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  1. I hope the person is doing well! Thanks, Earl
  2. Steve, Happen to find out about the parking? Do you happen to have a copy of the forum we are to sign during the registration that you can post or send to me? Would like to know what we are expected to sign ahead of time. Thanks, Earl
  3. Were you able to contract the room for future years? We camp at the Hershey Campground Resort and sign a contract to lock the site to us. Earl
  4. I fully agree. Golf carts shouldn't be allowed. Single and double personal mobility scooters are very affordable new and used. Also health care tends to pay for them. My buddy. Stepped out of a porta pot at Hershey and almost got hit. Guy was too lazy to get off the cart and walk to the trash can. So he drives up to it then drives up close and pass the porta pots. The door swung open, he stepped out and porta pot door almost hit the golf cart that's how close the lazy moron got to the porta pots. I tell you, if someone hits me on a golf cart, I will pull them off of it and flip it
  5. Thanks for the reply! So much false info floating around. The scooter is electric. It's a small rascal type personal mobility scooter. Comes apart for hauling in a trunk. By no means anything like a golf cart. We camp at the Hershey Campground Resort and take the shuttle buses. Obviously with hauling the scooter we would drive to the show and park daily. WITHOUT a handicap placard, where do you suggest we park my truck to have scooter access to and from? Especially the first morning to register it? We never drove in before, always shuttles. Thanks, Earl
  6. Hello, My friend is 81 and had a very difficult time getting around Hershey in 2019. I bought her a 4-wheel single person mobility scooter to use at Hershey but appears it has to be registered with the event officials. She doesn't have a handicap placard and is being stubborn and too full of pride to apply for one from her doctor. Can it still be registered without a placard? I'm reading all kinds of answers on searches. Some say you have to have a placard and others say you don't, just sign a form and you're registered. Also read some do not register their scooters and have no issues. Wh
  7. WiFi is down and was before we go here. They said no guarantee it will be fix. Instead of an apology and/or discount they said go to a Starbucks. Lol Earl
  8. Dirt cheap. I'm paying 366 for 7 days this year and 534 next year for 7 days. WiFi doesn't work. Earl
  9. My neighbor has been coming for 30 years and they said they won't be back with the sky rocket price increase. Nothing has changed. Place is still run down with pot holes. There are 4 WiFi connections but none of them work. The cable TV reception is crappy. Than you add the train and quarry yet. Just can't see the place being worth what they want. I've stayed in much much better campgrounds for fraction of the cost. We'll be taking a vote among the 5 of us if we will continue staying here. They changed the contract and increased the deposit as well. Just not feeling it. Especially after spe
  10. I'm going. Leaving in an hour or so. Staying Sunday through Sunday at the Hersheypark Camping Resort. Earl
  11. Thanks! I bought a program last year. Only used it for the maps. I wasn't on a hunt for anything last year. Didn't think about the program. Than again I only remember the maps in it. Lol Earl
  12. Is there car manual vendors at Hershey? I'm in need of a parts list manual for my 1952 Dodge Coronet. Happen to know any space numbers? I was there last year but I don't recall any manual vendors but I wasn't looking for one at the time. Thanks, Earl
  13. I got an email where they dropped my total by 60 bucks. Better than nothing I guess. Earl
  14. I will talk to Nick when I get there on Sunday. She's my go to person. I haven't even put the required deposit down not alone pay it. Holding off till I get with Nick to see what she says. I forget the lady that's in charge of the contract sites, Pam maybe? Anyways, Nick will get me answers. She's my New Zealand secret weapon lol Earl
  15. I sure hope your right. My group voted no on renewal for 2016. I was already billed so I have my doubts its wrong. Especially after calling and being told it was correct. I will wait till the show and see what they say. Until then I won't pay my balance. Couldn't tell you about the bathrooms or cabins. I have an rv so I don't use those. The camping areas are what I know and they aren't very good. Again, I only stay there cause of the show and the close proximity and shuttle buses. It's not so much the rate (which is high for what you get) but the almost double price jump. That's just greedy.
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