 with a 47/8 shaft, while the W5 and H6 take a 51/32 shaft... No front bushing is listed, but impeller, rear bushing, packing nut and impeller pin are the came..which doesn't help wit the question if the housings will interchange or the distributors usable on his...
  14. KENNY---Bummer---looks like W4 and W5 almost exclusively used by Durant products Durant and Star, except for a few used by the Baldwin Gleaner/Gleaner Combine, at least per my catalogs...that combine is listed for the 1929 10-11 foot cut model using both W4 and W5, which could easily have different setups... An equally nebulous possibility is the Cont'l H 4cyl series---H1, H6, H7, H8, H9, all listed in a 52 McCord Tractor and Industrial gasket guide as using the same set of gaskets, implying considerable similarities...but here, again, these Hs show very few listings, and no familiar names... C CARL---there should be something similar on yours; let me know what you find, as there wers several headless Contl's...
  15. Didn't know Billy D's engine tags didn't show Cont'l model ID on tag...old parts catalogs list several engines for varios 23 Stars... Look at any letters/numbers cast, embossed, stamped, like those on the head...you're looking for W4, W5, 6Y, 7U or something similar somewhere in numbers/letters... OOPS---CORRECTION??---6Y and 7U are 6s per Cont'l engine sections , altho listed as 4s in parts catalogs...seems unlikely engine issued as first a 4 and then a six, so probably an error copied into later catalogs...so looks like probably W4 0r W5...