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Two Questions

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1. Will the generator be able to keep up if every light is turned on (11 plus brake lights, back-up lights and dash lights)?

2. How many exterior accessories are missing (list them, please)?

(here's a list of the ones he didn't miss)

a. Pilot Ray lights

b. Driving light

c. Initial badge on headlight bar

d. Packard script on stone guard

e. Stone guard

f. running board plate

g. driver's side spot light

h. passenger side spot light

i. side mounts

j. side mount mirrors

k. deluxe hood ornament

l. wind wings

m. rear tonneau windshield

n. trunk

o. chrome wheels

p. white sidewall tires

q. right side taillight (I'm guessing)

r. Interesting paint scheme


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1. Third brush generators of this era will barely keep up with this load if only the standard lights and the set of Pilot Rays were on, estimated at 22-25 amps total. All lights on, load would be about 30 Amps and a negative draw, so no it would not keep up.

2. Running Board Spot Light.

3. The single driving light in the center seems redundant with the Pilot Ray driving lights and probably should be removed. The rumble seat windshield looks nice in a picture, but sort of ruins the experience of riding back there. Perhaps also the Packard script on the stone guard, but otherwise looks fine. Its all at the province of the owner/restorer.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: R W Burgess</div><div class="ubbcode-body">If power is a problem, find a hotrodder company to make an alternator conversion out of that generator. crazy.gifblush.gif


Here ya go:


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Besides for a running board light (perhaps he should look for a pair... one for each side), he could also have ordered front and rear bumpers that had lights on each end, plus Woodlite headlights and parking lights as seen on this Packard boattail speedster.

He could have also ordered a trunk cover, and perhaps contrasting colored piping around the top edges.

The hood vent doors could have been chrome plated rather than painted.


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On the maroon car, the sidemount tire covers,the chromed hood doors, fender lamps, trunk rack and trunk are also optional items, but all were factory options. The fender lamps, sidemounted fenders and trunk rack came as a 'package', the best I can remember. I'd love to have the car, but would certainly make a few changes to suit my personal taste...B

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Guest bkazmer

In fairness to the Speedster, this was not when new a car intended to show refined and restrained good taste. This was a car the Hollywood set would cross shop with Auburn as far as style.

I see them as alternate flavors - some would have bought the first car in monotone color, no grille guard, blackwalls.

Any of them are welcome in my garage.

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Hooray for Hollywood!

Here are some of the flashier Packards from The Making of Modern Michigan’s Online Collections...


1930 Model 734 Eight Speedster.


1933 1006 Twelve for the President of the Dominican Republic.


1933 1006 Twelve by Dietrich, with chromed wheels.


1934 1104 Eight; are many around with these chromed wheel discs?


A 1932 ad from my collection. Too “circus-y”? At least it has blackwalls...


1932 Twelve Waterhouse Convertible Victoria at the '93 Packard National in Asheville.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Steve Braverman</div><div class="ubbcode-body">The automotive equivilent of Tammy Faye Baker.</div></div>


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Before you go to a Alternator/ Generator try contacting Classic Generator in Midlotian TX. He did a reworking of the generator in my Divco project. It was in junk condition and actually very unusual. Ken at Classic has a good grasp on getting a generator to do some stuff they never did when new.

Great Auto.

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