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NOS Fender vs Original for Repaint Inquiry

Guest BJM

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I am restoring a 73 Centurion with 34,000 original miles and my passenger right front fender is a no rust original paint part with a dent in it. It's not a compound dent, it's like someone took their palm and smacked it's a straightforward dent and should come out.

BUT- there is a black primer NOS fender on Craigs List that I can pick up for $125 and am considering.

BUT - I was wondering if I paint the car would the NOS fender with the flat black paint be hard to match to the rest of the car? I plan on sanding down the original paint and painting the Centurion a darker factory green offered by Buick. Right now it's lime green.

I would have my body shop work out the dent on my fender. The rest of the fender and car are rust free. Thoughts on purchase of NOS or pass?

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Murphy's Law says buy the new fender and just hang it in the garage. It is a $125 insurance policy that you will never need it.


Actually a careful reading of Murphy's Law means that if he buys the passenger side fender it will provoke Murphy into having him smash the driver side fender. And you are correct he will never need the passenger side..............Bob

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The primer on GM fenders, back then, as now, is more to keep the part from rusting in the warehouse. It's more "protective" than "base coat" in orientation. Therefore, it would require MORE work to get it ready to paint than what you've already got on the car. IF the factory sprayed some undercoat on the underside for sound deadening purposes, you'd also have to replace/replicate that, too.

As noted, it might be fully NOS, but it could also have "warehouse wear" on it from being moved around all these years. Friction from the cardboard wrapper can wipe through that thin layer of factory primer, too. AND, if the cardboard wrapper is long gone, then lots of little dings will have probably been accumulated over the years. Not to forget about "invisible damage" which might not be noticed until you get ready to put it on the car for a test fit!

There are times when NOS sheet metal is good to use, but I don't believe this is one of them.



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Make a low ball offer on the fender. If he goes for it then pack it away in case of need. If not, there's no loss.

That's kind of what I did. I initially offered him $100 on his $150 request. He countered $125 and based on comments here I went back to him and said no thanks, would buy for $100 but no more. I bought a 7 piece body hammer kit this weekend at a swpa meet.

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