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    Heya guys, Mike Rukavina let me know that I had been mentioned here... For the record, I didn't "get mad and leave." By the time of my departure, I was only visiting the forums to perform my moderating duties. I had read every single post in the Reatta forum(s) up until then, and there wasn't any information I was gaining from my participation. My approach to moderating, more or less "hands off," was not appreciated by the larger administrative team from the AACA, who had no patience for the drama that would erupt here from time to time. As they saw it, I was not fulfilling my duties adequatel
  2. Looks nice. However I already have "Stereo Bezels", got 'em the difficult (and expensive) way, located an '87 T-Type passenger seat years ago.
  3. The same assembly is used on the 86-91 Riviera, Toronado, Seville, Eldorado and Allante.
  4. It's just an 'L'-shaped piece of tin that provides continuity between the negative contact of the battery and the body of the flashlight which is the negative path from the bulb. Doesn't have to be that substantial, aluminum foil might be a good kludge.
  5. As of this morning The Reatta Store is back online. Whether Ronnie will be returning to post here remains to be seen, though if history is any guide he'll be back.
  6. Send it to www.MNRElectronics.com
  7. I've been doing it for years, with several shops as I moved around geographically. Granted, I've always been looking after a lot of cars so I've always been something of a volume customer. Excepting the occasional emergancy-type repair, the cars go in pre-diagnosed by myself, with every part needed and with the explicit understanding that if a part later fails I am not entitled to free labor for the replacement as that is usually funded by their traditional parts mark-up. I've been told by both the shop owners and individual mechanics that they love working like this on my cars because the c
  8. The Teves system is fine. Yes, it is sensitive to neglect, but the "horror stories" are usually from one or both of the following: People who ignored the signs of a compromised system, ignored the warning lights and were "surprised" by brake failure. People who were taken to the cleaners getting work done on the system by entities that were crooks and/or ignorant of the proper diagnostic procedures. Parts are not difficult to source and are not expensive, certainly when compared to changing over to a completely different system. Do a search here on brake problems and you'll see how competen
  9. You're just experiencing a different fault.
  10. You should be able to find something nice-ish in your price range. I would skip the sunroof option, they take away headroom in an already abbreviated space and the metal panel tends to rust out, even in non-salted environments. If you are looking at a sunroof car, besides checking for proper operation, look carefully at the metal panel if you see ANY evidence of corrosion, the panel is shot and you will be replacing it sooner than later. Drivetrain is generic GM 3800, bulletproof and inexpensive to keep up. Brakes on 88-90 is electrically operated with a pump and accumulator rather than a con
  11. I'm fairly certain that the Calais' rims were of a smaller bolt circle than was used on GM's larger offerings. (100mm vs. 115mm)
  12. The 86-91 Seville and Eldorado's door switches are not back lit. The switches themselves are the same as used in The Reatta, with though different fonts used for the labeling.
  13. I keep the Reatta Resources thread updated with current RockAuto discount codes. It's always there should anyone need it.
  14. Coupe uses an 1141 (from memory) bulb, access is via the interior trim above the pass-through door from the trunk.
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