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  1. Parts, automotive eye candy, female eye candy, and food for me. Not to mention off work. Also I camp sun through sun so I get some camping in too. Earl
  2. Not what we were told. Also why would you need 2 police officers and a detective? Or the witnesses? Probably never know the true story, but I believe that's two different events. I did see the ambulance and show ambulances at two other events. Those were distant from us. Earl
  3. Apparently a guy got ran down at the show. Two golf cart ambulances and a real one along with Police on site. As well as several security ppl/golf carts. Look like an older guy. He was on the ground not moving. Word on the street is a guy on a golf cart hit him, when through a vendor site and hit two cars. Don't know what actually happened, just rumors. But we saw the police interviewing a people. Spent a lot of time with one guy, I assume to be the lazy golf cart guy running people down. I tell ya, someone hits me with a golf cart, they will get pulled off of it. No one is going to run me down and get no consequences. I will also call the police and file charges. Foot peds have the right away and this show is designed for foot peds. Foot and registered mobility scooters should be the only public vehicles. Meanwhile, they keep announcing that golf carts, bicycles, scooters (unregistered), etc aren't allowed. But security drives right by them doing nothing. Security at the entrances do nothing. I see some liability issues coming hard and fast if they don't start controlling it. A person in our group was on a mobility scooter and we registered it. No one looked or asked if it was registered. A show official lady in a gas golf cart come flying in and almost ran over my buddies feet, hit the curb, when up on it and left a black mark on it. I'm like wtf, this is a show official driving crazy. We were sitting on the curb eating lunch when crazy Mable came at us. Something that was really bad this year was people driving around the swap meet in their vehicles. A guy in a GM stake body ran around all day in several fields that I saw. Truck was empty. I believe he was shopping from the truck?? If it wasn't golf carts, it was vehicles trying to run you down. Earl
  4. Rona, short staffed, didn't make it through the lock down, etc? Earl
  5. That's awful harsh! And it's dirt cheap to rent a house! Maybe jealous? I believe so. Earl
  6. My vote is to only allow golf carts for officials and only allow single and double seat mobility scooters for those that need them. They are much cheaper than golf carts and most insurance plans pay for them or most of the cost. I bought a good used one that originally sold for close to 3k for 400 bucks for a friend. It was a higher end model. Most events rent them as well. I'd rather get run down by a mobility scooter than a golf cart. On the cans and chains dragging? It's obnoxious as all out and I vote to ban them. Carts and scooters need to yield to foot peds. I attend many large events throughout the year. Golf carts and side by sides are a fast growing liability issue. Earl
  7. They have no hook up camping across the road from the show. Here is information I received a few years ago. The information could have changed as well as prices. "Hello, Thank you for contacting us about the upcoming AACA Fall Meet. Our overnight camper parking will open. The cost is $45 per night and each camper is required to pay from the time they arrive until the end of the show on Saturday. All campers must depart by 7am Sunday. While we do not have a dump station on site, one is available at the Hersheypark Camping Resort which is located just 1.5 miles away on Hersheypark Dr. Showers are available at the Hersheypark Service Center located near the Red Field. The cost has not yet been published for this year but typically cost less than $10. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Thanks, Matt Matthew A. Bennett, CPO Manager, Security Operations Hershey Entertainment 100 W. Hersheypark Drive | Hershey, PA 17033 mbennett@HersheyPA.com" Hershey Park Camping Resort is an option. That's were we stay. Earl
  8. Hello, Any updates to share on mobility scooters and handicap parking without a placard? Need to be able to park where the scooter can be unloaded and driven to the show. We stay at Hersheypark Camping Resort. I've never seen a handicap shuttle at the campground. So due to the scooter we'd have to drive to the show daily, which we've never done before. Thanks, Earl
  9. I hope the person is doing well! Thanks, Earl
  10. Steve, Happen to find out about the parking? Do you happen to have a copy of the forum we are to sign during the registration that you can post or send to me? Would like to know what we are expected to sign ahead of time. Thanks, Earl
  11. Were you able to contract the room for future years? We camp at the Hershey Campground Resort and sign a contract to lock the site to us. Earl
  12. I fully agree. Golf carts shouldn't be allowed. Single and double personal mobility scooters are very affordable new and used. Also health care tends to pay for them. My buddy. Stepped out of a porta pot at Hershey and almost got hit. Guy was too lazy to get off the cart and walk to the trash can. So he drives up to it then drives up close and pass the porta pots. The door swung open, he stepped out and porta pot door almost hit the golf cart that's how close the lazy moron got to the porta pots. I tell you, if someone hits me on a golf cart, I will pull them off of it and flip it over in self defense. I won't take being ran down lightly. They also think they have the right away. They think dragging a can or chain is their authority to override a pedestrians lawful right away. Thanks, Earl Thanks, I appreciate your time and help! Earl
  13. Thanks for the reply! So much false info floating around. The scooter is electric. It's a small rascal type personal mobility scooter. Comes apart for hauling in a trunk. By no means anything like a golf cart. We camp at the Hershey Campground Resort and take the shuttle buses. Obviously with hauling the scooter we would drive to the show and park daily. WITHOUT a handicap placard, where do you suggest we park my truck to have scooter access to and from? Especially the first morning to register it? We never drove in before, always shuttles. Thanks, Earl
  14. Hello, My friend is 81 and had a very difficult time getting around Hershey in 2019. I bought her a 4-wheel single person mobility scooter to use at Hershey but appears it has to be registered with the event officials. She doesn't have a handicap placard and is being stubborn and too full of pride to apply for one from her doctor. Can it still be registered without a placard? I'm reading all kinds of answers on searches. Some say you have to have a placard and others say you don't, just sign a form and you're registered. Also read some do not register their scooters and have no issues. Which is odd cause a guard tried to force us to register a walker. We said ok and didn't. Woman was pretty rude about it. Thanks Earl
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