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  1. Every once in a while someone posts a desperate plea to locate the center steering bearing for Buick, Cadillac, LaSalle, and Cord. They are rare, but they DO show up on Ebay. One is listed on Ebay right now at a grab-it price. Not mine, just posting info. RARE NOS Center Steering Bearing 35 36 Cadillac LaSalle Buick 36 37 Cord 900916 --Tom 2019-04-04 Edit: There are TWO of them listed on EBay right now.
  2. Hi, Terrill Machine in Deleon, TX, will rebuild your vacuum advance, but it's no cheaper than Kanter. I have had fuel pumps and vac's done there with excellent results. --Tom
  3. Hi, It's AMAZING what a great difference a straight fender and some paint make! Nice ride! --Tom
  4. Hi, Keys are not hardened--for this exact reason. They are supposed to shear before damaging the axle or hub. I am not sure if your hub is a taper-fit to the axle or not. If it is the taper-type axle, do NOT use any oil or never-Seize on the taper when reassembling. De-grease the two parts before reassembling. A lubricant in this location will allow unintended movement between the hub and axle, resulting in a sheared key. --Tom
  5. Hi, Found this image pf a reproduction how-to sticker for the 1940 jack. What GM Genius devised this man-killer? --Tom
  6. Hi Dave, I'm glad you found a solution. NOW: write down that key code on the title, secure both at the bank, and--oh yeah--get a magnetic key caddy for a spare. :-) --Tom
  7. Hi, A 1000 to 1 shot: look inside the hood, behind the bumpers, behind the license plate bolts, and any other possible hiding spot for a key or a magnetic key holder that might have a key in it. You just never know... --Tom
  8. Hi Tom, I'm glad you got the bearing at a more nearly reasonable price. I may get one for the "Unattanium Spare Parts" box. I found an "OLCAR" parts and bearings place in Southern Pines; was the name of the place OLCAR with an "O" rather than a "D?" --Tom
  9. Hi Tom, This same bearing is the steering bellcrank pivot bearing for the 810-812 Cord and, of course, is long past no-longer-made. However, you can get a NOS one from Auburn Cord Parts, Inc, in Wellington KS. Prepare to dig deep, though--it's about $350.00 !! --Tom
  10. i, I'm no expert on the late pre-war styles, but from what I saw surfing the web it appears to be a 42 and the body style is called a "Sedanette." That's about all I know about it. Others will likely be able to ID it with certainty. It'll be a formidable challenge to restore, but since any 42 model is by definition rare, it will be satisfying to have done. Let us know when the numbers become available. --Tom
  11. Hi. Info numbers from the title and/or firewall number plate would ID this car with certainty. --Tom
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