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Front and rear springs wrapped in "leather"

Dwight Romberger

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I just purchased an almost completely unmolested 1930 Model 47. The front and rear chasis springs are wrapped along their entire lengths in what appears to be leather, held on with laces and leather boot type hooks! Is this original? And if so, is it common to have these survive? I am going to restore this car. Any suggestions on how to handle these spring covers?



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Hi- these are called gaitors or gators or some such spelling, pretty common on the higher end cars of the 20's and 30's. They would have a burlap inner lining, which would hold a heavy grease, which would in turn lube the springs. The leather wrap would then keep out dust and dirt.

Very common on early cars. Pierce Arrow, and possibly others, went the next step and put a metal cover over the spring. This would be in sections, overlapping the previous section, and again, having burlap or fabric between the spring and the cover. This was standard practice on Pierce until the bitter end in 1938.

Neat stuff. David Coco

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Good decision to keep them if they can be restored. The are common as I believe an optionb on early 30s, but most I have sen as original, were almost impossible to safe, as the leather crumbles.

I think the fastners are also difficult to handle if you take them apart.


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Guest jules greenway

hi Dwight

I've just come across a reference: Page 77 of 1931 Specifications and Adjustments "Spring Covers-Spring covers may be installed as optional equipment if desired. In making installation, it is recommended that a very small amount of lubricant be used"

It's not clear if they are referring to a Factory option or an aftermarket one/



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