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    Heya guys, Mike Rukavina let me know that I had been mentioned here... For the record, I didn't "get mad and leave." By the time of my departure, I was only visiting the forums to perform my moderating duties. I had read every single post in the Reatta forum(s) up until then, and there wasn't any information I was gaining from my participation. My approach to moderating, more or less "hands off," was not appreciated by the larger administrative team from the AACA, who had no patience for the drama that would erupt here from time to time. As they saw it, I was not fulfilling my duties adequately. Upon Padgett's receipt of moderator status, my backend access was turned off, and I was no longer under any obligation to monitor the forums. I still have my '88 Reatta, though it's been sitting in storage for well over a year and isn't registered or insured. I'm currently obsessed with my '00 Honda Insight, which truth be told, "ruined" all my other cars for me. I routinely get over 70MPG, and even having the car about three years now, I'm still getting better at driving it. It has a 5-speed, digital dash, and is perhaps the most engaging ride I've ever owned. Every time I get behind the wheel, it's an opportunity to get a new "high score." Having participated in the forums for so long, I really feel like I've learned everything there is to learn about the Reatta, and to be clear, I bear no animosity towards the AACA, or towards anyone on the Reatta forum. I was just not a good philosophical or personality fit with the larger administration and moderating staff, who I was frequently at odds with behind the scenes. My current obsession:
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    Jaxed.com is back!

    Looks like Jaxed.com has developed a work-around for craigslist's cease and desist order. Make sure to check the "include 3Taps" box when searching.. car and truck site mash : combined site search
  3. A member of the forum has suggested that I add www.Reattas.com to the resources thread. Last I heard, they were for the most part unresponsive to requests for pricing/parts. Have anyone had a good experience using them? In keeping with forum rules, if you have a horror story about dealing with this vendor let me know via PM, not a public posting. I don't think reporting lack of response in this particular case constitutes anything "out of bounds" as that's been the consensus opinion for some time.
  4. Rawja

    New Reatta Moderator: Padgett

    Congratulations Padgett!
  5. Thanks to Sahein and others on the board, I sucessfully installed and integrated the electronic compass module that was optional on the '86 to '88 Riviera T Type. It's SOOOOOO cool! Detailed instructions follow: I ordered the compass module from GMPartsDirect for like $135.00, part # 1647056. Removals: Remove the black plastic shroud over the brake and gas pedals, center filler below steering column, the floor seatbelt trim, and all door edge carpet edging at the drivers door. I also pulled up the carpeting along that edge, exposing a black plastic raceway which is used for the factory wiring. While you are under the steering column, drop the central power supply box from it's mount located over the gas pedal, which will bring down the wiring and connector for easier access. Compass Pinning Info 1 Data Line 2 Data Line 3 7 Volt Power In 4 7 Volt Isolated Ground I used #14 THHN stranded wire for the installation, as I had it on hand in multiple colors and the stiffness and quality of the wire makes it easier and neater to work with and I taped the bundle together like once every foot with electrical tape. Was unable to locate the proper connector, so I made individual crimp sleeves to attach each of the four wires to the appropriate connection pins on the compass, compass was mounted on the under the rear window shelf on the drivers' side using industrial heavy duty velcro like the stuff they use for EZ-Pass toll transponders. Wires were easily fished thru from the trunk, without removing any of the rear shelf trim using a drycleaning hanger as a snake. Raceway under the drivers' door opening is hinged to allow you to lay the new wiring in. I snaked the wires up thru the kickpanel raceway and to the area below the steering column where the new wiring splits off from each other. The 2 data lines were routed to the ALDC connector located just above the emergency brake, connection easily made by removing the connector and using inline taps to the the data wires from behind the connector. The data lines are tan and are the top left 2 wires going into the rear of the connector (it doesn't appear to matter which wire goes to which in the data loop). Power lines were routed up and over the steering column and to the hanging power supply. I unhooked the power supply connector (don't freak everything in the car goes dead when you do this). Looking at the power supply connector, there is a blue and a beige termination stay within the connector, you want the beige set, which is numbered. power to the unit goes into #16 and the isolated ground goes into #7. push the beige wire retainer back into the connector and reattach to the power supply. Computer Programming Instructions (thanks to Sahein): 1.)Get into diagnostic mode by pushing the climate control warm and off buttons. 2.)Select BCM then BCM override. 3.)Select BS07. 4.)Remember this displayed number so you can return the BCM programming to normal. 5.)Push override up arrow until code 252 is displayed. 6.)To permantly store the new option code: Press and simultaniously hold for more than 3 seconds the GAUGES and OPTIONS buttons surrounding the display. 7.)Turn the key off and then back on. 8.)Select the OPTIONS button surrounding the display. 9.)Compass should appear in the menu. All of the old options are still there but located under a different level. 10.)Smile. The compass screen comes up whether there is a compass attached to the car or not, so before you close everything up, go thru the calibration setup on the compass screen (this will involve driving the car in a circle), don't worry about directional accuracy for the moment, just make sure it changes direction when the car does. If the car asks you to point the car north after the circle, congratulations, it is working! hit return to see you compass in action. if the directions change with the orientation of the car you are good to go. Close up all that you have disassembled. Afterwards I recalibrated the compass with a hand held compass to ensure accuracy.
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    SURVEY: Who would like stereo 16 way seats?

    Looks nice. However I already have "Stereo Bezels", got 'em the difficult (and expensive) way, located an '87 T-Type passenger seat years ago.
  7. Rawja

    Parking Brake

    The same assembly is used on the 86-91 Riviera, Toronado, Seville, Eldorado and Allante.
  8. Rawja

    Reatta penlight in portfolio needs repairs

    It's just an 'L'-shaped piece of tin that provides continuity between the negative contact of the battery and the body of the flashlight which is the negative path from the bulb. Doesn't have to be that substantial, aluminum foil might be a good kludge.
  9. Rawja

    Thank you guys for five good years.

    As of this morning The Reatta Store is back online. Whether Ronnie will be returning to post here remains to be seen, though if history is any guide he'll be back.
  10. Rawja

    Tape Player Issues- Help!

    Send it to www.MNRElectronics.com
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    Non-Reatta auto repair story

    I've been doing it for years, with several shops as I moved around geographically. Granted, I've always been looking after a lot of cars so I've always been something of a volume customer. Excepting the occasional emergancy-type repair, the cars go in pre-diagnosed by myself, with every part needed and with the explicit understanding that if a part later fails I am not entitled to free labor for the replacement as that is usually funded by their traditional parts mark-up. I've been told by both the shop owners and individual mechanics that they love working like this on my cars because the car is always clean and pleasant to work on and that they are never hung up searching and/or waiting for a part. Since I usually have any number of other cars I can drive instead, I deal with busy shops and let them know they can work on it during those times when there's not much going on, filling what would otherwise be un-billable time for them. It's all just a question of how you approach the situation, if you make it a win-win, everyone's happy.
  12. Rawja

    Teves Anti Lock Brake System

    The Teves system is fine. Yes, it is sensitive to neglect, but the "horror stories" are usually from one or both of the following: People who ignored the signs of a compromised system, ignored the warning lights and were "surprised" by brake failure. People who were taken to the cleaners getting work done on the system by entities that were crooks and/or ignorant of the proper diagnostic procedures. Parts are not difficult to source and are not expensive, certainly when compared to changing over to a completely different system. Do a search here on brake problems and you'll see how competent this forum is at remote diagnosis. You'll find thread after thread of inexpensive DIY repair, often after the original poster had received estimates from mechanics or dealerships for thousands of dollars.
  13. Rawja

    Question regarding 1988-89 radio

    You're just experiencing a different fault.
  14. Rawja

    Looking to maybe buy a Reatta!

    You should be able to find something nice-ish in your price range. I would skip the sunroof option, they take away headroom in an already abbreviated space and the metal panel tends to rust out, even in non-salted environments. If you are looking at a sunroof car, besides checking for proper operation, look carefully at the metal panel if you see ANY evidence of corrosion, the panel is shot and you will be replacing it sooner than later. Drivetrain is generic GM 3800, bulletproof and inexpensive to keep up. Brakes on 88-90 is electrically operated with a pump and accumulator rather than a conventional vacuum system. System is great IF it is looked after, but many systems have been neglected by their owners. Plan on becoming conversant in the ins and outs of the system (which can be troubleshooted quite easily), because most mechanics and dealers don't understand the system and will quote sky-high prices to deal with it. As said, mechanical bits are shared across GM's full-sized line up, but body and glass is Reatta-only and can be expensive. Windshields can run over $2,000.00 new, though you can get a used one somewhat cheaper. The windshield and back window are manufactured with a rubber encapsulation as a single manufactured assembly, so if you're looking at a Reatta with really grotty-looking rubber moldings around windshield and back glass, to make it look new again the entire assembly would need to be changed out rather than just new moldings. 88-89 has the touchscreen, which is very reliable and allows for truly on-board diagnostics. 90-91 went to conventional controls for HVAC and radio and deleted many of the screen's diagnostic and trip computing functions. '91s have a conventional vacuum ABS braking system and 16" wheels, though there are not that many out there and they seem to command a bit of a premium as far as pricing. The cars only came fully-equipped. There were only few options: Sunroof "16-way" power seat (easily identifiable by thigh bolster design and power recliners) 90-91 had an optional CD player Car is fun to drive, more of a grand tourer than a sports car, ride is well controlled and compliant and is great for long trips. You should get mid-20s to 30 on the highway, city mileage can be pretty abysmal depending on your local traffic conditions. Mileage isn't as big a deal as condition. 3800 will run forever. If the (88-90) car is displaying the red "brake" light while driving and/or the pedal is hard, seller was probably quoted $2K to fix the brakes, by all means beat them up on the price, but know you can fix nearly anything wrong for a great deal less than that.
  15. Rawja

    What oem rims are these? ('88)

    I'm fairly certain that the Calais' rims were of a smaller bolt circle than was used on GM's larger offerings. (100mm vs. 115mm)
  16. Rawja

    Door panel control unit lighting

    The 86-91 Seville and Eldorado's door switches are not back lit. The switches themselves are the same as used in The Reatta, with though different fonts used for the labeling.
  17. Rawja

    Rock Auto 5% discount.

    I keep the Reatta Resources thread updated with current RockAuto discount codes. It's always there should anyone need it.
  18. Rawja

    Third (or center) brake light

    Coupe uses an 1141 (from memory) bulb, access is via the interior trim above the pass-through door from the trunk.
  19. Rawja

    Electric seat controls are backwards

    The switches are installed on the wrong sides. Swap them left for right or remove the switches from the bezels and rotate.
  20. Rawja

    Turbo Buick

    It's probably also worth mentioning that the '79-85 Riviera had its engine mounted longitudinally rather than transversely as with the Reatta, so it had a lot more in common with rear-drive applications than you might initially assume..
  21. Rawja

    Convertible Cowl Shake

    You also might try lowering your tire pressure a bit... I think some have had improvement by running high twenties PSI.
  22. Rawja

    Interesting find today..

    Yeah, but the screws that attach the pod go through the upholstery. Having done the swap they are fairly invisible given the size of the holes and the location up against the console. Certainly worth taking a peek if you get near the car again. Of course It's possible that the pods were installed at the Craft Centre on the supplied seats.
  23. Rawja

    Interesting find today..

    Couple of things.. The Riviera had the brushed metal trim, same as the Reatta '86 through '88. The wood-grained trim in the Riviera debuted in '89. The switch pods on the sides of the seats with the thin rockers to the best of knowledge went away after '86, though they might have switched in '87 as a running change. I have done the dual 16-ways utilizing a switchpod from an '87 T-Type. Switches and the pod itself is the same as the Reatta just with a right-handed trim plate.
  24. Rawja

    The MPG reading seems to be wrong

    Your '88 was subject to a recall from GM back in the day for this problem. The fix was a replacement prom for the ECM. Prom was marked ANCX and the GM part # was 16123488. (quick google search shows it available for about $50) I believe if you can't locate the proper prom, you can get an existing one re-flashed inexpensively, around $60 when I did it. I had the same problem with my '88, though I was able to track down the ANCX prom, I had it re-flashed anyway with Padgett-recommended settings to make the car run cooler. Here's the re-flash guys: Sinister Performance, LLC.
  25. Rawja

    Electronic Service Manual

    The video is referring to the electrical troubleshooting section of the factory service manual (Section 8A).