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Two 1991 Coupes-Green/Tan-selling one or both

2 reattas in WA

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Wife still angry about the "twins". Had to have Reatta when discontinued. Went to buy one. Bought two and hid second one away. Reatta #2 has only been driven once to move to Seattle - 1,000 highway miles. Always garaged. Started occasionally. About to offer #1 for sale. Really high miles, eng & tran rebuilt, interior shot. You want this one for the body. Never hit, bumped, even scratched. Driver's side mirror housing cracked. Couple of wheel centers gone. Otherwise - perfect! Considering offers. Car in Seattle. Would like it gone by mid-Feb. #2 for sale by wife. She wants enough for new Cadillac. Ready to give in and give it up. Would appreciate advise on how and where to advertise new 1991 for max profit. Thinking someone who wished they'd bought and never did would kill for this one. Thanks!

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First this is a perfect example of a bad "For Sale" ad.

I would like to start at the end and work back....

He wants to sell #2 for max profit....no profit involved.

The car had a base MSRP of $29,300 he probably has $22,000 in it, he might get that today for a low mileage (which is not stated) coupe today. Maybe less if it has no options.

Now Polo Green Reatta #1... no mileage stated, just really high mileage. "never hit, bumper, or even scratched" but some how the drivers mirror housing is cracked, must have been an act of god. "interior shot...wheel centers gone...otherwise perfect" which of the above conflicting statements are we to believe?

Bottom line, we know there are 2 1991 Reatta coupes in Seattle WA for sale, and that is all we know.

Sorry about this post but I wanted to start the New Year being really nice.

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I live near Seattle. If anyone is interested I'd be happy to go look at them and take pictures. I agree with Barney though. If someone wishes to sell here they need fill out the questionaire in the "For Sale" section. People here are pretty savvy about the Reattas and will ask all those questions anyways prior to buying including the "How much?" question.

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2 reattas,

The reason right or wrong was because A Reatta with a 1,000 miles is unheard of. If you are serious about the two cars this forum would be your best bet to find a serious collector for your cars. Remember there were only 21,000 of these cars made over four years.

As for everyone else, this forum used to be full of helpful people. I have noticed over the last six months or so that the attude of some has seemed to change. I am up for poking fun at people once in a while, but you should at least take a minute to get to know people. This guy may have been serious about this and I for one would love just to see a Reatta with 1k miles. For I may never have the opportuniy to even see one again. Thanks.

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2Reatta's, I think most people were either confused or amused by your intitial post. It might have been better to first come in and introduce yourself and tell the story of your cars. And then maybe post a few pics. Then people could have given you a better idea of both what you could expect for your cars and also the best place to market them for the "maximum profit" as you stated.

I have found the people on this board to be the most helpful bunch in the world for not only quick answers, but also for their wide knowledge on all things Reatta. So maybe give us another chance and you might be pleasently surprised at the help that you receive.

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I remember when my folks brought home a new 1967 Bel Air.

Was just a little kid, wasnt aware the car had been a demo for the dealership.

Told my parents, the place that sold us this "new" car cheated us... b/c the odometer showed like 780 miles.

Yes, a 1K Reatta would be something to see! I noticed a 20K "jaw-dropper" coupe online yesterday.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 2 reattas in WA</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Wife still angry about the "twins". Had to have Reatta when discontinued. Went to buy one. Bought two and hid second one away. Reatta #2 has only been driven once to move to Seattle - 1,000 highway miles. Always garaged. Started occasionally. About to offer #1 for sale. Really high miles, eng & tran rebuilt, interior shot. You want this one for the body. Never hit, bumped, even scratched. Driver's side mirror housing cracked. Couple of wheel centers gone. Otherwise - perfect! Considering offers. Car in Seattle. Would like it gone by mid-Feb. #2 for sale by wife. She wants enough for new Cadillac. Ready to give in and give it up. Would appreciate advise on how and where to advertise new 1991 for max profit. Thinking someone who wished they'd bought and never did would kill for this one. Thanks! </div></div>

Maybe Barney "Read between the lines" or just read the lines themselves. To me, the first 4 sentences of this post would make me think twice (or several times) about dealing with this person. IMHO...... Jim

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Sorry but I deal with malicious software on a daily basis and this had many of the earmarks of a hoax, not in any one point but all taken together.

Certainly it is possible that someone bought two new Reatta coupes (not a coupe and a convertible) in 1991 but even with the deep discounts that were available then, we are talking $40,000 and was hidden from wife ? Now the wife (not an ex-wife) wants to sell the unused one for enough to buy a new Cadillac ? The only way that will happen is if two wealthy people both "have to have it" and I would suggest Barrett-Jackson (it is doubtful that you could get that much at Christies or Mecom).

#1 is certainly possible and I do not have a problem with "perfect otherwise" but #2 really needs some documentation (do know of a 1969 TransAm with 800 miles but that is a special case.

It is interesting that Greg offered to inspect the cars (appraisal by a knowlegable and recognized person would be an essential first step) but there was apparently no response to that, another mark of a hoax.

Finally, anyone serious would have to provide the VINs and state what documentation is available. Instead nothing is known other than evidently in Seattle area and less than 1,000 miles on the odo.

So it may be there, heaven nose there are enough millionaires (and ex-millionaires since the .com crash) around Seattle, but just does not sound real and additionaly someone openly seeking the "maximum profit" (not "maximum resale value") on this forum is starting off on the wrong foot.

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I haven't posted here in literally years, but after receiving quite a few calls from customers about this post, I felt compelled to respond.

I certainly understand how 2Reattas feels. he comes here for some help and advice, and what's the first thing he encounters? ridicule. I've encountered exactly the same thing here myself. let's trash the guy because he didn't elaborate very well! perhaps we should send him to detention because he didn't use the proper "Reatta for sale form". where is that nun with a ruler? let's ignore the fact that he has two very desirable cars; he's a stranger that didn't present them properly. talk about cutting off you nose here.

over the course of almost ten years I've been selling Reatta parts, I've seen many strange Reattas. for a few years, I reported and discussed them here on the forum. after getting "kicked in the teeth" by the ringleader here, I finally decided that enough was enough, and just walked away. I can't recall how many times I was trashed, and basically called a liar, because I was reporting something that was out of the norm.

I've personally seen 183 brand new Reattas (and estimate there are about 400), and reported this right here on the forum years ago. result? ridicule! where are the VIN numbers? I have a hard and steadfast rule when it comes to cars that I've been given the priviledge to see: THEY ARE THE PROPERTY OF SOMEONE ELSE, and I have no right to be poking thru them, or writing anything down. as a matter of fact, many of the owners have specifically said they wanted no one else to know anything of their existence. I have complete respect for that. I consider it an honor that they even let me see them. anyone fail to understand that?

it's always a real thrill to see these cars. I've seen 13 Reattas (all new) in a climate-controlled building made just to house them in the Cleveland area, and even found two new 1991 black/flame red, consecutive serial number convertibles up on blocks, in the back of a GM dealer in very rural Kentucky. they're everywhere, and you never know where you will find them.

"new" Reattas sell occasionally, and almost always very privately. we had a customer in Central California pay $67,000 a few years back for a new (30 miles) black/burgundy 1990 convertible, and someone pay over $80K for a new 1991 (8 miles) convertible last year.

there is a whole world about Reattas beyond this forum, as there are many folks who don't know about it, or don't care to learn about it. don't believe it? how many regular posters here? 30? 50? and 18,000 Reattas still on the road. where are the rest of the folks?

eBay should not be used as a determination of value for anything, unless you're interested in getting about 20-30% of your car's real value, or getting a great bargain. we participated in helping 93 customers in the past year get insurance settlements for accidents they were involved in. the average settlement value for an '88-'90 coupe (70 of these) with 170,000 miles in average condtion? $7,230. 1990 convertibles (9), 100,000 miles, $19,820. 1991 convertibles, (2) 42,000 miles, $28,200. 1991 coupes, 85,000 miles (12) $14,230.

don't believe it? just check the Old Cars Weekly Annual Value Guide, the CPI Guide, or even better, call a collector car insurer like Haggerty, and ask them the value range for the Reatta for their basic insurance. not a $3,500 value to be seen; more like $8,000-$10,000 for an average 1988-1990 coupe...and it only goes up from there.

we've seen insurers even step out of these parameters. we had an 1989 Reatta (140,000 miles) in Kansas last year that State Farm paid out over $12,000 to repair at the insistence of the owner. she had driven under a semi, and the car stopped two inches in front of the windshield. everything short of the engine had to be replaced. her husband offered her a new Lexus, and she wanted her Reatta repaired; no Lexus. by the way, this car did not have 'stated value' coverage; just a very determined owner, and a great agent.

we had a USAA claim on a 1991 convertible in South Carolina that had been hit front and rear. the damage was so bad we just sent a convertible rolling shell down so they could cut it up any way they needed. total cost of the repair? over $25,000. and it was repaired. no such value? I think not.

if these cars had as little value as many think here, I wouldn't be in business, or anyone else that sells Reatta parts. the low values would mean that just about all cars would be totaled; none repaired. this would depress values even further. thankfully, this is not happening in the real world.

contrary to what many folks here think, this is an absolutely terrible place to sell a Reatta. lots of chatter, lots of "would you sell that little plastic piece behind the..." the person just wants to sell a car, not parts. I can remember a Reatta for sale here on the forum; I believe it was around Memorial Day of 2003. the car was in the Austin, Texas, area, and the guy wanted a whopping $150 for the whole car. while the pros and cons of the car were endlessly discussed here (along with the obligatory "wouldya sell the...", we had the car paid for, and on a transport truck.

I think there should be some very serious soul searching that should be done by some of the ringleaders here. I've said many times that the politics of IN-clusion works a hell of a lot better than the politics of EX-clusion.

don't believe it? how many people are in the Reatta club? 400? and 18,000 Reattas on the road? let's look at the Chrysler TC Maserati Club in comparison. total production, 1989-1991, 7,260. total vehicle population today (est), 3,000. total membership? over 900!!

could it be that they practice of the politics of IN-inclusion? could it be that they make the event fun? could it be that they have people's choice awards (NOT 400 point judging)? could it be that they don't get points knocked off for not having the corect valve stem caps, or the "correct" original twenty-year-old tires? who would want to drive on twenty-year-old tires, anyway? could it be that they give awards at the last night's banquet (as well as the results of the judging, NOT two weeks later), awards that include things like the car with the most potential, car with the best modification made (Horrors!!), and who drove the furthest, person who has attended the most...think IN-clusion, not EX-clusion, folks.

the survival of this club depends on it.

Mike Rukavina


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Sorry, but it did sound something like a joke to me. Somebody just pops in with an improbable tale of two cars. Yes there are "never titled" cars out there, most of which never left the dealership or were given away for some reason or another. But these usually have documentation.

Something I have noticed is that almost any really high dollar car today was one that was hard to sell when new. (In mid-1970, new '69 Z-28 Camaro's were about being given away, I looked at several before deciding on a '70 Buick GS, in 1966 I passed on a new Shelby GT 350 for $1995, dealer had several they could not move).

So when someone comes along with two identical cars, one of which has been "rode hard and put away wet" and another with 1,000 miles, it strains the credulity. They just do not go together. Possible but unlikely without an explination.

The fact is that right now, coupes are still commonplace and Allantes/Corvettes are pushing the price down. Mike is right, there are those who there are those who will pay top dollar for the right car but that is probably 1% of remaining production and as noted, most of those are convertibles.

Have been on both ends - developed a "platinum" class for a 10,000 member marque club and quit judging when began to really dislike picking apart nice cars particularly when the prime object seemed to be to inflate the value (and am talking about six digit prices).

Agree posting any question on an internet forum is a little like tossing chum on the water and many have not learned the rules. It is also true that *any* marque forum is a terrible place to openly sell a car, the real deals go on in the back channels.

I greatly respect Mike's opinions he probably knows more about Reattas than anyone else since he looks at them differently and deals with people who can afford to have things done properly, people who insist on the correct RKE fob and not just one that works. This means that he must know what is correct on what car and what month. (fortunately Reattas were only built in one plant - keeping track of the differences between a 70 GTO built in Pontiac vs one built in Arlington is not trivial but important to that group of people).

For example, should an 88 Reatta with sunroof have the gold horn button or the silver ? This is not terribly important today but will be when the Reatta is recognised as a landmark car.

There are two camps here today, the "daily drivers" and the "collectors". Right now the "daily drivers" make up the bulk of the members. I remember when my GTO was a "daily driver" and Shelby Cobras were found on used car lots. Times change.

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I'll take the heat for being the "bad guy" here.

I did not give 2Reattas the respect or answers he wanted.

I also agree with Mike in that there is another Reatta world out there. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of Reatta owners that never view a computer and will never visit this site.

I also don't want anyone to think I run the site or am the final word. My post have been removed (maybe this one should have been) like some others here.

I started the New Year wrong, I will try to do better.

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I think he is gone but my offer still stands. I'd love to go look at a 1,000 mile Reatta. I have owned 2 90's and in my last search I do know what to look for when buying one of these. Mine is a Maui Blue '90 sunroof coupe with 146,000 miles on it. It is an excellent car despite the miles it has. If someone is seriously considering either of the cars he is selling I'd be happy to look at them, take pictures and give you my impressions. I seriously don't think the OP is a scammer.

I agree that this is a poor forum to buy or sell a Reatta as most of us here already own at least one of these cars. We also know the problems and weak points of these cars and typically won't be fooled by a fast description and no mention of price. There are some still out there who may have more desire than knowledge and will overpay the going market price for the Reatta but typically they aren't found here. We have bought and sold these cars and have been on the receiving end of the reality of where they are in the collector car appreciation curve. I was surprised at the attitude that was displayed at a new poster in our forum. I was gone for several years after I sold my last Reatta as I found the willingness to help and the knowledge level of these complex cars astounding. I am willing to overlook the attitude displayed by the more senior of the respondits here as I have knowledge of their contributions to the appreciation of all things Reattta in the past. I suspect the OP has been lost as he doesn't have the same background as many of us who have been here awhile. My offer to help still stands.


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Guest re-reatta


A class act requires a person with class. You have always proven to be just that. We can all learn from each other, and I hope you will continue to be one of the "leaders" of this forum, as you have been.

Here's hoping for a "Fabulous" year ahead.


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Guest MauiWowee

I have nothing to say about the validity of the OP or the response it got, however I liked the vision of what <span style="text-decoration: underline">could be</span>. Reattadudes, I for one would like you to give this place another chance. Thanks cool.gif

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