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  1. touch up the letters with a sharpie. Isn't the "n" supposed to be like that?
  2. Wow, nice score, you certainly got an excellent deal, enjoy.
  3. I happened to be watching a youtube video last night of a 1933 Buick that was built for the Queen of the Netherlands and I believe the rear lights were Scintilla. The videos user name is " Lou Costable "
  4. Arend, welcome to the forum. I for one and I'm sure others would like to see more of your beautiful Whippet. I think your brother and his wife are quite pleased with your restoration.
  5. A couple of years ago I came across a 1949 Buick parked behind a service station, ( the old fashioned kind ), it looked like somebody's project. Then a few feet away was a shell which I think is also a 49 Buick and it is right hand drive. The garage was closed so I didn't hang around too long or take pictures. I did make contact with the owner, he gave me the not for sale story, doin' er up someday, but unfortunately nothing done with them yet.
  6. I have heard of people taking an old battery and dropping it on the floor to de-sulfate it but never seen it done. Probably another old wives tale,lol.
  7. ok, I might be talking to the guy today, I will ask him about it. The killer these days is shipping.
  8. There is a guy here in Newfoundland who took a straight eight out of his 54 Pontiac last summer to install a 350 Chev. If you are interested I could give him a call and see if he still has it.
  9. Never to old to learn or make a mistake. LOL. I never knew there was a difference in the Ford and Mercury other than trim. What is the difference in the fender? Length? wheel opening? If you are on Facebook there is a page called Canadian Monarch and perhaps you might find info from somebody on there. Looking at this truck, it looks similar but if you have tried Ford parts you would know.
  10. That is a beautiful truck you have there. Ford and Mercury trucks were identical mechanically. The only difference is in the trim, even body parts will interchange. I had a 1959 Mercury M100 and used to order parts for Ford F100.
  11. The car in the picture has the license plate in the center and looking at the right side, it is the shape of a later 40s model.
  12. It was the car the original poster wanted to identify, not the tree.
  13. Although I grew up on the East coast of Canada, when I was a teenager I was into British cars. My first car was a 62 Consul 315 ( Capri ). I also had a 58 Wolseley, 61 and 64 Rover 3 litres. Austins were a popular car here, Hillmans, Vauxhall. but there is one still here that has evaded me and is unusual. It is a Daimler Dart.
  14. Thank you Pete, the previous owner thought it might be around 1700, but I think that would probably be for the hatchback.
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