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Help on ID of Mercury (?) emblem

Jim Rohn

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I THINK that it is a 50's or 60's Canadian Mercury Truck Hood Ornament. Whenever I get some free time, I will try to look it up in a couple of Ford Truck books that I have at the house.

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Guest prs519

I have to agree with Hinson, mainly because the styling of the ornament appears to be nearly identical to Ford pickup

truck hood emblems from about 1958-1967. I think if you were blindfolded, you could not tell the Ford version from

the Canadian Merc pickup version which you pictured..

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Guest mikeburch

JIM .......................

I GOOGLED the Ford Part Number and i got, "Karosserie". It is a German word that has to do with Body Work.Perhaps, it is off a German Ford. ???????????

Thank you,


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I'm assuming the one on the left is a lid for the gas fill tube ?


Very cool cars - I love these old station wagons / woodies from that era cause they really had a lot of character and unique features that were not very common...

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