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  1. We did the same thing yesterday, about an hour and forty-five minute drive to Hershey post office, worth it for the peace of mind. When I asked the nice lady at the counter if the envelope went off site for processing then came back, she said it would but then offered to put it right in their mailbox for me. We had a great lunch from Smoked bbq while in Hershey then a leisurely drive back home.
  2. This member has given correct, current contact info to AACA. The original comment in this post reads as a personal email, not a mass email, as it is addressed to him personally.
  3. However this resolves, it seems to be that personal emails were sent to some but not all participants. Not the best way for word to get out.
  4. Project car for sale - no engine and missing right rear fender, but most parts are there. Includes radiator and transmission, most trim pieces, re-plated grill, seats, and solid top bows. Will be selling at Hershey space RCA 49. $9500
  5. We have been vending art Hershey for many years, on the Red field lately, and I can tell you we make probably 80% of our sales on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  6. Need left side cylinder jug for 1910-11 Buick Model 14. Casting number on ours is S-21, casting number on block is 14-B-461. Please email to bjr876@ptd.net. Thanks for looking.
  7. Need left side cylinder jug for 1910-11 Buick Model 14. Casting number on ours is S-21, casting number on block is 14-B-461. Please email bjr876@ptd.net. Thanks for looking.
  8. From what I read in the Allentown Morning Call, Saturday show visitors will only be able to view a few cars from Mr. Bulgari's collection. Can anyone verify if this is true? Kind of disappointing if it is as this is the only day I can attend. http://www.mcall.com/entertainment/events/mc-buick-club-allentown-america-50th-anniversary-20160722-story.html
  9. I also registered at least 4-5 months ago, check was cashed, but I don't remember getting a confirmation letter.
  10. We parked at the Rt 100 lot on Saturday, as we have for the past several years. Another couple parking their trailer in the lot told us that when they saw the "no parking" sign, they went down to the show field and were told to return to that lot, that parking there was ok. No notes were left on our windshield. We normally bring a brass era car or Model T in a trailer as we live over an hour away in NJ, without easy trailer parking we would bring a more "modern" antique car to the show.
  11. Hi Bill, I have a 2012 Cooper S, factory ordered, with about 31,000 miles on, has been a very reliable car so far. It is my every day driver. I do make sure to change my oil every 5000 miles, more often than MINI recommends, even on full synthetic I would not go to the factory interval of 10,000 miles especially with a turbo. The only issue I had was a minor coolant leak last year that was quickly taken care of by the dealer while I waited. It is a hoot to drive, gets great mileage, and mine got me through every snowstorm Mother Nature threw at us here in the Northeast last winter.
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  13. We sell at Hershey and have had a sales tax # for many years. Filing is easy, you do it online and takes me about 10 minutes twice a year. No "sales tax game", just an honest reporting and paying of the tax.
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