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  1. Friartuck

    Epoxy-like Filler & Seal Coating

    Folks, For many years I've used an Epoxy like Filler and Sealer called Kwik Poly. It is a two agent solvent based Polyol, meaning it mixed with base and hardener in equal parts. The significant advantages were 1) its low viscosity, much like water where it would seep (wick) into the material such as wood fibers and when cured, would provide a significant bonding, and 2) rather quick cure time, approx. 5-7 minutes in normal temperatures. Dry fillers such as aluminum powder, saw dust, and colored pigment could be added to suit the task. When cured it could be drilled, tapped and shaped as needed. My article on KP: Reinforcing weak wood and strengthening joints in seat frames is but one task where KP worked well. Sad to report that Kwik Poly is no longer available. So the question for the group is there another product that can be used that does as described? The low viscosity is the main property to duplicate. Most epoxies can be mixed with dry fillers, but are thick. Suggestions?
  2. Friartuck

    What is this car?

    I too believe it to be 1917 Overland. Front bumper, wood spoke wheels and oval rear glass
  3. Friartuck

    Aluminum Trim with Insert

    Looking for a source of this Aluminum Trim. It is 5/8 wide and 3/16 high. It's nailed in place and flexible enough to go around curves on a wood trunk to hide seams. It is filled with an insert, either rubber or leather covered welt. Any suggested replacement?
  4. Friartuck

    New trimmer in the works

    1750 RPM Only motor. This maybe helpful
  5. Friartuck

    Battery cable terminal problem 6v

    Maybe profile the terminal and post for a better fit:
  6. Friartuck

    1957 Tbird generator

    Thanks for following up on this thread. We all can learn from other collector's experiences.
  7. Friartuck

    1936 Buick gauge cluster lighting

    Check the ground connection to the cluster.
  8. $4K is fair given the condition. I think this could be saved in the right hands. As mentioned, price should go down depending on whats missing.
  9. Friartuck

    Starter rebuilders

    I too give a full endorsement to Earl and Jeff Greenberg at Certified Auto Electric.
  10. Friartuck

    1918 Dodge Bros Military staff car

    The three star plate on front maybe a clue as to who used the vehicle. Maybe Liggett or Bullard. This could be a staff car used after WWI, as mentioned use serial numbers to date the vehicle.
  11. Friartuck

    Pre-war Upholstering

    I can recommend Everlast Auto on St. Georges Avenue, Linden, NJ Their work is high end and somewhat pricey. Eric Gordon is the current owner (son). Everlast has been in business since 1946. They did the leather trim on my Lincoln touring and that vehicle is now an AACA/CCCA senior due largely in part to the interior/top.
  12. Friartuck

    A strange question...

    1922 - 1926 Packard (1st thru 3rd series six cylinder) had the split windshield. Can't be earlier, those windshields had a frame around the two glass portions. 1927 (4th series) had one piece windshield.
  13. Friartuck

    Valve timing question

    A 1930 reproduction 8th series manual I have in my library says to align the two "0" marks on the cam gear with the two "0" marks on the crankshaft sprocket. You say there are no marks on the crankshaft. Did you mean to say crankshaft sprocket? Is it possible that the sprocket is mounted backwards (and the marks are facing in)?
  14. Friartuck

    Replace window glass with what?

    I draw your attention to the CCCA Judges Handbook. The intent is clear (safety) and I rest my case: AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATIONS There are six Disqualifications. Check the disqualifications first and place a check mark in the appropriate YES or NO Disqualification Box(s) at the top of the Judging Form (if Disqualified, notify the Area Head Judge immediately). Six Items that automatically disqualify a Classic 1. No Underwriters Laboratories approved fire extinguisher. 2. Non-safety glass in exterior windows. (See exception in the detailed description later in this manual.) 3. Non-authentic braking system. Exceptions: The conversion of a Classic from two to four wheel brakes is allowed if the added brakes are of the same type and system as the original equipment (no deduction). The addition of a booster to an otherwise authentic system is an authenticity deduction, see Category #20. 4. Non-authentic automatic transmission. 5. Non-authentic engine. 6. Replica body Further: CAR IS AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED FROM JUDGING IF NOT EQUIPPED WITH SAFETY GLASS IN ALL WINDOWS. NOTE: SEE EXCEPTIONS BELOW. Tinted Glass if normally not factory equipment. Deduct under Exterior Authenticity Category #39. Synthetic Material to Replace Fabric Portion of Side Curtains - Deduct under Exterior Authenticity Category #39. Minor Cracks Or Chips -1 Large Crack -2 Discolored -2 Torn Or Stained Side Curtains -2 Missing Side Curtain -2 Side Curtains All Missing -3 Top Boot Missing (if Std. equipment) -2 Top Boot in Poor Condition (only if standard equipment) -1 NOTE: Disqualify the car from judging if not equipped with safety glass in all windshield, side vent windows, and most rear windows. Safety glass is of three types: laminated, tempered and wired. Exceptions — Interior glass and Beveled rear window and wind wing glass need not be safety glass if not so originally equipped (unless otherwise required by any state or other regulatory agency.)
  15. Friartuck

    Replace window glass with what?

    AACA and CCCA judging rules cite the need for safety glass when entering a judging meet. After verifying the fire extinguisher, glass is the next thing.