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  1. Today was the last day of Reatta ownership for me. I bought this one as my 2nd Reatta in 2004. Roughly 60k later, Daves89 is the new owner. It was a fun ride, but alas it had to end. Thanks to all in the group who supplied me with parts, advice and knowledge over the years.
  2. Update. I disconnected the cable from the shifter. I ended up removing a glued on cover to remove the actuator pin. everything came apart easily after that. this was an aftermarket part. I saved the oiginal and reassembled it using the oem part. It's all back together.
  3. 1 Liquid Wrench 2 PB Blaster 3 Kroil 4 Hot Wrench 5 Swearing 6 Easy out 7 Left handed drill bits 8 Helicoil 9 Sell it In that order.
  4. That's it. It's actually white, but yes two tiny phillips panhead screws. The FSM says the cable can be disconnected from it by depressing the tab. I can't get that to disconnect. I haven't checked the shifter(other end of that cable) because I didn't change anything down there. I'll try to do that tonight.
  5. I had to replace a broken actuator rack in the steering column. Things went relatively well. I got everything back together and went to take it for a drive. It would not shift out of park. I supected the ignition inhibitor switch was the problem so I tried to remove the cable from the switch, but that proved impossible. I pushed in the tab, but the cable will not budge. There is very little info in the FSM about this. The car starts and runs fine. The key turns freely and everything seems ok. As near as I can tell there is a pin that is pushed down by the plastic slider on the cable end. I thi
  6. Breaking the plastic <part name here> EVERY. TIME.
  7. I don't have time for 2 hobby cars anymore. I'm the second owner. Originally a Chicago Car. Repaint in 2010 BCA Silver in 2010 New Gas Tank Cradle bushings replaced Struts replaced lots of spare parts and goodies go with car. Partial list: Press Kit Shop Manual Spare gray valve caps Spare Hood ornament original numbered plug wires. original locking lugs and socket motor mount Car cover headlight repair kit I have more pics if desired. Your Contact inform
  8. Last one I attended was South Bend. Cars and Reatta people are great. BCA officers, not so much. Huge waste of money. Go to the show, but don't waste your money on the food or events.
  9. I'll check the grounds again. Do you know if the grounds for this circuit go under the seat where the notorious bad grounds are located? One other weird thing it did was the high beam indicator would turn on and off. I did not have the headlights on.
  10. 88. Sometimes the CRT starts getting weird. screen rolls. Turns off Radio. Once the Phone-in-use screen came up(no phone option). The Service manual has a chart to use to troubleshoot. Seems the culprit is 12v from the CPS. Sometimes it's 12v and things are OK. I suspect it drops below that when it freaks out. I did check it when it was misbehaving and it was 10.4 volts. pulled the fuse, checked again, and it was 11.7v. So, sometimes it works sometimes not. Nothing seems to trigger the drop. Yes, when it is bad the "electrical problem" displays on the IPC. Any ideas? I tried a different CPS. S
  11. Anyone have a part number or reasonable replacement? Mine just broke. GM no longer has it. VV
  12. Anyone have a part number or reasonable replacement? Mine just broke. GM no longer has it. VV
  13. I have done this. Very tedious. The FSM helps. If you haven't detailed the engine compartment recently clean it up before you start. The car can stay on the ground. All the work is under the hood. Good luck. I think it took me about 8 hours total.
  14. I did what Keith suggested. Matte black sign vinyl. It turned out great and has held up quite well. Here is the Tutorial: http://reattaowner.com/roj/component/content/article/219-body-a-interior/body-center-console/155-vinyl-gearshift-tape-replacement-1988-89-models
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