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  1. Here I have a big Solex carburetor with the number 4622287 and 40 AIP. Someone has witten Buick on it but I am not sure if that is right. Can someone help me identify it? Thanks. Jan
  2. Thanks. But what is a CH Imp and a CQ.?? Jan
  3. Here I have a AC fuel pump. I like to know for what car it is. The number on it is . 856265 Thanks Jan
  4. I have this small oil filter canister. It's made from cast iron. I like to know for what engine it is. Thanks Jan
  5. I am sorry. My laptop is broken and I am on my Phone. I try tomorrow. Jan
  6. I like to know for what car this starter is . North east 5006527 Thanks Jan
  7. jajolee


    1949 has metal arms and 1950 has plastic arms i think this is a 1950 ford clock
  8. valab is 1960-62 Plymouth valiant
  9. what are these thing's. I was thinking some sort of pullers ?
  10. found this old front axle in a forgotten barn it has 6 lugs and hydrolic brake's can someone tell me for what car this is
  11. thank you verry much for this info jan
  12. here I have an old water pump with rivited fan blades for what car and how old is this ? thanks jan
  13. thanks for the replies I also think it's a heat exchanger jan
  14. this is the inside. more questionmarks from my side ?
  15. here I have a strange pump it looks like a water cooled oil pump or something like that who can help me identify it and for what car and year it is thanks jan
  16. I opend the dome and there is no text inside
  17. does somebody knows for what car this horn was used ? there are no markings on it. thanks jan
  18. it is found in Belgium ...perhaps a european version
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